[2020 Updated] Top Best Free Oculus Quest Games

[2020 Updated] Top Best Free Oculus Quest Games

The Oculus Quest is an amazing device, but with a cost starting at $400, it is not the very budget-friendly system around Earth. Most games around the Quest are marginally less expensive than your normal PC or console name, yet they will still run you about $20 each. That means between purchasing the headset and amassing a listing of excellent names, and you might be taking a look at a whole month’s worth of lease.

Luckily, the Oculus Quest’s catalog comprises dozens of completely free games, a number of them are brief presentations of VR technology, but some offer fleshed-out experiences. Irrespective of their purpose, these games enable you to take advantage of your new Quest without needing to dip into the next month’s funding.

Here are the top best free Oculus Quest games:

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1. Rec Room

Rec Room

Blend the best sections of hanging out in World of Warcraft’s cities back in the afternoon with Minecraft-style room construction, and include a lot of mini-games you can play online with friends, and you have a Rec Room. The best part is, let us say you are the only one you know with an Oculus Quest; however, you’ve got buddies using a PSVR and also an HTC Vive.

Rec Room includes crossly using PC VR cans and PS4’s PSVR, which means that you can hang together, take a look at each other’s custom-built rooms, and play a couple of laser tag games. This match ate up several hours of my weekend, and I feel like I have not done everything. The programmers at Resolution Games are adding content all the time, and so you will continue coming back to you to conquer the social-distancing blues.

2. Elixir


Elixir is the best game to show off the Quest’s remarkable hand-tracking abilities. Players take on the role of a budding sorcerer who’s put in control of keeping up a magical lab and dabbling in alchemy.

Constructed to flaunt the Oculus Quest’s hand-tracking technologies, it is pretty obvious that this can be an elongated tech presentation. However, Elixir stands among the very best free-to-play adventures on the stand-alone headset and one which you do not wish to overlook.

3. Bait!

Resolution Games’ VR fishing sport proved popular on Gear VR and has since gathered over two million gamers worldwide. The Quest variant is the first to deliver six degrees of freedom (6DOF) tracking to the match, making the hours of material more immersive than ever before. Be aware there are in-app buys, though that is mainly for purchasing gear, which it is also possible to get with in-game money.

4. The Journey of the Gods

Have you been a fan of the Legend of Zelda? Imagine this, but together with VR and at first-person. Quest around a place deflecting critters, swinging types, and amassing updates for your personality. Wander around, kill enemies with arrows and swords, and level your character up. The game also features a few puzzles to solve too.

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The Gods presentation’s Journey features a more compact version of this tutorial degree and the very first boss fight. If it scrapes your adventuring itch, the complete game is available also.

5. Bogo

If your older Tamagotchi somehow made the jump to VR, this is probably exactly what the end product would look like. Bogo lets you feed, pet, and otherwise interact with an electronic — and cute — pet. It is a concise encounter that’s light on content but does a fantastic job displaying the headset’s possible and acquainting gamers to scalable play locations. It is an enjoyable way to introduce younger sisters into the area of VR who may not be considering the tech.

6. Mission: ISS

Among the greatest things about virtual reality, and notably, a wireless VR headset such as the Quest, is that you experience awe in the scale of stuff. The first time you are at the ISS, and you look down during the observation window in Earth Placing below you, check to be certain that your mouth is not hanging open.

Mine sure has been, and this adventure (I would not call it a match ) gives you lots of these minutes. If you have ever wondered what type of spacewalk would look like from in the astronaut’s helmet or wished to listen to actual ISS astronauts talk you through the goings-on of a functioning area station, download this and allow yourself to be chilled.

Mission: ISS was what I used to present my girlfriend into the Quest, and it convinced her that it was not quite as dorky as I’d made it seem to flail around slack-jawed.

The Oculus Quest has a lot to offer, even without having to spend one penny on matches. Hopefully, this helps you dive into the world of wireless VR and shows you how varied the marketplace is becoming. As soon as you’ve spent a couple of dozen hours within these adventures, return, and we will have some ideas for where to leap to the paid segment of this VR pool.

7. PokerStars VR

Even if you don’t enjoy Poker, PokerStars VR is an enjoyable social experience to sit around and hang out with folks. It uses your own Oculus Avatar as your personality, and also the interactions are exceptional. The Touch controller service is quite appreciated and does a fantastic job of affording interactivity. Additionally, if you do like Poker, then it will probably wind up being among the go-to programs to unwind at the end of daily.

8. Creed: Rise to Glory

Feel like punching some folks in the ring? Uppercutting via foes because you fling fists to save your skin? Creed: Rise to Glory pits people within a stadium and allows them to roll through many rounds till eventually getting the winner.

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The entire game accounts for mini-games along with a campaign. Collectively, they provide a fun small package for a fast dip. On the other hand, the Quest monitoring software isn’t like it needs to be, losing sight of their fists as they fly. This is a huge problem for people who prefer to perform rapid flurries.

The demonstration can be brief, with only one challenger available. Even to get a presentation, it seems strict. However, for a fast encounter, Creed: Rise to Glory is okay.

9. The Essential

There is nothing else about the Quest quite like The Crucial. This theatrical adventure runs for approximately 20 minutes, teleporting audiences to some surreal world that has to be experienced firsthand to be appreciated.

The secret is adamant it isn’t a video game — instead, it’s a”magical realism encounter” That seems a little vague, but it is honestly a fairly apt description. The adventure has received excellent reviews from each socket conceivable and won the Tribeca Film Festival Storyscapes Award. It is an excellent improvement to the VR landscape and can be one of the best free downloads available on the Quest.

10. Epic Roller Coasters

The timeless VR articles genre is roller coasters, setting relatives and friends to get a ride to ensure they, hopefully, love themselves. Epic Roller Coasters is your free game of its type, allowing people to ride in fantastic locations since they soar up and down the paths.

Unexpectedly it comes with a multiplayer mode, where people can ride roller coasters collectively. But more intriguing is the shooter style, where people can hit targets as they ride across the Journey.

Entertaining and free, Epic Roller Coasters is ideal for kids and thrill-seeking adults.

11. Echo VR

It is still in the beta stage. However, Echo VR is a remarkably ambitious title. Participants are thrown into a stadium devoid of gravity because they try to navigate a digital playfield and toss a disk to the opponent’s goal. Echo VR does an exceptional job of monitoring your arm movement; also — flinging a disk throughout the map at high speed never seems to grow older.

You will have the choice to play online or offline against bots, but the experience is significantly more rewarding if you are playing against real men and women. As a beta, then you may encounter a few bugs throughout your time with the sport. The majority of them aren’t game-breaking. However, the Ready at Dawn staff is always searching for comments to improve the encounter.

12. Sports Scramble

For lovers of sports games, this one isn’t for you. Sports Scramble adopts the weirdness of blending equipment to produce unique experiences. Wish to bat off footballs? Why not. Mix up bowling, tennis, and baseball for your specifications, allow it to fly.

On top of that, the game is created for the Oculus Quest, making it work smoothly as butter. Have fun!

13. Traveling While Black

They are traveling While Black is a VR adventure on the Oculus Quest, made by Academy Award winner Roger Ross Williams. The immersive movie guides the consumer through black Americans’ dark background and their struggle for increased motion.

The movie investigates how people talk about race in the USA, by the terminology people use to handle them. Learn from the past, and build on that is the vital message portrayed by the actors on display.

While distinct from other free adventures about the Oculus Quest, Traveling While Black provides a persuasive means to reveal the immersive energy film.


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