Fitbit Versa vs Samsung Galaxy Watch

Fitbit Versa vs Samsung Galaxy Watch Smartwatches Comparison In 2020

Fitbit Versa vs Samsung Galaxy Watch is a couple of the greatest smartwatches at the moment. But what do you choose?

As this is something you’re going to be devoting to your wrist daily, there are many elements to consider – not only the appearance but also the features packaged inside and exactly how many of them are practical for you. There is also the little matter of cost, together with related timepieces’ price tags, which range from acceptable to astronomical.

We have spent a reasonable amount of time with both watches to make a choice a bit easier. Got some questions regarding our Versa and Galaxy Watch Comparison? Tell Colorfy in the comments section below.

Samsung Galaxy Watch

Samsung Galaxy Watch

The Galaxy Watch active provides a fantastic mixture of useful, smart features and strong health-tracking at a compact and very affordable package. Samsung’s Tizen OS is powerful and does a whole lot, and features like built-in GPS and NFC for Samsung Pay sweeten the offer.


  • Beautiful AMOLED display
  • Growing app/watch face choice
  • Samsung Pay
  • Built-in GPS
  • Qi wireless charging


  • Shorter battery life
  • Tizen OS could be perplexing.

Fitbit Versa

Fitbit Versa
Fitbit Versa

Fitbit is the unequivocal leader in the health/fitness tracking distance. With the Versa, you are getting a wearable that climbs back on some intelligent features to become the most effective fitness-oriented smartwatch available on the marketplace. Additionally, it is challenging to beat getting four days of battery life on a single charge.


  • Great, lightweight design
  • Phenomenal health/fitness monitoring
  • 4days of battery life
  • Music storage


  • Fitbit Pay prices more.
  • No built-in GPS

Fitbit Versa vs Samsung Galaxy Watch Comparison


The plan of both of these smartwatches is probably what has led you to this Comparison – it is the first thing you’re going to notice and possibly the most crucial consideration for you.

And since you can probably tell from the picture above, there are not many similarities between them both. While Fitbit has chosen for a square appearance similar to this Apple Watch, Samsung, like it’s done for many years through its smartwatch lineup, wants to provide you a more traditional rounded design.

However, what does the spec sheet state? Well, Fitbit steps the Versa in 34mm diagonally and 11.2mm thick, with all the display at 24.75millimeter or 24.75mm. If this sounds small, it is as it’s – and it earns the smartwatch among those very few which you genuinely do not notice about the wrist. That absence of beef in the bezel does not compromise the energy, possibly, with the screen pumping out 300 x 300-pixel resolution, tops out in 1,000 nits. Even inside the sun’s beams, that usually means you are ready to have a fantastic look at the screen at full brightness.

The Versa also keeps up with Fitbit’s motif of staying customizable, together with the three aluminum finishes (black, silver and gold) complemented with a very long list of all Fitbit Versa rings, allowing you to design it for a formal event or just your weekend jog.

Matters are alike customizable with Samsung’s Galaxy Watch, together with the apparatus getting the first in the enterprise to come in two distinct sizes: 42mm and 46mm. The former comes from both black and white gold finishes, with silver just available for the larger of their twins. Both, however, let for 20mm and 22mm interchangeable straps, respectively.

Now, there are no real differences concerning applications. However, they’re quite different watches around the wrist – the more significant Galaxy Watch steps in at 41.9 x 45.7 x 12.7mm, whereas the 46mm equal extends out to 46 x 49 x 13mm.

Additionally, there are battery lifetime considerations; however – the more massive Galaxy Watch’s 472 mAh battery, Samsung states, provides you weekly. Our testing felt wildly off the mark, as we just consistently handled three or four times, and it was a similar story with all the 270 mAh 42mm variant. Samsung maintains four or three times, whereas you are more inclined to have around fourteen or three days.

That is different from the Fitbit Versa, in which the four-day asserts are, in fact, consistent with all our testing. Much like any watch (such as Samsung), you can push out this further, but it will cost several features.

Fitbit Versa vs Samsung Galaxy Design

The 360 x 360 pixel AMOLED displays have the advantage above Fitbit’s Versa, but the gaps are unnoticeable to the untrained eye – you are winning way here. But getting around that screen is far more straightforward on the Galaxy Watch.

Even though it’s more of a smudge magnet than the Fitbit, you can prevent marks by twisting the rotating bezel rather than tapping the touchscreen. Non-touch navigation is not quite simple on the Versa, together with the three buttons (sleep/wake, fast launching, and rear) not as powerful.

So, that is a fast rundown of the layout principles. Which is better? Well, since both are so distinct, announcing a winner is catchy. For all those who have wrists on the vast side, the 46mm Galaxy Watch will be very likely to match best, together with all the Versa best suited for people who prefer the lightest and lowest smartwatch potential – and that will live together with all the square casing. An excellent middle point, of course, is your 42mm Galaxy Watch. It does not give you precisely the same weightless impression on the wrist because the Versa, but it is still comparatively small and provides more excellent layout performance.


As we mentioned up high, knowing that which features you are planning to use can often help save you a great deal of cash on earth of smartwatches.

With this set, the gaps are, again, reasonably significant. The Galaxy Watch, at least on paper, is the comprehensive apparatus, on account of the organization’s more experienced Tizen OS. Everything you get with the most recent edition of the operating system is more programs and much more exercise modes. An LTE version of this Galaxy Watch is coming until the close of the calendar year, meaning it will allow you to cut the connection with your telephone, go solo, make calls, and receive notifications.

The Versa, by Comparison, doesn’t. In reality, it does not have GPS. And these omissions may be deciding variables if connectivity and exercise will be your priorities. The Versa still monitors the very same manners as its GPS-packing sibling, the Ionic, like jogging, cycling, swimming (with a lot more capable of being manually categorized inside the Fitbit program); however, Samsung certainly has the advantage when it comes to logging your workout; you will find dedicated modes for indoor activities, scores for outside pursuits and even workout detection for strength training.

That program support we mentioned previously also gives Sammy’s view of the advantage of song streaming. Although Fitbit has partnerships with Pandora and Deezer, Samsung is one of just two wearable sellers (the other being Garmin) to possess a committed Spotify program – and also the Galaxy Watch’s LTE storage and support mean that you can stream audio and playlists whenever connected and listen to them if you are completely offline, all from your wrist. It is simply not quite as attractive on the Versa, using its supporting cast subscribed to fewer users.

With contactless payments, it is a very similar story. While the two watches are competent, things are somewhat more fleshed out about the Galaxy Watch – well, depending upon your place. Both provide an equally powerful collection of participating banks in the united states, although, in the united kingdom and Europe, Samsung has a small advantage concerning the larger banks’ support. Neither are excellent outside the united states, so we’d urge checking out only who’s onboard using both Fitbit Pay and Samsung Pay when this is a feature you will want to make the most of.

Fitbit Versa vs Samsung Galaxy Feature

Also, bear in mind you will need to find the slightly more costly particular variant of this Versa should you like Fitbit Pay and reside in the united states.

So, where does Fitbit have the advantage? It may not be feature-packed since the Galaxy Watch, but the organization’s sleep monitoring from the wrist remains the very best in the company. Together with the Versa, you will receive more precise and wealthy sleep info (providing you mild, profound, REM, and alert times in a chart) than what we have seen in our time analyzing the Galaxy Watch.

We will also book a reference for your Fitbit companion program. This might be a little bit of a forgotten factor in purchasing a smartwatch, but you are most likely to be spending a great deal of time inside it poring on your workout, heart, or sleep data. Fitbit does a superb job of distributing out this rather than making it a minefield. That is not to say it is a hassle on the Samsung companion program – it is simply not as clean or intuitive.

Here is also a quick note on creative assistants. While Fitbit doesn’t have its own, Samsung’s Bixby is about the wrist and equipped to take your orders – well, in concept. Together with the helper, we have discovered it to be much more futile than Google Assistant about the wrist. Not only do you receive a thousand-yard virtual overload out of Bixby if you inquire about anything aside from the weather, but it is also slow typically.

So, who is the winner? On paper, the Samsung Galaxy Watch is your smartwatch with much more detail. But that does not make it appropriate for everybody. If you are new to smartwatches or need something to track your sleep and run with a few simple program support and pleasant custom encounters, the Versa is a superb alternative. If you are looking for a measure on this and an adventure that entails GPS monitoring, better audio, payment support, and the choice to stand alone, Samsung is your very best option.


As we have explained previously, the Samsung Galaxy Watch delivers a step up from the features section from the Versa. But more innovative smarts come at a price.

That specific price? The gadget’s 42mm variant can be obtained for £279, whereas the 46mm version prices £299. This LTE variant we mentioned previously will arrive at T-Mobile, AT& T, Verizon, and Sprint afterward in 2018, according to Samsung; however, we don’t have a particular date or pricing information, along with also the UK’s carriers continue to be declared.

In Comparison, the Versa retails for a comparatively paltry £199.95, using a particular variant available for an additional £20. As it doesn’t have any LTE capacities, there is no monthly fee demanded, possibly.

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The greatest question to answer when seeking to specify the very best smartwatch of 2018 is exactly what you intend on using it for. The very best smartwatch is the one that meets all of your requirements, not just a number of them. Though the Fitbit Versa is a superior product to many on the current market, it’s still essentially the ideal health and health tool with a few smartwatch features added on. The Galaxy Watch is intended to help you in all facets of your own life and while it will not possess the exact same exercise and workout features of this Versa, its incorporated calendars, partners, the capability to deliver and receive calls provide it flexibility the Versa simply has not matched yet.

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