Fitbit Versa 2 vs Ionic Comparison- Which Should You Buy?

Fitbit Versa 2 vs Lonic Comparison

Fitbit currently sells two premium smartwatches, the Fitbit Versa 2 vs Ionic. Which one should you purchase? Keep reading Colorfy’s article to know better.

The smartwatch planet has been quickly increasing with lots of offerings from firms after viewing the overnight success of this Apple Watch. Apple produced a new section called the smartwatch, which individuals instantly got drawn to. Fitbit, a couple of years back, was a fitness tracker firm. However, lately, they have begun to put out smartwatch versions and programs, notifications, telephone assistance, and many more features!

Fitbit Versa 2 vs Ionic Comparison at a Glance

Fitbit Versa 2 vs Lonic Comparison at a Glance

Fitbit Ionic

The Fitbit Ionic provides a seven-day battery life (in practice, more like 5 or 4), continually monitors heart rate, and feels comfy to wear all day long. HR tracking is consistent and accurate, which is very important to anybody who enjoys having a fantastic read in their intensity degrees while exercising. And Fitbit Pay on regular and special editions.

GPS comes built-in to help save you from carrying along with your smartphone daily and monitors your sleep through the night to deal with each of the principal facets of health and health. All in all, the Ionic is a well-rounded watch that played well for me suddenly conked out.

Fitbit Versa 2

A superb example of a hybrid physical fitness tracker and smartwatch, the Versa two has some similarities with the Ionic but contains newer technologies. The comprehensive, bright touchscreen is nice to use, and also the watch entire has a very slick and streamlined appearance to it. And Fitbit Pay on regular and special editions.

Alexa sets it in concept, but not in training in my own experience. Regrettably, it does not include GPS, such as the Ionic. Sleep monitoring appears to be somewhat accurate, which delivers a “sleep rating” after every night, which makes it simple to comprehend. Battery life lived to its advertised five days, which is probably due, in part, not to integrating GPS.

Fitbit Versa 2 vs Ionic: Layout

Starting up, you will notice a few instantaneous differences between the layouts of the Versa two and Ionic – they are quite different concerning look.

We are not going to dress this up to you – the Fitbit Ionic’s square form-factor and boxy looks are not up to our road, though we have got used to them at the time we have been using it.

The Ionic has plenty of different stuff about this. Still, it arrived first in Fitbit’s movement towards smartwatches and showed a great deal of fitness trackers’ sporty effect.

Meanwhile, the Versa two is now a somewhat refined version of this first Versa’s layout, smoothing away a few corners and dropping the Fitbit emblem on the lower bezel. The Versa 2 frequently gets confused for an Apple Watch on our wrists, which is now something of a glow in 2019.

Versa 2 includes NFC, a heart rate monitor, and SpO2 sensors to the watch device’s back. It is also water-resistant to 50 meters, using five-day battery life. The one crucial overlook is standalone GPS monitoring, which we will analyze in more detail afterward. It is available in select finishes and colors and contains many brands to choose from, such as working together with all the Versa and Versa Lite.

The Ionic pack’s lots of hardware to its shape, including all of the above features like SpO2 and even the same water resistance. However, its principal advantage is built-in GPS, although the battery should get you four to five days and the same amount of waterproofing and physical fitness monitoring.

You have three colors to pick from charcoal/grey, blue/orange, and grey/silver. There is a selection of rings for the Ionic accessible from Fitbit and an Adidas variant in the scope.

For all of us, the Versa two is the clear winner on the design front – it is quite simply a subtle and elegant unit to get in your wrist. The significant selection of rings is also huge and allows them to get a complete pile of customization for those looking to research their alternatives.

Features on Both Models

Fundamental Physical Fitness Features

Standard physical fitness features such as calories, steps, distance are about both smartwatches, and that’s precisely what you’d expect by merely paying a few hundred bucks for all these devices. In reality, Fitbit is proven to be somewhat accurate in these simple physical fitness features, which is excellent if you prefer to monitor certain items during your workout.

Amazing Battery Life

The battery life on those Fitbits is best in class. When I say best in course, I suggest that these smartwatches possess the ideal battery lifetime. The Fitbit Ionic includes a marginally worse battery compared to the Versa 2, at five times. Five times! I typically expect around two times of battery life in my Apple Watch, and the Ionic has five times. The Versa two has better battery life, at six times, which can be wonderful! In my private use of this, I’d end the very first day at a lot of battery, usually 70-80 percent! Though the Ionic has slightly less battery, both of these still have great batteries.

50 Meters Waterproof

Both these smartwatches are waterproof to 50 meters, meaning that those Fitbits can go pretty much anywhere with the swimming pool, the shore, shower, and much more. This is a very cool feature that we have seen smartwatches throughout the plank, and it is helpful because Fitbit would like you to have those smartwatches on your wrist in any way times.

Sleep Tracking

The sleeping monitoring feature on those smartwatches is fantastic and not near being defeated by a different business anytime soon. Fitbit’s program will provide you reports and insights about how you slept, what bothered you while you’re sleeping, and just how deep you’re sleeping. These are helpful to analyze the way you are doing when you are asleep. Also, Fitbit provides you a sleep rating when you awaken. This sleep rating is a number from 100 to explain how you slept through that evening, which is cool and a fast method to understand how your night was.

24/7 Heart Rate Tracking

24/7 heartbeat tracking is a helpful feature for those who enjoy tracking their runs, bike rides, etc. As for me, I want this feature while I move in my 10-20 mile bicycle rides. I enjoy keeping tabs on how quickly I move throughout my trip and how far I went, but the largest one is observing how my heartbeat fluctuated as I had been working harder.

Build Quality

There is little to differentiate both watches.

Both are premium exercise smartwatches, which means that you may expect them to hold up against drops and accidental bumps that are certain to take place. Despite regular use and abuse, I discovered that these kinds of impacts had not generated any visible scuffs or other sorts of harm to watch.

But, I’ll state that the Ionic includes a small advantage here since the oversize casing does make it feel a bit tougher, in which the Versa two handles lighter and somewhat more delicate.

Regardless of which one you choose, it is essential to be aware that every watch’s rings extend slightly as time passes. For many users, this might be a bonus since it merely increases the relaxation and pliability of this group.


Potentially the essential facet of any smartwatch is how well it works. In cases like this, it’s incredibly important if it comes to fitness monitoring capabilities. As smartwatches, both Ionic and Versa 2 operate just fine. They get calls, alarms and allow you to react effortlessly, track sleep, and provide different alarm modes. My favorite feature in both is the vibration-only alert that wakes you up – maybe not anybody sleeping alongside you – once you need to wake up early in the morning for a meeting or finish your morning exercise.


In almost any technician comparison, the cost is a badly massive element. If among those smartwatches were countless cheaper than another, it might swing the conversation one way or the other.

Well, there’s a little bit of difference in cost in this circumstance. The Fitbit Ionic, despite being a fair bit old, will put you back about £249.99 in comparison to £199.95 for your Versa 2. That is after a small price cut to the Ionic because of its launch.

That places both watches at about the same mid-range price bracket and has a hell of a good deal of competition. The most recent switch-up for this particular debate is that Apple reduced the cost of this Apple Watch Series 3 to 4 199, which we believe is critically major news for the marketplace.

If you are firm of the opinion that Fitbit is your watchmaker for you, however, that the Versa two comes in as the less costly model and brand new as it is, there is lots of possibility because of its cost to go down as time passes.

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Final Verdict

The Ionic remains a superb smart exercise watch, and if you can find it for under $200, it is worthy of your consideration. No smartwatch out of Fitbit, Apple, or Samsung has managed to pull its distinctive mixture of onboard GPS and week-long battery lifetime. Both of these features alone make it a fantastic watch for endurance athletes and outdoor enthusiasts. However, its polarizing looks and too little product upgrades mean it is probably not the ideal watch for everyone.

That honor belongs to the Versa 2. Having a more modern rounded rectangle appearance, a glowing and beautiful OLED display, onboard Amazon Alexa accessibility, and a still remarkable five-day battery lifetime, the Versa two is the lookout for most people that are considering a Fitbit apparatus. It’s also arguably the most effective cross-platform smartwatch for the majority of people.

Whichever Fitbit smartwatch you decide on, you know that you will likely acquire a well-made device with superior battery life and various fitness-focused features.

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