Fitbit Versa 2 vs Fitbit Versa: What Are The Differences?

Fitbit Versa 2 vs Fitbit Versa

If you are still unsure which model to pick up between Fitbit Versa 2 vs Fitbit Versa, you NEED to see Colorfy’s following article.

The Fitbit Versa two is the monitoring giant’s most up-to-date smartwatch, starting back in September and substituting the initial Fitbit Versa.

But for those wanting to pick between the group, the crucial differences may not immediately be apparent.

In the end, they still seem quite similar – and do a great deal of the very same things. Rest assured, there are significant changes to know about before you possibly buy these smartwatches; you merely must dig somewhat more profound.

Below, we have summarized the largest distinctions that will help you decide on the ideal device on your wrist.

Differences Between Fitbit Versa 2 vs. Fitbit Versa

Differences Between Fitbit Versa 2 vs Fitbit Versa

Layout and screen

The Fitbit Versa 2 seems much like the first Fitbit Versa with the same square face and curved, chamfered edges in anodized aluminum. The Versa 2 includes only one button on the left, with a polished finish. These smartwatches are intended to be worn all of the time to have a design that could fit smoothly with most outfits. Fitbit supplies a vast selection of distinct bands to allow you to alter the appearance.

A more concrete improvement from the Fitbit Versa two is your display. Fitbit has gone from LCD into AMOLED, which translates to whites and more vivid colors. The Versa watches will also be water-resistant up to a depth of 50 meters, which means that you can swim with them.

Specs & Features

As previously mentioned, the display is big on the Versa 2. It is 8 percent larger and moves into exceptional AMOLED technology, bringing matters like punchier colors and deeper blacks. The screen also offers an always-on option so that you may assess the time when you want to, such as a real watch.

The panel technician partly assists the battery life improves. The Versa lasted 4days; however, Versa 2 could last 5which may not seem like much, but 25% is not harmful in any way.

However, the catch is that utilizing the always-on attribute will bring things down to two + times, and it is a shame.

Fitbit has utilized the same set of detectors – namely a heartbeat sensor and GPS – however, a brand new (undisclosed) processor means smoother functionality.

Fitbit Versa 2 vs Fitbit Versa Specs & Features

Other updates and new features come mostly in the kind of software. The principal operating system stays essentially unchanged; however, Versa two has more tricks up its sleeve.

Fitbit Pay is regular for starters, so that you may use the NFC chip inside to buy things with contactless payment.

Another change is that Spotify will come pre-loaded on the smartwatch enabling you to stream your favorite workout or commute tunes. But, it is merely controlling playback on your telephone or another device so that you can not download anything into the Versa two to listen to standalone.

A slightly peculiar person is integration with Amazon Alexa, meaning that you can speak with the Versa two and do things such as controller smart home devices or merely request information such as the weather. It is also possible to ask the watch to begin a workout and so on.

Individuals utilizing the Versa 2 having an Android cellphone will also have the ability to respond to messages using voice dictation that might be super convenient and time-saving.

We said the Special Edition, and besides an excess strap, you receive 90-days free access into this brand new Fitbit Premium subscription support – it is generally £7.99/$9.99 per month or 79.99/$79.99 each year.

Fitbit Premium intends to assist users in taking better actions by their well-being and physical fitness data, focusing on fitness, sleep, diet, and emotional health. It is also going to help address chronic health ailments.

Fitness and health-tracking features

You’ll come across precisely the same comprehensive physical fitness tracking choices from the Versa on the Versa 2. There are over 15 goal-based exercise manners, you can monitor workouts, there is 24/7 heartbeat tracking, and you’re able to directly review your stats on the Versa’s display.

You can delve into time, calories, distance, and measures with fundamental advice available on the watch and also the choice to dive deeper through the smartphone program. One possible disappointment is that Fitbit has stuck with linked GPS from the Versa two, so the watch is based on your telephone for GPS monitoring.

Fitbit also supplies feminine health-tracking, directed breathing, motivation in your wrist, and informative insights about your action and nutrition. Still, the headline it is pushing together with the Versa two is much more in-depth sleep tracking with a wise wake mode that is supposed to select the ideal time to wake you in the morning, a sleeping rating, and more sophisticated insights into your sleep phases and general quality.

For advice on better sleep hygiene, vigorous workouts, health training, and deeper insights, you’ll be able to subscribe to Fitbit Premium that costs $10 a month or $80 each year.

The present features are the same on both versions, and the newest features ought to be rolling out into the first Versa also, so there is nothing to put them apart.

Smart alert

With the Versa, two Fitbit finally introduces the smart alarm clock. A function I’ve needed for quite a very long moment.

Your Fitbit will wake you up over half an hour. Within those 30 minutes that the ideal moment waits. The backdrop is based on the sleeping stages. There are just four of these, which last a total of 30 minutes. Thus you’re no more awakened in profound sleep but on your sleep period. This can help you to be far more awake during the day and also to escape bed better. I’ve used a program for this far and may only report exceptionally excellent experiences.

This is another favorable news. The purpose will shortly be available on additional Fitbit apparatus. This may also serve owners of their elderly Fitbit Versa.

Fitbit Versa two and Spotify

Long wait to it, and together with the Fitbit Versa two, it’s finally officially potential. Spotify can be linked and combined with the Versa 2. Together with the Fitbit Versa, that was only possible with Deezer, a ceremony that, in my experience, is not as expected. To utilize Spotify on Versa two, you want a premium subscription to Spotify.

Additionally, you may still store around 300 tunes right on the clock. Such as the Versa, the Versa two has an integrated audio memory of 2.5 gigabytes. Deezer remains offered.

Battery life

In the stage of battery life, it is not very clear whether Fitbit has included here. The maker speaks of five or more days from the media release at the advertising of 4 times. The Versa had signaled here.

The battery life is contingent upon the usage of this watch. The more active you’re, the shorter the battery life will be. The practice mode also lowers the battery life a good deal. The usage of linked GPS also has an impact.


It is excellent news on the purchase price front as the Versa 2 prices precisely the same as the first. That means it is accessible for £199 with precisely the same amount in Dollars and Euros. A Special Edition can be obtained for 219 or $229/$229.

Even though this is precisely the identical cost as the first Versa, obtaining the old version might be a deal if you do not have either. Fitbit is very likely to carry it off purchase, but retailers will undoubtedly sell it to lower costs.

It is currently £154 on Amazon UK, which may go down further with the introduction of Versa 2.

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Which smartwatch is greater?

As always, with comparisons between apparatus, which will be better for you depends upon your priorities.

The Versa 2 attracts some nice updates over the Versa, particularly if you’re either a practiced consumer of Alexa or are pleased to know the wise helper.

The more straightforward screen and battery life will also be rewarding improvements. The Fitbit Versa has been remaining a fantastic smartwatch, however, and in case you’d like to stay closer to the £150 markers (or under), it might make sense to choose this up instead.

The two smartwatches possess a similar applications experience – both operating FitbitOS and syncing via the Fitbit program – and the majority of the app compatibility and updates attracted first into the Versa 2 also needs to arrive at the Versa in due course.

In our opinion, the improvements brought to the table from the Versa two are worth the little bump in price, and we would finally suggest the newer version to the majority of people.

Video: 10 cool things to do with Fitbit Versa 2!

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