Fitbit Versa 2 vs Apple Watch 5: Which Is Right for You?

Fitbit Versa 2 vs Apple Watch 5

There are many similarities between the Fitbit Versa 2 vs Apple Watch 5, from layout to an always-on screen, and much more. Which one should you purchase? 

Apple and Fitbit equally have new smartwatches, so you may be fighting to determine if you are out there for a wearable. There are a whole lot of similarities between Fitbit versa 2 vs apple watch 5, but each offers its own set of pros and cons.

The all-new Versa two includes an updated design finish with an always-on AMOLED screen, Amazon Alexa integration, more than five times of battery life, and an excellent price compared with other smartwatches. The Apple Watch Series 5 matches a brand new always-on Retina screen plus a few new wellness features, such as interval cycle monitoring and a Task Trends program. Additionally, it is offered in many different new premium fashions.

However, when you’re investing so much in a smartwatch, it is important to get your money’s worth. So which one should you purchase? Colorfy breaks it down to you.

Fitbit Versa 2 vs Apple Watch 5 Comparison

Fitbit Versa 2 vs Apple Watch 5 Comparison

Specs and features

In a glimpse, both watches seem somewhat similar. Both have square scenarios, OLED displays, and interchangeable strap layouts. The single major physical distinction is the Fitbit has bodily button controllers, whereas the Apple Watch 5 includes an electronic crown controller.

But when you power them up, you will notice they’re entirely different products. This is since the Apple Watch is a smartwatch initially and a fitness tracker instant. By comparison, the Fitbit Versa two is a fitness center tracker initially and a smartwatch second.

This can be reflected instantly by equally smartwatches’ applications and program offerings. WatchOS 6 is the newest edition of Apple’s wearable applications. It provides various unique features, such as one of the most significant and most diverse program offerings you’ll discover on a wearable and in-built Siri support.

Fitbit OS has a few software, such as Spotify, Strava, etc. however, its library is nowhere near as large. Instead, it concentrates on the fitness side of things, providing dedicated training and accessibility to Fitbit’s compensated for Premium support – that features bespoke exercise suggestions and exercise regimes. Additionally, it has one crucial lead on Apple, being the only one of both to provide sleep monitoring. Support for Amazon’s Alexa digital assistant also allows it to fit the iPhone as it pertains to voice control performance.

Despite the more excellent fitness tracking applications, there is no denying that the Apple Watch 5 is a much more clever bit of hardware that includes a couple of essential detectors and features you won’t find about Versa 2.

For starters, it’s a GPS and compass. The absence of a GPS about the Versa two is a strange omission and means you will want to set the wearable along with your telephone if you would like precise distance and positional monitoring when running. The Apple Watch can also be the only one of both together with local storage, which means it is the only one you will have the ability to listen to music locally, with no data link or paired phone.

The Apple Watch 5 also includes an effect on screen technician. Despite both having consistently on OLED displays, the Apple Watch 5 is the only one of both using a varying refresh rate. This allows it to conserve battery when doing low electricity jobs by lowering the number of pictures per-second the display renders.

The Apple Watch also offers a couple of crucial health features. The largest of them is the ECG heart rate monitor, fall detection support, and auto-emergency service phoning neglect. The fail secure is a brand new feature debuted on the Apple Watch 5, which in concept allows it to call for assistance whenever the wearable finds its wearer is at risk.

It is possible to view a complete breakdown of how the two wearables compare to hardware beneath.

Apple Watch 5 vs Fitbit Versa 2 – Specs and features

Layout and screen

The Apple Watch is now a norm for smartwatch layout – and it is maybe one reason that the Versa 2 seems so familiar. The Apple Watch Series 5 comes in 2 dimensions, 40mm and 44mm. The outside of the Series 5 is currently available in aluminum, excellent for a light texture on the wrist, or even more costly stainless steel.

People searching for a more superior choice may also seek out exceptional titanium and ceramic variations. Aluminum and steel variants could be picked up in 3 colors, such as silver, gold, Space Gray, and stone. Titanium may be obtained in either Space or silver Gray, and ceramic is currently offered in white.

Fitbit keeps things somewhat more accessible with the Versa two, which means that you won’t find any superior options here for substances. You Can Get the Fitbit Versa 2 having an aluminum frame in Carbon Mist Grey or Copper Rose. If it comes to wrist size, the Versa 2 is not as elastic as the Apple Watch, since it comes in one fitting around 40mm. 1 thing which both devices do game, however, is an always-on screen for fast glancing at that time and other alarms. Both displays will not leave you fighting to see them, as both are rated at 1000 nits of brightness.

Observing each smartwatch’s layout to the ring, we now visit a healthy group of alternatives for both watches. Apple delivers many different straps, for instance, regular sports group, nylon game loop, and an assortment of both leather and stainless steel choices. Fitbit provides woven rings, classic game rings, and options available in leather, suede, and stainless steel. Both Apple and Fitbit have collaborated with fashion brands for notable variant bands, such as Hermes and Kim Shui.

Both are appealing watches, but the Apple Watch’s design only about beats the Versa two’s aped design.


The programs that include the Apple Watch are much superior to those with all the Fitbit Versa 2. This goes to the assortment of plans you can download within their various app shops also.

The Apple Watch Has a Large Number of useful apps such as a sound meter, a compass, and a translator, and you can download more programs like Facebook Messenger and Apple Maps in the App Store.

Fitbit’s lineup of programs are too restricted – view screenshot above. in comparison with this Apple Watch, the number of third-party apps you may download may not help you a lot concerning productivity if you don’t will need a calculator, even the Starbucks Card program, United Airlines program or even a flashlight. Fortunately, it includes Strava and Spotify because those programs are always wanted on game smartwatches.

Battery life

The battery life of this Apple Watch is all about a-day-and-a-half, and because it will not make it through the next day, this is a smartwatch you will need to control every day.

The Fitbit continues for at least two days, and that’s with the always-on display running. The Fitbit Versa 2 additionally lacks integrated GPS, that’s very good for battery life.


The Apple Watch 5’s technological advantage is hardly surprising once you consider Fitbit Versa two’s cost. The fundamental Fitbit Versa 2 retails for a small £199. You might even catch one having a 90-day Premium subscription for £219. This makes it half the cost of the Apple Watch 5.

The fundamental aluminum end Apple Watch 5 retails for a hefty £399 in the united kingdom. You will need to bring another #100 in addition to this if you would like to include LTE connectivity.

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Which should you buy?

The Versa two and Apple Watch 5 will be equally impressive and come in highly reputable businesses, but in the long run, when you’ve got enough money, the Apple Watch 5 is the thing to do. You get a great deal of bang for your dollar and get extra features such as the ECG tracking, harmful sound monitoring, and global SOS capabilities. The number one selling thing that sets these two apart is Apple’s built-in GPS and mobile, which enable one to go anyplace, no phone needed. You may check and send emails or texts without your phone while surfing or skiing, which can be brilliant.

But if sleep monitoring is the number one priority, then proceed with the Fitbit Versa 2. It is an excellent product and can help you track your sleep cycles so that you may find a better knowledge of those unconscious hours and finally get better rest.

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