Fitbit Charge 3 vs Fitbit Versa: Who Is Winner? [2020 Update]

Fitbit Charge 3 vs Fitbit Versa

Fitbit Charge 3 vs Fitbit Versa, two hottest physical fitness trackers that can keep a tab on your activities. Have a look at the Fitbit Charge 3 vs. Versa comparison, so You know what they have in store for you. Keep reading Colorfy’s article!

Fitbit Charge 3 vs Fitbit Versa Comparison

Fitbit Charge 3 vs Fitbit Versa Comparisonv

Layout and screen

There is no denying that the Fitbit Versa seems remarkably similar to this Apple Watch – in actuality, we think it looks marginally better. Using a 34mm screen, it is near twice the magnitude of this Charge 3, and the situation is also exceedingly slim. Playing off its title, it’s also flexible and flexible enough to wear both night and day. However, Charge 3 will pull a good deal of design inspiration in the Versa, especially the aerospace aluminum case and compact design that produces both wearables look slick.

We like that the Charge 3 also includes a sleek appearance and is much milder in 29 g – but it will have a more compact screen and thicker instance. We’re lovers of this inductive button using haptic feedback since it provides a more “button-less” layout that made it seem even better. While the two wearables also consist of interchangeable watch straps, it is far easier to alter them onto the Charge 3 thanks to a simple release button that is far better than quick-release hooks onto the Versa.

Concerning screen, the Versa features a more significant LCD touchscreen that is brilliant and full of pops of color. Charge 3 includes a grayscale OLED screen that is not too exciting and lively. Both comprise a touchscreen display, which functions the same – swipe for personal insights, the left for workout modes and programs, and program notifications. Also, this is where you can tap into responding to text messages for people who have an Android apparatus.

In the long run, we enjoy that the Versa does not just have a big, bright screen – and that we are ready to conceal the reality that it is a fitness tracker. Charge 3 is much harder to disguise.


It is faster to think of a list of exactly what distinguishes the Charge 3 and the Versa than that which they have in common. That is because the Charge 3 will help a good deal of what the Versa can do.

They have precisely the same physical fitness tracking features they lack GPS, and, in the united states, they have Fitbit Pay should you purchase the unique edition versions of each. They also have a brand new swipe-up menu item that shows your day’s data from the dashboard’s dashboard.

They differ because the Versa runs Fitbit OS, its operating platform, which attracts numerous programs and a program shop to the proceedings. Charge 3 doesn’t have precisely the very same advantages. You are not getting programs here past a couple of Fitbit’s very own. You also don’t get audio assistance.

If you are on Android, you’ll have the ability to perform rapid answers on both the devices, which we have come to classify as “nice” (it works, but we seldom use it). On either iOS and Android, you can anticipate fundamental notification support from all of your third-party programs.

You may get sleep tracking on both devices. Charge 3 also features a SpO2 sensor available; you will also finally get sleep apnea and atrial fibrillation detection after Fitbit empowers this feature. In the brief term, you will quickly have the ability to combine Fitbit’s sleep rating beta, and this will permit you to see if you encounter breathing interruptions while sleeping – but that is not yet live in the time of composing.

There’s a problem with the Charge 3, which divides both for today. The Charge 3 apparatus needed some heart speed reliability problems in our testing, while another did better. We found that a gap of 10 am and not as precise changes during period bursts. Fitbit is looking into the issue, but as it is told us, it does not think it to be down to a faulty detector. It is something that you ought to keep in mind, mainly as we have learned from other users who’ve experienced wildly inaccurate readouts during the action.

Key Differences

We have covered a number of the gaps in the last sections, and also the largest selling point for most consumers will probably be either design or price. But there are a few others value talking about if you are still on the fence. Following is a summary of some notable variations between the Versa and Charge 3.

  • Battery life: Versa = 4 times; Charge 3 = Seven Days
  • Fitbit OS: Just the Versa may download programs like Pandora and Starbucks
  • Sensors: The Charge comes with a SpO2 sensor, which can empower sleep apnea and atrial fibrillation detection later on

These are the principal differences beyond the apparent; therefore, unless some are incredibly persuasive, you are back to choosing based on funding, layout, or want of a smartwatch versus wristband.


A defining gap for many shoppers would be the Versa sells for approximately $50 over the Charge 3. At about $200, the Versa is a well-priced smartwatch, despite some additional features that other contenders boast (like built-in GPS). And at $150, Charge 3 is in-line with all preceding Charge versions and other high-quality physical fitness trackers. Both provide fantastic value in their price, and Fitbit features sale prices occasionally – typically around holidays.

Also, both devices can be found in Special Edition variations. These choices comprise an extra ring and also the capability to perform NFC contactless payments via Fitbit Pay. You will pay $20-$30 more for the Special Editions. This is not a wrong choice because the woven or game rings retail for that much individually (though you will find non-Fitbit branded options less).

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Fitbit devices FAQs

Is your wrist heart rate monitor, right?

It is very significant. However, there are limitations to this technology. It will not be as exact as a torso strap HRM; however, the PurePulse sensor will probably be significant enough for nearly all individuals out there.

Can Fitbit tracks your diet and weight?

Not only on the apparatus but inside the Fitbit app. They’ve another section just for hydration, nourishment, and body dimensions. Fitbit also sells a weight reduction known as the Aria 2.

What Bluetooth headphones can the Versa pair with?

It may pair with any new Bluetooth headphones/earbuds, such as the Fitbit Flyer. We have managed to set up the watch using a Bluetooth speaker.

Total winner: Fitbit Charge 3

Fitbit’s wearables location health and fitness on the peak of the priority listing. Though the Fitbit Versa appears more impressive regarding both display and hardware, Charge 3 will provide you a much better fitness experience. You will also have precisely the identical smartwatch capacities – you can get and reply text messages, capture social networking notifications, and reject or accept calls.

The physical fitness features are nearly identical – both Versa and Charge 3 owners have access to their dashboard on the screen, mechanical exercise comprehension, and linked GPS – and the two will also be swim-proof. However, Charge 3 also packs in some additional perks. With goal-based exercises, auto-stop style, touchscreen display, and a comfy inductive button – within a lightweight and slick device – that the Charge 3 provides more to get a little less.

Video: How to Use the Fitbit Charge 3 for Beginners

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