Fitbit Blaze Vs Versa – Which Is Better? [2020 Update]

Fitbit Blaze Vs Versa - Which Is Better Fitbit Smartwatch

Fitbit Blaze Vs Versa, which is better? Fitness fans like to keep a tab on their daily activities like space they’ve covered, measures required, floors climbed, calories burned, lively moments, and the heartbeat.

The most crucial fitness trackers’ most crucial intention is to monitor your pulse and understand what exercise intensity you want to make it to the aim. To watch these tasks, Fitbit Versa and Blaze are just two outstanding trackers.

To learn better about the two trackers, you have to assess Fitbit Versa vs. Blaze comparison. Have a look at Colorfy’s Fitbit Versa vs. Blaze comparison.

Comparing Fitbit Blaze Vs Versa

Comparing Fitbit Blaze Vs Versa


All of us know that the user tastes when it concerns the watches market, right? The newest and the visuals are the essential facets – differently, every watch indicates the moment. From the industry, there is no massive difference. Some may prefer to acquire the Apple Watch; however, the individuals who mean to fulfill the health requirements, they probably go together with Fitbit or even Garmin, instead of the Apple.

The purpose is – regardless of whether it is a watch or a smartwatch, everyone likes to get the gorgeous accessory on their wrists. As one of the chief players on the current market, clearly, Fitbit understands this and works quite challenging to visually appealing its products.

Fitbit Blaze & Versa are sexy and marvelous. The first thing that comes to our heads when speaking about the design would be the colors. Both of these have a relatively excellent range of designs because they can be found in regular and special versions.

Also, but they’ve interchangeable rings and unique arrangements of straps made by the designers too. In conclusion, if you are concerned about the visual looks of those watches, then do not. The watch’s expression may be changed at any time and having the ability to become unique layouts for your watch is just one of the best worth for your Fitbit smartwatches and trackers. In terms of the colors – Fitbit Blaze comes in Black, Blue, and Plum variations, and all these will be the group’s colors.

Additionally, there are specific variations: Black/Gunmetal Stainless Steel and Pink/22k Gold Plated with a reasonably dazzling appearance. In Terms of Versa’s overall colors, it comes in Black/Black Aluminum, Peach/Rose Gold Aluminum, Gray/Silver Aluminum, and also, in particular versions – Charcoal Woven/Graphite Aluminum and Lavender Woven/Rose Gold Aluminum. There are lots of amazing bands that you may also become and re-design your favorite watch.


  • Both have a color screen.
  • Versa profits NFC and Wi-Fi
  • Versa gets a 3-axis gyroscope.

Both possess a vibrant screen, and both function through touch, even though the system they sit is quite different.

Both possess an optical heartbeat detector, both have Bluetooth, either possess the altimeter and accelerometer – and have GPS, which means that they will require to connect to a smartphone even though they track movement if you would like GPS data.

On the other hand, the Versa also supplies a 3-axis gyroscope, and since it is a more recent generation of hardware that activity tracking is very likely to be accurate.

Actual hardware developments to the Versa comprise Wi-Fi, allowing you to sync audio to your watch straight, and there is NFC. That is there to encourage one of those vast changes provided by Versa – cellular payments through Fitbit Pay.

Fitness And Health Features

Both the Versa and Blaze are exceptional gym watches that showcase this wearable giant’s fitness monitoring capabilities. Whichever device you have, you’ll receive:

  • All-day activity tracking (measures, space, flooring, calories, busy moments)
  • SmartTrack automatic exercise discovery
  • Multi-sport mode
  • Reminders to move
  • Automated sleep monitoring
  • Constant heart rate monitoring
  • Guided breathing

Of the two devices, the Versa has lots of more exercise choices. The Blaze is restricted to principles like jogging, cycling, and a couple of other people, but the Versa also has a swimming pool, golf, and a dozen more. Both watches offer you on-screen workouts, but the Versa has more (along with the ability to match with Fitbit Coach).

Due to this Versa’s smartwatch character, there are also more fitness and health features available via third-party programs in the Program shop. The new and improved detectors and technologies on the Versa also open up more chances for future health and exercise features. The Blaze will always only be a fitness tracker using a few watch capacities.

Bottom Line: The Blaze provides Fitbit’s regular health and physical fitness monitoring and compatibility using the Fitbit program, which makes a fantastic physical fitness tracker, which will some smartwatch-esque things. The Versa, on the other hand, boasts the most up-to-date and best technology, also water resistance, and much more, which makes it a far more versatile exercise watch.

Display Resolution And Functionality

As stated previously, the Blaze and Versa all come standard with color touchscreens, letting you swipe or down to control the works – every also boasts the choice to adjust its brightness quickly. On the other hand, the Versa’s bigger screen and more powerful resolution create its color graphics pop – that can be fostered by Fitbit OS 2.0. To get a regular physical fitness tracker, Blaze’s on-screen interface remains intuitive and user friendly, preventing much of the bags provided by full-featured smartwatches (such as the Versa).

Sport modes

For many years, Fitbit’s built its brand on supplying industry-best physical fitness monitoring. As it starts introducing innovative game modes and action monitoring, its depth of features includes just widened. That is perhaps most evident when comparing to the Blaze into the Versa since, in just the two years since the Blaze published, the Versa currently has an edge on it directly from the box.

For starters, the Blaze is restricted to just jogging, biking, weight training, treadmill running, elliptical training, and also precisely what Fitbit requires “exercise” mode. Conversely, the Versa provides over a dozen distinct methods such as swimming pool, swimming, interval workouts, turning, golfing, hiking, tennis, Pilates, boot camp, Pilates, Pilates, martial arts, and others (such as the conventional jogging and biking modes). The Fitbit program even lets you load more workouts on the Versa, providing it additional flexibility.

Even after our very own reviews, it remains to be seen just how accurate long-term technical sports monitoring could be. Still, if you intend to use the attribute, it is wonderful to have them pre-loaded – instead of taking the opportunity to lead them through the program manually.

The cherry on top of the two watches is your Fitbit app. Capable of keeping the entirety of every wearable’s amassed information, it provides a simple method to graph and assesses operation over days, weeks, and months. Along with the watch providing real-time data, the program provides an easy-to-read interface enabling anybody to correct their physical fitness program as they see fit.

Reviews And Evaluations

Fitbit Blaze is rated 3.5 stars out of 5.0 by Trusted Reviews. They’ve recorded the Blaze’s color display, excellent battery life, multiple strap choices, and trustworthy exercise monitoring as its pros. But they’re not thrilled about the Blaze not needing built-in GPS, not being water-resistant, rather than needing third-party telling service.

Blaze also has a 3.5 out of 5.0 stars rates from over 9,000 reviewers on Amazon. Many Blaze users locate the features beneficial and helpful. But, some people stated they loved their Blaze initially before it only stopped working correctly or ceased charging after a year or so. Many pointed out that their Blaze was not real in regards to counting steps and monitoring different pursuits.


While both the watches are compatible with the programs such as Android and iOS, the Versa get more than that. It’s Wi-Fi and NFC connectivity, making it a fantastic smartwatch and allowing wireless payments through Fitbit Pay.

And the two of those watches and the program in them may be handled from the Fitbit smartphone program.


The Blaze provides amazing five times battery backup while Versa can package the fee for up to 4 times. It is not a big of a deal as Versa features some additional features. And these features will require more energy consumption than Blaze.


At $200, Fitbit’s Versa is among the best deals to get a smartwatch slash gym in the marketplace. Strong and packed to the gills with intelligent features, few other wearables – let alone the Blaze – provide as much bang for your dollar. The funny thing is the Blaze also retails for $200, though you are most likely to find it blown off via different online retailers. However, at $40 or $50 more affordable, the Versa only provides a more comprehensive encounter, making its $200 price tag seem like a complete steal.

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Which Should You Purchase?

If you are reading this to pick between a Versa at total cost or a Blaze in a discount, you should be aware that you are likely to find much more bang for your dollar if you opt for the Versa. Having said this, when the extras which the Versa comprises (programs, water resistance, additional workouts) aren’t essential for you too, the Blaze will do an excellent job of being a leading physical fitness tracker, which looks fine on your wrist.

The Versa is a much better bargain, but the Blaze will be an excellent physical fitness tracker and spare you a couple of bucks.

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