Fire HD 8 Vs Fire HD 10: The Similarities And Differences!

Fire HD 8 Vs Fire HD 10

If you are considering purchasing a Fire Tablet, but you are unsure whether to choose the Fire HD 8 Vs Fire HD 10, Colorfy will compare both of these tablets to help you determine better.

Amazon released three brand new tablet computers in September 2015-the 7 ” display Fire, the 8″ Fire HD 8 as well as the 10″ Fire HD 10. These three tablets would be the 5th generation of this Amazon Kindle Fire tablet series.

This guide will take you through each of the similarities and differences between both higher-end Fire amazon tablets, one of the newest releases, including the HD 10 along with the HD 8. From the time you’ve finished reading, you will have the ability to choose which of both of these tablets is perfect for you.

Fire HD 8 Vs Fire HD 10 Similarities

Though the Amazon Fire HD 8 is not quite as intense as the Amazon Fire HD 10, it provides nearly enough of the same feature set for half of the cost. Therefore, the number of similarities between both Fire-branded tablets much outnumber the differences.

Let us begin with their layout: The Amazon Fire HD 8, along with Amazon Fire HD 10, are all near-identical build-wise, together with the apparent exception being that the latter differs and consequently steps in somewhat bigger. However, the rest is much the same.

A camera mounted at the upper-left of their trunk of every apparatus with Amazon’s conventional A-Z branding in the middle. Up top, you will discover the volume rocker, power switch, charging interface (a bog-basic micro USB), and 3.5millimeter headphone slot.

Fire HD 8 Vs Fire HD 10 Similarities

Mounted slap-bang at the center of every slate is your display – measuring in at 8-inches about the Amazon Fire HD 8 and 10-inches around the Amazon Fire HD 10 – flanked with a sizable bezel which moonlights as a coating to hold while studying on the move.

The program can be consistent throughout them both. Both send running Fire OS, Amazon’s altered construct of Android, which functions as a one-stop store for entertainment due to Amazon Prime Video, Audible, and the Kindle Store to boot.

Also, you have the choice to deck out either retina along together with your applications. A quick visit to the Amazon App Store, as an instance, may result in you using Netflix’s whole catalog of articles – provided you have a subscription, naturally.

What is more, both include Alexa on board. The specific same model that comes bundled on Amazon Echo, basically turning the Fire HD 8 and Fire HD 10 to a mobile Amazon Echo Show 5, together with the extra smarts of a tablet blended in.

Battery Life: In terms of battery life, Amazon claims that the two tablets provide an average of 12 hours of mixed-use. Through testing, we found that the two devices can last a bit longer, so the time it grants is an area where both are better gear than their price tags suggest.

Difference Between Fire HD 10 and Fire HD 8

Difference Between Fire HD 10 and Fire HD 8

The two pills Are Extremely similar, but they differ in the following respects:

Display Size – If you like tablets with larger displays, you may adore the Fire HD10, since it provides approximately 60 percent more visual area than Fire HD8. Therefore, the Fire HD 10 is perfect for articles such as magazines, games, videos, etc.

Pixel Per Inch – The two versions have a resolution of 1,280 x 800; nonetheless, the Amazon Fire HD 10 has fewer pixels per inch (149 PPI), whereas the Amazon Fire HD 8 provides more pixels per inch (189 PPI). The low PPI accounts for the small graininess of this Fire HD 10’s screen. Nevertheless, you ought to discover the Fire HD 10 to be crisp enough for regular use as long as you are not picky.

Storage – The Fire HD 10 provides the most inner storage of almost any Fire HD tablet computer. You can find the Fire HD 10 with 32 GB of storage, whereas the Fire HD 8 supplies 16 GB. You may extend the storage of both pills with a microSD card’s accession up to 128 GB.

Cost – The Fire HD 8 is significantly more affordable than the Fire HD 10.

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Amazon Fire HD 8 vs. Fire HD 10: What should you purchase?

When considering these pills, you should think of what you will be doing with it. Suppose you mainly need to have an e-reader to get Amazon’s enormous Kindle library, even with the occasional movie or audio playback. In that case, the Fire HD 8 smaller form factor could be the better option. It is half the cost of the HD 10, and besides more deficient speakers plus a slightly slower processor, you are not missing much.

If alternatively, you intend to watch a lot of movies and videos on your tablet computer, the bigger Fire HD 10 is your better option. The bigger, denser screen provides a better viewing experience, and you will enjoy the louder speakers. It is more costly than HD 8. However, it is still a deal compared to virtually any Android tablet in the marketplace.

Regardless of which pill you choose, you will be receiving a surprisingly great device for the cost. They are both excellent for networking consumption and light gaming if you are purchasing for yourself, your children, or as a gift.

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