Fake Paper Tags Are Being Used to Cheat Car Buyers

Paper tags

Crimes related to fake tags have gone up in recent years. Police are noticing that some small-scale dealers have been using phony paper tags to conceal information about the vehicles they have for sale. Some cases have even included fake tags on salvage cars and ones that have been stolen, selling them to clueless buyers. As a car purchaser, let’s look at what you can do to avoid being scammed regarding fake paper tags. 

Why Are People Using Fake Paper Tags?

If you are a citizen who upholds the law, you might ask why people are using fake paper tags. Corrupt dealers are placing fake paper tags on cars to hide serious issues, including if they failed inspections or fibbing about the odometer reading. People are also using fraudulent tags to write fabricated addresses and names on them to avoid costs for vehicle registration and toll roads that are camera regulated. On top of that, motorists who have warrants against them use cars in burglaries, and other offenses, like to use fake tags to camouflage themselves in the open. 

Using fake paper tags is on the rise. Besides small-time misconduct, ongoing investigations are happening that involve significant crimes. There have been drive-by shootings where the criminal’s car was captured on camera, but because the plate is fake, it causes a lot of grief for the police in trying to find their suspects. 

Deceptive dealers are applying for licenses by handing in fraudulent paperwork and using fictitious photographs of dealerships. They even pay money to register. They will begin making large amounts of cash and offloading fake paper tags. The sellers are pretty brazen about their operation, not hiding it whatsoever. You can find countless ads on social media platforms that supposed dealers use to attract customers for the paper tags, costing around fifty to about two hundred dollars. They make paying even more accessible, using methods like PayPal and other payment sites. 

How Do You Avoid Getting Scammed?

Buying a car can be stressful as it is. People don’t want to get cheated, but it always happens. That’s why it’s imperative to look out for red flags and do your due diligence regarding your research on the vehicle. Police are now advising that people buying a car must run a history report to ensure that everything is legitimate. It will be worth the money you spend on a report to make sure everything is legal, and there are many choices you can find online that are workable options. 

You can also enter the VIN on a website to find out specifically if the car received a state inspection within the last six months (before the sale). The vehicle shouldn’t have a buyer’s paper tag if it hasn’t had one done. Not legally, anyway. You should also ensure that the proper dealership’s name is on the tag. If it’s different, ask the dealer about it. 

Buying a car with bogus tags creates inconvenience and costs a lot of money for the buyer. It would be best to be proactive when dealing with such a large purchase. You will thank yourself. 

Where is This Happening? 

Leading the way in fake paper tags is the State of Texas. Before, Texas dealers could use the DMV’s “temporary license plate portal” when selling a car and print out what they needed. Many dealers didn’t sell any vehicles; they were selling temporary tags. It’s evolved into such an issue that they put through a bill to create change in how the temp tags are being allotted and the amount dealers can distribute. This will help stop various crimes associated with fake paper tags, like theft, burglary, and speeding. 

This problem isn’t just happening in a couple of states; it’s happening nationwide, and even traveling into places like Canada. Some genuine dealers use temporary tags properly and lawfully. Dealerships in the United States utilize special synthetic material to print temporary tags for cars that are sold. These tags are used until the official state license plate arrives in the mail to the customer. If you operate a car dealership and are seeking a source for Blank Printable Tear Resistant Synthetic Paper Temporary Tags, check out MBR Marketing at:https://mbrmarketing.com/dealer-supplies/license-plate-accessories/dealership-temporary-tags.

Final Thoughts

Each State will need to be proactive in breaking down the fake paper tags problem. Some experts have suggested that certain things should happen to applicants. The location of the alleged dealership should be physically inspected before giving out a license, and there should be upgraded background reviews as well as looking into any past criminal activity the dealer might have. The police have their work cut out for them. Each time they make a breakthrough, the criminal element figures out a way to circumvent the whole system.  

If you think you know a licensed dealer is abusing temporary paper tags, you can report them through a complaint portal that you can find online. If you believe a person, you know is knowingly using deceptive tags, call the local police department for help. There are so many fake paper tags out there that various police departments have been receiving special training to learn how to detect them.

This article focused on the shady dealers out there, but legitimate dealers exist. Cracking down on fake paper tags won’t remedy the entire issue. Besides selling counterfeit tags, people are even selling fake car titles and insurance. Any false documents relating to a vehicle collapses the already weakened system that’s in place. We all need to do our part to stop fake paper tags from being used to cheat car buyers. Remember, do your research and be vigilant to ensure everything is on the level. 

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