Facebook Portal vs Amazon Echo Show: TOP Full Guide 2021

Facebook Portal vs Amazon Echo Show

Some Significant opponents from the Smart Display category are the Facebook Portal vs Amazon Echo Show; selecting between the two could be tricky. They use Alexa, have broad, 10-inch displays, and provide up the fantastic sound. To assist you in making an educated choice, we contrasted the Facebook Portal(FP) and the Echo Show(ES) to learn which one is the better purchase. Keep reading Colorfy’s following article.

Facebook Portal vs Amazon Echo Show Comparison

Facebook Portal vs Amazon Echo Show Comparison


Amazon’s ES seems somewhat like a Bluetooth speaker using a display stuck onto the front. While the only difference between the versions is that the screen (5in, 8in, and 10in), Facebook offers you a little more choice.

As and the 10in Portal and 8in Portal Mini, which look like electronic photo frames, there is also the 15.6in Portal+ (left), reminiscent of an iPad onto a base. All three could be set in either landscape or portrait style to coincide with the orientation of their caller’s device, which means that you can say goodbye to some unsightly black pubs.

There is also the Portal TV (£149, right) that appears somewhat like an Xbox Kinect (RIP) and does not have a display of its own. Plug it in your telly and talk away like you live in an episode of The Jetsons or something.


In general, we love both displays on those smart displays. They’re big, crystal-clear, and exhibit lifelike colors. The Echo has a 10.1-inch HD display with 1,280 x 800 resolution, whereas the Portal includes a 10.2-inch display with 1,280 x 800 HD resolutions. Therefore, the Portal is marginally larger but takes the triumph with its elastic display technologies. Its Display adjusts to coincide with the lighting in your area to generate anything on the screen that seems more realistic. The Display is so great, in reality, you might feel as though you’re taking a look at a professionally printed photograph inside a photo frame.


A fantastic camera is essential whether you are planning to do video calls with family members and friends. It would help if you could see you clearly, after all. The Echo has a 5MP camera, which is not terrible, but it is nothing compared to what the Portal is packing. Portal’s camera includes over double the megapixels, at a whopping 13MP. Additionally, it’s AR capacities that enable you to add pleasure filters into your face if your video chat. You may also tell on-screen stories that feature your face and cartoons.


Facebook’s possession of WhatsApp signifies that the supports arguably the hottest messaging service on earth. Wish to video calls, somebody? You likely can reach them on WhatsApp. However, there’s consistently Facebook Messenger also if you’d prefer.

The ES is somewhat more limited. You do not have another screen-packing Echo to get calls; it is also feasible to do this through the Free Amazon Alexa program, but that is nowhere near as commonly employed as WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger. It will encourage Skype; if you are on Vodafone, you can use it to create and answer calls through your cellphone, but it is nowhere near as harmonious as the Portal.

The Portal’s camera may even monitor people as they move around the space, so if you don’t reside in a palace, you won’t need to be concerned about evaporating from the frame.

Entertainment And Smarts

Facebook does not possess its own AI helper in the UK (yet), so it utilizes Alexa. That usually means the Portal has access to Alexa Skills, giving it the best smart home controller flavor. Still, it is a fair way behind the ES with a built-in heartbeat, which lets you fully control different pieces of smart home devices. You might even use its Display to find out who is only running your fancy movie doorbell.

Both work with Amazon Prime Video and other various video programs. Our review of this ES discovered it was not just perfect for watching a video, and there is no reason to suppose that the Portal will be better.

The ES provides you more options regarding streaming audio, with just Spotify on the Portal in the united kingdom, although it would be a surprise when more services did not arrive later on. Nonetheless, the beefier speakers around the Display are most likely to make it a superior performer in any event.


Echo Show was initially $230, and we have seen some cost cuts on Amazon for as low as $170. The Portal sells for $170 too, but we have seen sales putting it in $129 for its Mini 8-inch and $149 for its 10-inch. Cost cut or not, the Facebook Portal is a much better purchase.

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Even though FP earned in more classes, your purchase comes down to what your requirements are. If you’re searching for a smart display that you could rock out together and enables you to call the most folks, then Show would be the ideal choice. If you’d like a screen that has smart display capabilities, a fantastic camera, and also a lesser cost, then Portal is your one for you.

Since both can also be powered by Alexa, neither one gets the upper hand regarding what they could do in terms of controlling the wise house. Though the Echo Show may work as a hub for various smart house devices, letting you control specific things, such as your connected smart lighting, utilizing on-screen controls straight onto the ES – and that is also to voice commands using Alexa.

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