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Launched in 2013 across the globe, OnePlus has grown to become one of the smartphone giants in India. The OnePlus latest phones are the best-selling models in the Indian market. Apart from its build and design, the ease of access and innovation is the reason for its popularity in India. If you are looking to buy a OnePlus smartphone, you do not have to think about the budget. You can find the best OnePlus mobiles under 20000 that you can consider buying for yourself.

However, you need to know more about the brand and the model to be sure before making your purchase. Here is everything you need to know about the OnePlus latest phones. Keep reading to know more!

  • Enhanced 5G connectivity

One Plus is an iconic brand, it offers a wide range of 5G mobile phones. It is a widely popular brand that regularly updates its devices and integrates them with modern and advanced facilities. Today, there are multiple smartphones of One Plus are available in the market, even though there is One Plus 5G mobiles under 20000.

One Plus Nord CE2 Lite is below 20000 but has 5G technology and almost all other incredible features. In addition, there are plenty of other smartphones from one plus the latest phone range that offers the same connectivity and they are just remarkable in their segment. 

  • Has the best camera

Whether you are looking for mobiles under 20000 or 50000, the priority of 80% of buyers is the best camera. One Plus decodes this feature far before, it offers a top-notch camera with an extremely clear lens. In addition, one plus latest phones are also integrated with various camera features like; a dual-LED flash, panorama, HDR, gyro-EIS & 4k recording.

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These features are ideal to let you have a picture-perfect image. With the stunning camera of One Plus smartphones, you can click the snazziest pictures that can envy everyone around you. Also, one plus latest phone are equipped with quad camera, they have various types of lenses that can click incredible pictures even in low light & when you are far from the object.

  • Offer various protection plans

When it comes to the best mobile phones, it is not always about features, but other factors like customer service, protection plans, & after-sales service. Whether you buy mobiles under 20000 or 50000, one plus offers you a dedicated customer support facility as well as various protection plans for your device when you purchase it. 

These protection plans of one plus the latest phones keep your pocket safe from extra expenses. For an instance, if your mobile falls on the ground and gets cracks, a new display will cost you thousands, but if you buy extended warranty plans with One Plus, you don’t need to worry. One Plus protection plan keeps your phone safe and provides you assistance in damages, drops, breakages, & liquids. When you buy a protection plan, you can keep your one plus latest phone safe and your pocket secure.

  • Integrated with a long-lasting battery

One Plus latest phones even mobiles under 20000 but belongs to One Plus offer an extended long-lasting battery. This is an iconic brand that offers at least 4500 mAH battery in its new and recently launched smartphones. It is such a high battery life which makes it a perfect pick. With a 4500 mAh battery, you can play games, stream videos, & do your office task for long hours. Furthermore, some of the most common and widely popular ones plus the latest phones with long-lasting battery life are; the OnePlus 8T+, OnePlus 8T, and 0ne Plus 9RT. 

  • Available in all price brackets
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One Plus is a rapidly emerging smartphone brand. This brand offers best-in-class mobiles under 20000, as well as in 30 to 70000. This brand is a direct rival of Apple, but it offers a wide range of smartphones that falls in every price range. No matter what is your budget, you will find an ideal one plus the latest phone in your budget. This brand reads the market extensively and then launches a device as per consumer needs. That is why their phones are best in class as well as supreme in price.

  • Extensive storage options 

The one thing you can be sure of OnePlus latest phones is the extensive memory and storage capacity it has. Starting from the lowest of 64GB to the highest of 125GB, you have a lot of memory options to choose from. With OnePlus you do not have to worry about running out of space to store your favorite pictures and videos. Get your favorite OnePlus phone without any second thought.

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