Everything Twitch Streamers Should Know About Protecting Their Privacy


The privacy challenges Twitch streamers can experience online differ from those that other content creators might run into. If you’re about to become a Twitch streamer, you might be wondering how you can interact with your viewers and grow your audience while keeping your identity private. So, how can you be the new online celebrity incognito?

What Should Streamers Do to Protect Their Privacy On Twitch?

The thrill of having an online audience that’s always excited about your new streams is incredible! However, unless you want a bunch of people to know what your personal info is, you should be careful with your actions online. We’ll help you understand how to have a career in streaming without people knowing who you are.

Keep Your Personal Info Private on Amazon Wish Lists

Your Amazon Wish List can reveal your name and address to other people. Keep this info private by creating an Amazon account that you’ll use only for Twitch and disabling third-party sellers.

Change the Way You Make and Receive Twitch Donations

When donating, do it from a PayPal business account or from an LLC you’ve created. You can use StreamElements or StreamLabs to make and receive credit card donations. 

Avoid Clicking Links in Chats

To prevent trolls from accessing your IP address and data related to your location, limit or forbid link posting in chats. You can also get a proxy for Twitch to replace your original IP address with a new one in a different continent, country, or even city.

When Streaming, Turn off Alexa

When streaming, it’s best to have Alexa unplugged. This won’t let trolls use Twitch’s text-to-chat feature to use the device to expose your address and more! 

Make Your Twitch Address Private

If you want to allow your fans to send you regular mail, make sure you have a P.O. box for Twitch viewers specifically. You can even get their letters under a business name.

Carefully Trademark Your Name on Twitch 

To keep your identity a secret and trademark your username on Twitch, fill it under an anonymous LLC or business company. This way, people won’t find out your name and address.

Know How Much Info You’re Willing to Disclose to Fans

Before you start streaming, think about how many details you want your viewers to know about you. If you’re asked a question that makes you feel uncomfortable, you can avoid it with humor.

Plan How to Respond to Personal Info Leaks in Chats

To keep trolls from sharing your information in chats, tell your viewers that you’ll delete content related to anyone’s personal info. Also, ask your friends, family, and other people you know who watch your streams not to share your info online.

Be Smart With Online Data About You

Choose where in the online world you want your data to exist. Regularly browse for your Twitch username, separate your personal accounts from your Twitch-related ones, and don’t post real photos of yourself on the latter!

Share Your Screen Cautiously

Check what’s on your computer’s desktop and the area around you visible to the viewers before you share your screen with them. Also, beware of pop-up ads that can reveal your location!

Plan The Streams of Your Travels and Outdoor Adventures Beforehand

Avoid capturing anything that could reveal information about you on camera! Don’t point your lens to doorways, exits, and landmarks of any kind!

Protect Your Privacy When Setting Up a Website

Domain privacy will help you keep your information out of different websites’ reach. This, in turn, will ensure that your name and email address never appear on sites without your permission!

Your Privacy on Discord Matters Too!

Let only people whom you’ve invited or your subscribers join your Discord chats and calls! Trolls might want to compromise your privacy online by sharing uncalled-for photos and other content.

Protect Yourself from DDoS Attacks

Don’t attach your Skype account to your Twitch email to avoid DDoS attacks! Prevent people from accessing your IP address and flooding your network by using Discord instead!

Avoid Privacy Issues As a Console Player

If you plan to use a console to stream your gaming sessions, don’t show the menu screen to viewers while playing. That way, they can’t see your username! You can also change it to protect your privacy.

Respect Others Online!

Never call out people who are watching your stream but not chatting. There’s a reason why they’re being quiet! Also, don’t stream folks without getting their consent first!

Proxies Can Help You Remain Anonymous Online

When it comes to maintaining online privacy, nothing compares to proxy servers. Whether you’re looking for proxies for search engine crawlers, YouTube, OpenVPN, or something else, they can keep your personal data away from prying eyes without affecting your internet speed!


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