Escape from Tarkov Download Error: How to resolve Checksum and speed stuck issues?

Escape from Tarkov Download

Escape from Tarkov Download errors has become very common. Now that the developers have been launching the new patches of this game, the errors have become very consistent. What to do? Let’s find out in this reading. 

What is Escape From Tarkov all about? 

Initially released in 2016, Escape From Tarkov is the new PUBG. However, these two games are different on some level. To the reader’s surprise, both were released only four days apart from each other. Surprisingly, Escape from Tarkov’s gameplay and the plotline is jaw-dropping. Being a first-person shooter video game with the capability to launch multiple players in single gameplay is astounding. So, let’s first take a glance at what Escape from Tarkov is all about? What’s the storyline behind this title: 

To begin with, the backstory of Escape from Tarkov begins in a fictional city (and the capital of Northwestern Russia) by the same name, a.k.a Tarkov. In the past few years, Tarkov city has grown as the heart of political scandals. All corporations are collapsing. The players indeed play the part of scams who desire to take over the city and build it from scratch in 2020. 

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Therefore, scavs go on a shooting spree in seven major locations of Tarkov city. Those are The Lab, Factory, Shoreline, Woods, Interchange, Customs, Reserve, and Lighthouse. These are the eight patches of Escape from Tarkov. 

Escape from Tarkov Download
Image credit: IGN Nordic

However, once you have completed one patch, you will be required to download another patch of Escape From Tarkov. But, users/existing players are getting highly frustrated because of Escape from Tarkov download errors. More often than not, when a patch is on the verge of 99% download complete, users complain that downloading fails. What to do? Well! You will find out: 

Problem 1: Escape from Tarkov Download Essential Data: What to do? 

To begin with, the statement “escape from tarkov essential data download fails” appears on the player’s screen when there is an issue, and the device is no longer willing to launch the game. In the event that you are viewing this error right now on your screen, it is possible that your device has failed to join the ongoing Escape from Tarkov with your virtual friends

One of the major reasons why you may be viewing this error on your screen is – local game client and game server can no longer communicate. For the most part, a game client is a network clientele that roots the mainstream connection between the player and the actual game server. Because Escape from Tarkov is a multiplayer game, there are many clients that request to connect with the server. Thus, in resolved words, you can say that amid all the rush on the game server, it misses your request. This is why the error appears. 

Here are possible solutions: 

Solution 1: Wait for the game server rush to mitigate

One of the most effective ways to resolve the communication between the game client (local) and the server is to wait it out. We comprehend that you may be eager to play the game. However, it is best to wait because the longer you keep requesting the game server to launch the game on your client device, the longer it will remain stuck. As a result, you will feel more frustrated. 

Not only this, but Battlestate games also ensured previously that Escape from Tarkov Download Error might also occur because of a 403 backend problem. Henceforth, its unavailability for a short period of time is common. 

Solution 2: Download and Reinstall the Game

For the most part, it is definitely possible that the client is unable to communicate with the game server because the game app didn’t download perfectly in the first place. Especially if you have downloaded it from an unknown source or some non-guaranteed proxy website, this time, please download it from the original website so that you can avoid the error in the first place. 

Image credit: The Verge

Here’s the link for known sources:

Solution 3: Update the previous patch to the latest patch

Recently, on October 21st, 2021, Escape from Tarkov developers have released the latest patch. This may be responsible for Escape from Tarkov Download Error recurring on your screen. If you have an old patch and other players have new patches, it is possible that the game server connects with clients having the latest patch due to their increased effectiveness and reachability. Thus, you can upgrade the version to resolve this issue. 


What to do next? 

In the event that none of the above solutions works out for you, you can also apply the following tips and tricks to ensure that the main problem is not occurring because of your setup. For example: 


  • Check if your internet connection is unstable. According to the statistics, for playing heavy games like Escape from Tarkov, you must require an average internet speed, up to 25 Mbps. Also, 50 MBPS if the game is full of action and heavy graphics.


  • In the event that the problem still persists, you shall update your PC’s operating system to the latest version. It is possible that your OS is not supportive enough to take loads of heavy graphics and audio systemized games, especially if you are using a Windows PC. 


  • Apart from this, it is also advised to double-check the current condition of your router. If there is any wear and tear, get it fixed because wear and tear may be causing the device to lose internet connection every minute. 

Problem 2: Escape from Tarkov Download stuck at 99 or zero percent

Since the release, it has been definitely challenging for some users to download Escape from Tarkov in the first place. And after that, the developers release a new patch every year. Henceforth, if you are facing Escape from Tarkov download stuck error – we feel you! It can be really painful to cancel a download at 99% because it is not going any further for the last hour. But, if you are stuck at 0%, then the following methods/solutions can also help you. Check it out: 

Solution 1: Restart your PC 

More often than not, the game download gets stuck at 99% or 0% because your device goes out of range. Sure, downloading a heavy game like Escape from Tarkov takes a lot of time. As a result, it is feasible that your PC is no longer awake. What’s best to do in this situation is simply restart it. Otherwise, it will be stuck at 99% for hours and hours without moving on. 

Here’s an instruction guide on how to restart your PC?

  • Click on the “Windows Menu/Start Menu”
  • Tap on the “power icon or power button.”
  • Now, select the “Restart” Alternative. 

Note: Please remember that if you select the “shutdown” option instead of “restart,” there are 50% chances that the downloading issue will recur because when you shut down your PC, it doesn’t give it a fresh start. 

Solution 2: Check if you have sufficient storage available for Escape from Tarkov Download

Sometimes, the download error or download progress gets stuck on 99% because your device may not have any storage available. As a result, you will not be in a position to launch or download the game on the device. Escape from Tarkov Download requires at least 7 GB. Apart from this, if you want the game to run smoothly, you will be required to keep at least 2GB of free space because of the persistent collection of cache and cookies. 

Image credit: NME

Thus, please ensure that you have enough storage available. If not, you can purchase external storage devices and play the game whenever you like. 

Other than that, it is best to delete the programs which you no longer need in order to make some space for the game. 

Solution 3: Deactivate VPN Service on your PC

When you activate the Virtual Private Network service on your PC, it hides your IP Address. Henceforth, making your device a factor of suspicion. Therefore, it is quite possible that the source from where you are downloading Escape from Tarkov is pushing to stop you because of a hidden IP Address. Thus, in order to show yourself as a real-time virtual user and not a robot, please turn off VPN. Then, restart the download. 

Solution 4: Clear Browser cookies and cache

In the event that you are using a browser to download Escape from Tarkov in place of the Apple or Play Store, please ensure that your browser is not problematic. To do so, please clear all caches, cookies, and browser history. Restart the download. 

Solution 5: Pause and Resume the download again

This is one of the easiest ways to resolve the Escape from Tarkov Download stuck error. Sometimes, your device essentially logs off when it automatically goes to sleep. As a result, on some devices, the wi-fi turns off or disconnects automatically. Henceforth, the download gets jam. To keep the download going from where it is stuck, pause and resume it again. Before you pause, please ensure that the internet connection is stable by checking the internet speed on Google. 

Escape from Tarkov Download
Image credit: Polygon

Solution 6: Turn off Antivirus Program

Do you know why the Escape from Tarkov download has so many patches? The answer is Bugs. According to the developers of the game itself, Escape from Tarkov previous version had bugs which they persistently fixed with every update. Thus, if downloading progress is stucking again and again, it is 99% possible that your Antivirus program has already suspected the new download and, henceforth, preventing it from launching on your device. To cross out this possibility, turn off your antivirus program and restart the download. 

Epilogue – What to do next? 

Are you still having a hard time downloading Escape from Tarkov? It is best to drop it and let the game server cool down for some time. Persistent download tricks can cause your PC to overheat. Above all, please ensure that on your device, the setting doesn’t have “Beta” selected. If yes, undo this setting and restart the laptop. 

Thank you for having this journey with us. For more updates and solutions for the Escape from Tarkov download error, please bookmark us. Drop your queries in the comment section. 

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