Ecobee Vs Nest Comparison – Which’s The Best Smart Thermostat?

Ecobee Vs Nest Comparison - Which Smart Thermostat Is Ideal For You

Ecobee Vs Nest is now the two most popular and innovative smart thermostats in the marketplace.

Both of these, however, include their exclusive sets of benefits and pitfalls. If you would like to choose the appropriate product, you have to thoroughly compare their offerings and buy the most acceptable ones for you.

Inside this article, Colorfy will compare both smart home thermostats. Therefore, you will have the ability to generate an educated choice about the most effective smart thermostats for you.

Why buy a Smart thermostat?

Bright thermostats will be the latest way to control your home’s climate. Like a conventional thermostat, smart thermostats will link to a heating and cooling system, making it possible to adjust the warmth.

What is exceptional about smart thermostats is that they connect to a house’s WiFi, which permits them to supply many different innovative features your conventional thermostat can not.

Why buy a Smart thermostat

These features not only permit you to receive the warmth of your house just right; they could cut off your electricity bill. They do it by setting temperature programs, tracking when you are home, and feeling when you enter or leave a space – all of that makes it possible to save energy.

The Ecobee smart thermostat and the Nest learning toaster are just two of the most well-known brands available on the current market, but how can you know which is ideal for you?

Ecobee Vs Nest Comparison

Ecobee Vs Nest Comparison


Nest wins the layout category by a large margin. There is nothing wrong with Ecobee’s layout, but Nest’s smart thermostats appear better.

Ecobee5 includes a 3.5-inch touch display that looks and works like the program, which I enjoy. It looks great on the wall but feels cheap from the palms. It is made from plastic rather than as sturdy as I want.

Nest’s thermostat is similar to the artwork. It is smaller but much sexier, feeling hardy and looking fantastic. The included screwdriver is outstanding; it is well worth maintaining and using on additional projects. You can pick from seven colors, such as stainless steel, copper, white, brass, etc. The display resolution can be considerably sharper than Ecobee.

You may personalize the display, and the screen works as you approach. While it does not have a touchscreen, it’s a dial for navigation. It seems excellent, but it is not relatively as easy.


A thermostat setup can make a massive impact in choosing whether to spend on a single or not. You definitely would not need to spend hours trying to set up and establish a thermostat. The first thing you want to remember while installing any electric system will be to kill the electricity. Then you have to follow the setup directions on the thermostat box. Much like Ecobee and Nest’s case, they are relatively straightforward to set up, and you’ll be completed in moments.

Ecobee setup steps:

Here are the steps for installing the Ecobee thermostat at your house.

  • Grab the power to the thermostat.
  • Begin with installing the energy extender kit
  • Locate the fresh “C” cable and link it to your controller board
  • Make sure you tag the cables to make your installation easier.
  • Mount the Ecobee Back Plate
  • Connect the Wires into the Ecobee thermostat
  • Plugin the power in your Ecobee thermostat
  • Setup Your First configuration
  • Install the remote sensor(s)
  • Install the applicable Ecobee Mobile Apps and get the Interface

For better comprehension, you’ve got the Ecobee installation guide. You might even take a look at the video below to get a comprehensive manual on this.

Nest Thermostat setup steps:

Here are steps on How Best to set up the Nest thermostat

  • Grab the ability for your thermostat.
  • Carefully label the cables to a previous thermostat for effortless installation.
  • Now, disconnect and remove your old thermostat.
  • Make sure that the Nest foundation plate is flat and well placed.
  • Although optional, it is possible to put in the trim plate.
  • We are using screws mount the Nest foundation into the wall.
  • Connect the cables you tagged into the Nest thermostat.
  • Next, you need to join the thermostat screen.
  • Plugin the power and switch on the thermostat.
  • Connect the thermostat to your residence WiFi system.
  • Download and install the Nest mobile program.
  • Adhere to the on-screen installation and configuration controls.
  • The nest toaster will then begin studying your loved ones’ life span and assorted use of apparatus and home environment.

Here’s a movie showing the Nest thermostat setup.

Nest thermostat could be set up within half an hour. Though we had a record time with Ecobee and set up on the Ecobee3 within 28 seconds, the setup time gap isn’t that far. Therefore it’d be advised not to use the setup variable as the last deciding factor. (if you’re new to these sorts of installations, it might take you a long time. Therefore it may take you around one hour).

It’s worth noting that the Ecobee system asks a C cable for the power choice, while the Nest thermostat includes a lithium-ion battery in addition to a C-wire power choice.

Energy-saving advantages

Nest Learning Thermostat

Nest conducted an independent analysis to determine precisely how much Nest users stored in their electrical bills. The Nest thermostat stored homeowners between 10 percent and 12 percent in their heating costs and 15 percent on heating costs. The Nest’s learning abilities also help lower your energy consumption.

The Nest Learning Thermostat shows a leaf icon, which will appear on the display when you’ve got a temperature collection that uses less electricity than your prior temperature customs. The foliage’s existence lets you understand just when you are saving money, which might encourage you to correct your temperature more frequently to acquire the best energy savings.

Ecobee SmartThermostat

Ecobee also conducted an independent analysis and discovered that Ecobee users stored around 23 percent of their heating and cooling expenses.

Contrary to the Nest, the Ecobee smart thermostat doesn’t have a screen that lets you know once you’re saving money.

On the other hand, the Ecobee may adjust your home’s warmth to work with less energy when energy costs are high, contributing to electrical bill savings. This feature is most useful in regions having time-of-use (TOU) power prices.



The best benefit Ecobee has over Nest is it’s compatible with Apple HomeKit. Therefore, you can command it using Siri, Home App, or by the iPhone’s display.

You might even use Home App to make automation together with other Apple-associated smart home devices.

You do not even have to set up the Ecobee program, and everybody’s private Apple apparatus may be used to get geofencing.

The Ecobee program is very user-friendly, and there is a perfect connection between the program interface and the touchscreen display.

Concerning voice manipulation, ecobee4 has an inbuilt Amazon Echo, which means you may talk straight into the device and supply voice commands. You do not even require a different device. Also, it can use Apple’s Siri.


Google possesses Nest. Therefore, Nest Thermostats isn’t compatible with Apple HomeKit and will not be compatible with Apple HomeKit. Therefore, Nest is not harmonious with Siri, Apple Home App, and other smart home devices that use Apple.

Nest Smartphone program is not very user-friendly, particularly in regards to scheduling. Many men and women opt for auto-scheduling anyhow, so you probably won’t want it. But if you need to program manually, then it isn’t easy.

Nest does not utilize Apple’s Siri. And even in regards to Alexa, you will want to give commands into another Amazon Alexa apparatus as Nest Thermostats doesn’t have an inbuilt Echo.


Nest Learning Thermostat

The Nest Learning Thermostat has occupancy detectors and temperature sensors built into the thermostat.

The occupancy detectors detect if you’re in a space, so if the room detector does not catch you, it will adjust the temperature to conserve energy. The temperature sensors monitor the temperature of the space so that the thermostat may fix so.

Nevertheless, this is only going to work from the area the thermostat is set up in. Consequently, if you would like to find a more accurate read of your house’s warmth, you’ll have to separately buy Nest Temperature detectors.

All these don’t behave as occupancy sensors or movement sensors – they track the temperature.

Ecobee SmartThermostat

Ecobee thermostats have built-in stability and occupancy detectors. Contrary to the Nest thermostat, the eco bees include an external sensor that detects occupancy and temperature.

This lets you have a more precise read on the warmth of your residence. Additional detectors can be bought individually to fine-tune the machine further.

Voice helper connectivity

The Nest Learning Thermostat and the Ecobee4 utilize Google Assistant or Alexa, albeit in somewhat different manners.

When employing an Amazon Alexa apparatus, people can control their Nest thermostats through the Alexa program or by talking, which means you can request Alexa to turn the heat down.

In contrast, the Ecobee4 has built-in Alexa Voice Service. This means that it recognizes voice cues such as Alexa and features greater capacities than those associated with room temperature. By way of instance, an individual could use the Ecobee4 to listen to music, set timers, and much more – all using Alexa commands.

The Nest Learning Thermostat, along with the Ecobee4, is compatible with the Google Home apparatus. It’s possible to speak to adjust your Nest thermostat or Ecobee4 fever by stating, “OK, Google, changes the temperature to 71 degrees” In the same way, you could even give commands such as, “OK, Google, make my house warmer.”

Someone who does not possess an Alexa-enabled speaker nevertheless may want to kill two birds with one stone and pick the Ecobee4, but anybody using a Google Home apparatus should locate both thermostats both usable.


The Nest Learning Thermostat, along with the Ecobee 4, price $249 retail originally, although occasionally you may find bargains on every. Ecobee dropped the retail cost about the Ecobee 4 to $199 on its site. It is also possible to typically purchase a Nest Learning Thermostat for about $225 on Amazon. But since the Ecobee 4 now sells for just $199, it borders out Nest concerning cost.

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Final Verdict

There’s absolutely no definitive winner. In certain aspects – Layout, Setup, Energy Saving, Setting Family Accounts – Nest Thermostats are much better. And in other facets – Preferences multiple Zones, Smart Home Integration, Voice Activation – Ecobee products have higher benefits.

However, it is worth noting that the facets where Ecobee excels have to do with usability and functionality. By way of instance, Ecobee provides a much better experience concerning movement detection, setting programs, and placing numerous zones so every area can be tracked separately.

Nest, in comparison, seems to excel at distinct features like gamification of electricity conserving encounter or regarding setup and aesthetic.

I hope this guide has helped you determine – once and for all – that a clever thermostat is best for you. As you can see, both Nest and Ecobee thermostats are exceptional in their ways, and they include their distinctive benefits and drawbacks. Therefore, you should purchase the one which most accurately meets all of your unique requirements.

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