Echo Vs Echo Plus – Which Alexa Speaker Should You Buy? [New 2021]

Echo Vs Echo Plus - Which Alexa Smart Speaker Should You Buy

The Amazon Echo Vs Echo Plus are strong Alexa speakers, but they all have different capacities. Here is how they compare. 

For Amazon Prime Day, Amazon is offering the Echo speaker for about $49 (50% off)

In 2017, Amazon introduced an all-new Echo, which will be a more significant, more appealing, and more, at $99, less costly version of its first Echo Alexa speaker. But last September, Amazon also introduced the 149 second-generation Echo Plus, a bigger speaker using a new layout, a more massive sound plus a smart home hub inside.

What smart speaker in case you get? Here is how both Amazon devices compare. Keep reading Colorfy’s article!

What’s the Amazon Echo? And what exactly does Alexa do?

First things first – what exactly do these speakers do? In their center, the Amazon Echo and the Amazon Echo Plus are voice-activated, web-connected speakers. Only by speaking to this onboard voice helper, Alexa, you may use your natural spoken voice to find the speaker to do things. Just say the aftermath word “Alexa,” which the speakers’ onboard microphones are continually listening to, and they are then ready to perform your bidding.

They are amazingly versatile speakers, capable of executing several jobs, called ‘Skills.’ Linking to countless services that are popular and thousands of smart devices, you can ask Alexa to perform any tune from the preferred streaming support of selection, reply to all manner of general knowledge questions, read novels and bookmarking podcasts, and command heaps of web-connected products around your house, in the stations on your TV into the color of your smart light bulbs.

What's the Amazon Echo

Mileage will be different based on how far web-connected tech you have got sprinkled around your house; however, the Amazon Echo speakers are so easy to use that tech Luddites may have you seamlessly integrate into their own lives. When it’s asking to get a weather file, setting timers and alarms, or picturing down calendar alarms, everybody will discover these wise speakers useful to a level or other.

Now you can create voice calls to cellular phone numbers in the united states, UK, Canada, and Mexico. To allow this feature, you have to assign your cell number for your Amazon account, providing it access to a contacts book.

You will then have the ability to inquire, “Alexa, phone Dad,” and have your smart speaker patch you through to your smartphone. The capacity to get calls on the Echo devices is restricted based on which mobile network you are on, but anybody can create them.

Echo And Echo Plus Comparison

Echo Vs Echo Plus Comparison


If you place the Echo 3rd gen and the Echo Plus second-gen alongside each other, would you tell the difference? Probably not. Past generations had quite distinct design differences between Echos, mainly when Amazon changed to cloth exteriors for the more complex versions. But now, both models have caught up with one another and have more or less the same design.

The new echo and echo plus both possess precisely the same cylindrical shape, and they have the specific exact measurements at 5.8 inches tall and 3.9 inches. The activity button, volume control, solitude change, and power cable are the same spots. Presently, the enormous difference is the colors that each comes from. The Echo 3 is currently available in charcoal, heather grey, sandstone, and twilight blue. The Echo Plus two is offered in just charcoal, Heather grey, and sandstone, providing you with one less choice.

Sound Quality

If you’re a hardcore audiophile, neither Echo nor Echo Plus is for you. Do not get me wrong. They deliver exceptional audio quality due to their price but keep in mind the Amazon’s focus is about placing a wise speaker in your house at reasonable rates.

The sound quality is almost identical to both wise speakers. They’re outfitted with Dolby speakers, a 0.8-inch tweeter, and a 3-inch woofer to produce 360-degree noise that matches your room.

Luckily for audiophiles, Amazon has built the echo and echo plus using a 3.5millimeter audio jack, which you may use to join them into stereo speakers into your house for a much better experience.

The 3rd-gen Amazon Echo and 2nd-gen Echo Plus both provide multi-room sound. This means you’ve got the liberty to play one tune in the living area and the other in the bedroom.

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Smart Home Features

This is where the actual gap between the echo vs. echo plus lies; the latter includes a Zigbee smart home hub constructed in. This usually means you could connect the smart devices for home, like Philips Hue lights, along with even a wise lock right into the Echo Plus, without needing to establish a bridge or third-party smart home hub first.

It follows that, rather than buying the starter packs for Philips Hue, Sengled, or alternative bulbs that are smart, which arrive with a Wi-Fi port, you may merely purchase additional bulbs kits. Philips sells four of its white bulbs for $50 ($12.50 per bulb), whereas Sengled’s bulbs go for $10 per (a bunch of eight prices $75, roughly $9.40 per bulb).

Utilizing the Alexa program, you may make patterns for all these lights to turn off and on in a specified time or inform Alexa a particular phrase.

Remember, however, this Alexa’s smart house abilities are not as complicated as other smart-house hubs. As an instance, the SmartThings hub lets you make principles, like “turn the lights if a camera detects movement” In case you’ve colored lights, then you can tell Alexa to alter them to a particular color, however you can; to utilize the Alexa program to select out of a color wheel or pick a specific lighting strategy, as possible from the Philips Hue program.

Additionally, the Echo Plus has a built-in temperature detector, which may be utilized with additional intelligent home devices.

I don’t doubt that Amazon will include more functionality as time continues, but the Echo Plus is fairly fundamental as smart home hubs move for the time being.


The Echo devices prices $99, while the Echo Plus prices $149.

The second-generation Echo’s cost is $79 less than the first, making it a fantastic thing.

The Echo Plus costs $50 over the second-gen Echo, but it also comes with a smart home hub.

A different dedicated hub may do more. However, they tend to cost approximately $100.

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The principal differences between the Echo and Echo Plus are the Echo Plus includes a built-in Zigbee grip and temperature detector, and costs around $50 over the standard Echo.

With the reduced cost of this third-gen Echo device and many different features that are equal to this Echo Plus, the Echo 3 is a simple recommendation. The exceptions are if you’ve got smart devices that require Zigbee relations, or if you genuinely wish to install some wise patterns dependent on the temperature of a particular room in which instance, the Echo Plus 2 is the better option.

Video: How to Setup Amazon Alexa Echo Plus at Second Location / Echo Plus Wifi Reset

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