Echo Dot 3rd Gen Vs Google Nest Mini: Which Sounds Better

Echo Dot 3rd Gen Vs Google Nest Mini? I’m sure a lot of people have been captured with this specific tasking choice of that smart speaker you ought to buy for your office or home. And while there reveal a whole lot of similarities, there are a few elements that distinguish them, which might assist you in making your choice.

The mini smart speaker will be just like your ordinary smart speaker, but using a forfeit of speakers to get a more affordable and bigger speaker. Mini smart speakers are fantastic for those beginning in house automation or for those that are on a small budget.

At this time, there are two best smart speakers within this size range, and you will find: the Echo Dot and Google Nest Mini, but should you get? In this post, Colorfy will be comparing nest mini or echo dot to help lead you on which mini smart speaker for you.

Echo Dot 3rd Gen Vs Google Nest MiniComparison

Echo Dot (3rd Gen) Vs Google Nest Mini Comparison


As you might be forgiven for believing that google mini nest and Amazon Echo Dot have priced apparatus that offer comparable specifications, a dig at the spec sheets shows some essential differences.

The third-generation Echo Dot includes a 1.6-inch speaker, also you’re able to link the AmazonEcho Dot into some bigger speaker if you’d like. Having a range of four far-field microphones, innovative Bluetooth audio service, and also a 3.5millimeter audio jack, the Echo Dot is a low-cost Alexa controller. You could even improve the audio in your Google Nest device by linking a more effective speaker via the Google Home program.

By comparison, the Google Nest Mini only contains three far-field microphones for voice discovery, but it will have a 1.57-inch driver. There is Bluetooth support, however, the system lacks a sound interface. Integrated Chromecast and improved sound format service demo Google’s belief that Nest Mini may act as a capable if streamlined, stand-alone speaker, along with other obligations. However, the Amazon Echo Dot 3rd gen nonetheless gets the Nest Mini to conquer.

Amazon Echo Dot (3rd Gen) vs Google Nest Mini Specifications


The Nest Mini is equal to the Google Home Mini published in 2017. This puck-like speaker is 1.65-inches tall and 3.85-inches in diameter and contains a fabric-covered top-half along with a rubberized bottom. Very similar to its predecessor, the Nest Mini includes four LEDs put in the center of the top panel. The volume buttons are both capacitive and found on the faces of the speaker. When you touch every side of this device, the quantity goes down and up.

There is no 3.5-mm sound jack to connect an external speaker (the Echo Dot does provide one), however, there’s Bluetooth support. The Nest Mini features a mic off slider switch on the other side, which means that you may disable the mic anytime. The speaker is powered with a 15-watt power adapter attached to a DC power port.

The largest change to the layout is a little hole on the rear of the system which lets you mount it onto a wall. This is the point where the Nest Mini is exceptional to the brand new Echo Dot. The speaker can be found in charcoal and chalk. We have the charcoal color for inspection.


Alongside hardware connectivity, the two devices may also access “abilities” or “activities” that provide improved features like news reports, recipes, booking bookings, jokes, quizzes, and much more. The Amazon Echo Dot prospects here, with an array of different kinds of abilities available for your device (a few of which you might actually want to use). Google’s offering is surely smaller at this stage but is expanding rapidly, including features such as a multilingual style, a translator style, and step-by-step cooking directions.

Before jumping in with Amazon Echo or even Google Nest, make certain to assess the streaming amusement services that you currently use. As a normal, Amazon really much sees Echo devices as a gateway to support subscriptions and significantly promotes Amazon Music over other choices. But, Amazon has begun to encourage additional services on Amazon Alexa such as Spotify Premium, Pandora, iHeartRadio, TuneIn Radio, as well as Apple Music.

Together with Google Nest Mini, you will find fewer harmonious audio services resources, however, you can utilize Spotify, Pandora, YouTube, Deezer, and Google Play music, among other choices. Both brands continue to include services.


Amazon’s Echo Dot has existed much more than Google’s Nest Mini, so that’s contributed Amazon time to develop a comparatively strong ecosystem. Amazon Alexa gains an increasing number of features like whisper style, doorbell lodging, and Blueprints which allow you to create (and even print ) your Alexa abilities, and Alexa appears to learn new things nearly daily.

Amazon Alexa’s reminders and patterns are becoming more sophisticated also, enabling users to place location-based reminders and make innovative patterns (you’ll have Alexa turn off your lights, wait 15 minutes, then switch off the TV for example ). It is also possible to announce messages via all your Amazon Echo Dots through your house.

Both devices can connect to and control a swathe of smart house stalwarts such as Philips Hue lighting, power sockets, smart locks, and much more. Google is working with partners to quickly build out hardware integrations, but Amazon still has its nose ahead. Alexa can control over 85,000 smart home devices.

Nest compatibility is a thornier problem: In 2019 Google revived its Nest brand with a fresh focus on solitude – a few compatibility partnerships ended, a few lasted, and a few were stuck in development limbo for the near future. It has gradually worked itself out with time, however, Nest compatibility is more restricted, and you’re going to want to study each wise device carefully to make sure it’s compatible with all the Nest Mini.


The installation process of the best smart speakers has been comparatively straightforward, place in a couple of minutes, and you must have everything set up.

For your Google Nest miniature, as soon as you’ve chosen the speaker out of the box, plug into the USB power cable and power the apparatus. Download the Google Home program from the Google Play shop or the Apple program to store and join the Nest Mini using the program. After that, proceed to give it a title and join it to your house WiFi, along with your Nest Mini is prepared to serve you.

While for your Amazon Echo Dot 3rd gen, when you’ve plugged into the barrel interface, head to your respective program shop and download the Alexa program. On the Alexa program tab on your device’s icon and then include the Echo dot for a speaker, then give it a title, and you’re finished with the Echo Dot installation process.

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The echo dot vs nest mini produces impressive sounds due to their cost and compact dimensions. Sound quality from the apparatus was clear, crisp, and loud with fairly deep lows. But assessing them separately, you’ll discover some differences in both speakers that are smart. Under the cloth covering on the Echo Dot 3rd gen, you’ve got a 0.8″ tweeter plus a 3″ woofer, which burst sound in 360° direction.

As an example, the noises coming out of the Echo Dot was remarkable, the highs were loud and clear while the lows were heavy and punchy. The 3rd gen additionally sees Amazon comprise Dolby processing for improved sound performance.

Stepping over to the Google Nest miniature, you’ve got a 40-millimeter driver beneath the cloth covering. Contrary to the Echo dot, you get a single 360° speaker. For audio quality, though the Nest miniature has just one speaker, the sound performance was superb. You might not receive the part separation your purchase from the Echo scatter, but it’s still true that you become clear and crisp highs and punchy deeps. Because of the size, I had been impressed with the noise produced by this Nest mini.

Obviously, these two wise speakers weren’t equipped with significant media consumption in your mind, I found them useful for delivering voice commands, reading the information, Drop-ins, etc. If you’d like an intelligent speaker for enjoying audio, you need to probably go for much more prominent speakers such as the Google home maximum or the Echo clever speaker.


Cost is always a massive determining factor when choosing between which speaker to select. Luckily, both speaker includes low-cost tags. The Amazon Echo Dot now sold for $30, but should you would like to choose the Echo Dot using a clock, it is going to cost you an extra $30, which will be $60, Though the Google Nest miniature price $35. It’s possible to find both speakers from Amazon using the hyperlink under.

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Which should you buy?

In terms of that you should purchase, your choice ultimately comes down to that helper you like: Google or Amazon. There are minor differences in audio playback, but at this stage, both amazon echo dot 3rd generation vs google nest mini speakers are extremely near one another in audio quality. More significant than relative speaker quality are if Alexa or Google Assistant affirms the audio services that you use.

The Echo Dot’s broader music service support, coupled with its buttons and 3.5millimeter output signal, give it the advantage for me. But do not get me wrong, should you like Google Assistant (or simply need a wise speaker it is easy to mount to your walls, the more Nest Mini is a nice option and a remarkable improvement on the original.

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