Do You Prefer Cable TV Or Streaming Services? Why Is That?


The live streaming services have been the talk of the town and for all the right reasons. When it comes to greater flexibility, a vast variety of content, and cheaper rates, streaming services seem to be winning. But cable TV is still in the game. When it comes to top-notch customer support, we have examples like Hughesnet customer service, for instance, that are ahead in the competition and have managed to win the hearts of the customers. Hence whenever it comes to cable TV versus streaming services, we see neck and neck competition in the market. It’s hard to tell which one rules the industry. Since there are viewers who prefer cable TV, people who are a fan of streaming services, and then there are people who enjoy a combination of both. Age is also an important factor here. The younger slot is more inclined toward streaming services while the elders find cable TV more satisfying and convenient. The bundling trend by the cable companies has also made a significant impact on increasing the subscriber base. Nonetheless, let us have a quick comparison between both the white elephants:

Originality of Content

Users are turning towards streaming platforms for their outstanding original content. Almost every streaming platform is offering its set of popular originals that leave the audience completely hooked on their addictive plots and storyline. Hence the original content produced by the various streaming platforms is their asset and a strong attraction for customers. 

Video Quality 

Though the online streaming platforms do excel in video quality when it comes to on-demand services. We even see streaming services offering 4K video quality but the fact is that you need to have a steady and strong internet connection. and no internet is perfect. Glitches and lags are quite normal now and then, even if you have one of the best internets in town. Cable TV has the edge here since it offers high video quality with consistency. 


Bundling is one area of benefit for cable providers. Most people do not jump on the streaming bandwagon because they do not want to unbundle their cable service. Most people love cable internet for its speed and relative affordability and they want to keep the same provider for both cable TV and internet service for better discounts and hassle-free billing. 


Almost none of the streaming services bound any user under a contract. So users are always free to quit the service whenever they want, without worrying about any early termination fee. This is not the case with the cable TV and satellite TV plans. Usually, most cable providers make the customers sign a one-year or two-year contract. That’s not all, most of them also have a promotional offer that has a certain expiration date and the monthly prices shoot up later.  


Streaming is a clear winner when it comes to cost since it offers a much cheaper monthly plan with access to a lot of content. If you compare the monthly price of cable TV and streaming plans, you will see a significant difference. And of course, for users, it matters. 

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Levels of Choices

Streaming services obviously stand out here, since they offer you more options as you access their massive online libraries. Streaming on-demand apps are a whole new world to explore so you always have so much to check out. Hence streaming seems to be up in the game when it comes to choices and options. 

Wrapping Up, 

 The aforementioned discussion highlights all the main points you need to consider before you make up your mind to either cut the cord or keep it. If cheaper monthly cost, more choices, no contracts, and original content is what you desire, then you should prefer a suitable streaming service. On the other hand, if you want to enjoy bundle offers and high video quality and love surfing through myriads of channels then cable TV should be your preference. 

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