Digitalization of your business is necessary than ever before

Nowadays, digitalisation of business is one of the most powerful tools for your company’s success! There’s no doubt that bespoke software advantages are obvious, however we are going to make this comparison between custom applications and consumer software to help companies make the right choice before getting started.

Consumer software is software that everyone can acquire identically, with a flat-rate purchase payment and generally annual maintenance.

An increasingly common form of consumer software is Software as a SaaS service, which allows you to use the software by paying a monthly (or annual subscription to benefit from a discount).

In both cases, the features are those offered by the publisher and the company must adapt its operation to the features offered.

In contrast, tailor-made development makes it possible to create business applications, also called web applications or tailor-made applications. These are mainly developed with web technologies, hence the term “web application”.

Effective software or custom application

To see more clearly and make the right choice, we present you some advantages and disadvantages of software on a subscription basis on the one hand, and tailor-made applications on the other.

Advantages of consumer software

  • Consumer software is generally cheaper and faster to put into service;
  • The software is tested by thousands of users, it usually has very little malfunction because user feedback is very numerous.

Disadvantages of consumer softwares

  • The software is the same for everyone, you must adapt the company to its operation;
  • It is evolving slowly, the publisher’s goal being to maintain its user base, too much change would be a risk for current users;
  • You can’t change anything in operation.

Moreover, economically at the purchase, you must pay attention to additional costs: updating and assistance may be significant for a service that is generally very little used.

In addition, the operating cost often depends on the number of users, the bill increases with the number of licences you subscribe to. In case of connection with other software is rarely expected: most publishers prefer – unfortunately – to keep their customers captive to sell them other solutions in the range.

Advantages of a custom business application

A custom business application obeys you to the finger and the eye! It is a tool that responds to the organization you have set up in your company: your logistics, your management, your processes, your added value.

Your own application is simpler because it only offers the features you and your teams need. Such type of application is more effective on a daily basis, it saves you time and reduces stress thanks to a better designed user interface.

Although, you will get other benefits such as:

  • When your need evolves, you can scale the application quickly to meet it.
  • Communication with other applications is easy to set up, including with the company’s website or e-commerce.
  • You are not dependent on the publisher’s policy change (purchase, slowdown in innovation, etc.)

It’s impressive that today you can get your own application or developed software in several weeks. There are services, like Inoxoft, which provide software development for any type of business! 

Disadvantages of custom application

Your own business application has a higher development cost at startup. You must plan the design and development time before commissioning, usually several months.

Your company operates solo the application developed for your need, you will discover the first malfunctions, this requires testing and handling phases during deliveries to limit the duration of these phases.

You must plan the maintenance of the application over time: security and technology updates will allow you to use it longer. After several years, it may be necessary to redesign some parts of the application because the technologies are no longer suitable.

Create your own application or software  to underline modernisation of your company 

To summarise, each company needs several IT applications to manage its operation and offer its products and services.

Some are consumer solutions, others are specific to your business, with the possibility of integrating tailor-made features to meet a value opportunity.

This valuable opportunity is your ability to innovate and distinguish yourself from the competition: your service will be more efficient because you will have identified a more relevant digital use, and a custom one will allow you to operate it faster than others.

Logically, the company has an interest in choosing inexpensive consumer software for its main functions and considering your own applications to link its website, its teams and the software mentioned.

Optimised commercial procedure with your own software 

Each company has its own specific work process and it becomes exclusively very difficult for them to change the way they work according to a particular software. Thus, obtaining the services of custom software developers will help you obtain the software exactly according to the needs of your business process. Yes, the software will be designed exactly according to your company’s work process and will help you achieve fast and effective results. This is how the development of custom software makes it possible to optimize business processes rather than modify them.

Focus on business acumen

As you are more inclined to have software that can help your company with an efficient work process. Having software tailored to your business process will certainly send a message about the value you attach to your work procedure and the seriousness you attach to it. Having a professional software developer on board to help you meet your personalized needs and make the workflow easier and error-free will exclusively demonstrate your dedication to your company.

Attract attention to company uniqueness

Each company has its own uniqueness when it comes to following a commercial procedure. Business processes will never be the same and it is important to connect with a reliable website development company and benefit from the best solution according to its specific needs and requirements. 


It will help them have personalized software for the company’s unique process and will perfectly match their business model to help them with the best feedback. In fact, you will also get the support of a unique identity with the help of custom software development solutions.

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