Dell G5 Vs G7 2021- Which Laptop Is Better For Gaming?

Dell G5 Vs G7 - Which Laptop Is Better For Gambling

What are the differences between the Dell G5 Vs G7 gaming laptop? A good deal of you have asked me this question, and as Colorfy has completed reviewing both we are now able to reply, so let us compare both of these gaming laptops, dell G5 or G7, and help you decide on the perfect one.

Dell G5 And G7 Comparison

Listed below are the fundamental specifications of the two laptops in a glance:

Dell G5 vs G7 Comparison

It’s worth mentioning that the two of these laptops may be configured differently, and the cost will be different based on the configuration.


Dell G5

The plan of the laptop has muscle looks, that’s pretty oldskool. At first glance, you may be unable to distinguish the difference between the G5 and Inspiron 7577. You may come across the plan dull, but it seems nice to me. All corners and edges have been rounded and smooth, and complete the build quality were excellent.

There are two color variations for this laptop – Red, and Black. I believe that the red one seems better, but it matters to private options. The Dell G5 keeps the minimalist layout style. There’s a Dell LOGO at the Center of the Lid.

Dell G7

In look, the Dell G7 utilizes a family-style design. The whole system is produced out of the metal layout. It’s also outfitted with a shiny blue trademark LOGO, which will reflect cyan under various angles.

If you’re striving for G7, you need to purchase in white color since it is nicer than I thought. It is not like a horizontal or even like shiny plastic. It is this lace finish that seems sort of pearlescent almost. An extremely nice looking shade.


Dell G5

It’s a 15.6-inch, 1920*1080 retina IPS screen, which affirms anti-glare and can help protect your vision. This is undoubtedly great news for your few friends that are hooked on the sport.

There’s an HD camera on the peak of the display, and beneath there’s a Dell Logo. The screen comes in 60Hz and 144Hz. But, non-angle seeing works nicely; in the order, you can turn your mind and tilt the display without losing the image.

The color gamut of the screen

  • 64 percent sRGB
  • 46 percent NTSC

Dell G7

The 15.6-inch, 1920*1080 IPS screens of this Dell G7 is quite eye-catching. Additionally, it is embraced with 3 sided narrow bezel design that looks amazing and feels more tasteful.

The 720p camera is situated on the peak of the display. The position is ordinary. However, shooting quality is typical. Besides, it doesn’t support windows hello unlock.

The screen comes in two choices – 60Hz and 144Hz. I will advise you to acquire 144Hz if you’re a gamer.

If you would like to do content production, then this laptop isn’t for you.

The color gamut of the screen

  • 97 percent sRGB
  • 66 percent NTSC

Weight and Dimensions

The weight of this laptop is recorded at 2.5pound on the Dell site. Nevertheless, this will change based on hardware customizations.

Dell G5

My laptop weight is 2.8kg and 3.5kg using the charger.

The measurements of the laptop are 36.4cm in diameter, 27,3cm in-depth, and beneath 2.4cm in height.

Dell G7

My laptop weight is 2.6kg and 3.3kg using the charger.

The measurements of the laptop are 36.4cm in diameter, 27.3cm in-depth, and only under 2cm in height.

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Keyboard and Touchpad

Dell G5

You won’t find a glass touchpad or a mechanical keyboard using a multi-color backlight. You’ve got a complete keyboard and numeric keypad. The keyboard is excellent and perhaps somewhat soft and shallow, but still acceptable for gaming and typing. Though I wish it had separate buttons for casual matches. The trackpad performed nicely and did not allow me to reach for the mouse instantly.

The keyboard is relatively straightforward and contemporary. It’s comparatively simple to wash. The 1.2millimeter keystroke is quite strong. The kind of computer keyboard with red characters on a dark background is magnificent. Additionally, it reflects the attractiveness of “Red and Black.” The keyboard also supports a red backlight with two degrees of brightness. The WASD key and touchpad possess a reddish bezel for additional visibility.

Dell G7

The Dell G7 utilizes a full-size layout on the computer keyboard, with numerical keys inserted correctly. It seems ordinary while gaming and typing. The arrow keys aren’t standard sizes. The keyboard supports blue backlight with two degrees of brightness. The power key has integrated fingerprint recognition. The WASD keys have been individually tagged and executed.

The surface of the touchpad is delicate and matte. The touchpad is pushed by Windows precision, which can be in precisely the same degree as the medium-high degree. The right and left mouse buttons have been kept, and the comments are apparent, you won’t feel stiff.


Dell G5


I’ve completed the evaluation with CPU-Z computer software. From the assessment, the Intel Core i5-8300H, multi-core processing energy score was 2296 points, along with also the single-core processing energy score was 455 points.


I’ve completed the evaluation with GPU-Z computer software. Dell G5 utilizes the NVIDIA GTX 1050Ti graphics card (4GB GDDR5). Adopt 14nm process, GP107 400 structure, heart frequency is 1290 / 1382MHz, memory piece width is 128bit, memory frequency is up to 7G, layout electricity consumption is 75W.

Hard Drive Test

We utilize the CystalDiskMark instrument to check the drive. Because of this, the reading rate is 546.6MB/s, and the writing rate is 205MB/s.

Dell G7


The Core Core i7-8750H attracts the cell system’s consumer processor to 6 cores for your first time. The processor is made using six cores and 12 threads, so the electricity consumption is 45W, the most fundamental frequency will be 2.2GHz, the center frequency is 4.1GHz, and the 9MB L3 cache.


The GPU-Z conducted the evaluation. The NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 alone has 1920 stream processors, 192bit video memory piece thickness, 6GB GDDR5 video memory, heart frequency of 960MHz, and an increased frequency of 1200MHz.

Hard Drive Test

The Dell G7 employs a combo of SSD and HDD, which is also a too mainstream system. Users may install the machine, and frequent software on the SSD and even large-capacity documents such as information, games, and videos have been put on the mechanical disk drive.

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G5 vs G7 Dell: What Should You Get?

Both Dell g7 vs g5 laptops are extremely similar. It’s possible to configure both with exactly the very same graphics card, RAM, and comparable storage. So which one should you get? Both laptops have a similar layout too. The G7 has the upper hand regarding the CPU because it could be configured using all the i9, whereas the G5 is restricted to the i7; however, as we’ve mentioned, it isn’t worth the update.

The i9 does have a little advantage over the i7, but it’s restricted, and you’ll have to overclock it to get the maximum from this CPU. In most workloads, the gap between the i7 and i9 is minimum, and the i9 requires the cause of workloads, which take advantage of their more excellent single-core clock rates.

The G5 is a much better laptop, all matters considered. We can suggest the G7 to those that want the additional functionality or are considering the greater single-core functionality the i9 has to offer you. If you’re going to use the gaming laptop, then the G5 is much more than capable of conducting pretty much any sport in 1080p 60 FPS.

Video: Dell G7 7590 (RTX 2060) Gaming Laptop Review

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