Dell G3 Vs Dell G5 Side By Side Comparison [NEW 2021]

Dell G3 Vs Dell G5 Side By Side Comparison- Which One Should You Get.

In this guide, Colorfy is going to compare the Dell G3 Vs Dell G5. Both are ubiquitous gaming laptops and supply excellent functionality. Here is everything you want to know about Dell G3 vs Dell G5.

Dell G3 Vs Dell G5 Comparison

Dimensions & Weight

I will begin this buying guide by comparing the dimensions and weight of those notebooks.

Dell G3 vs G5 - Dimensions & Weight

Processor Specifications

This table contrasts the processors that boat together with the notebooks.

Dell G3 vs G5 - Processor Specifications


Design & Build Quality

Dell revived the style of both gaming notebooks. They seem so much better than the previous versions. And have a contemporary feel to their style.

The Dell G3 appears like the HP Pavilion 2019. It is more of just like a blue and black HP Pavilion. The screen curves in the bottom-right and bottom-left. And now it does not have two hinges. However, one robust hinge. The Dell G5 includes a blue Dell logo in the middle of the display.

The gaming notebook also has blue accents running around the borders of the notebook computer, along with the notebook pads which the Dell G3 stays. The Dell G5 comes from 1 color – matte black – and it’s entirely made from vinyl. This is to be expected because it’s a budget gaming notebook.

The screen lid and keyboard have quite a lot of flex to it. However, not too much to be alerted. The Dell G3 isn’t just a light and thin gaming notebook. It weighs 5.4 pounds (2.45 kg) and its own 0.85 thick. It may not be the most delicate or lightest. However, it’s still portable enough to take around.

You’ve got an SD card reader, 2x USB 2.0, USB 3.1, USB Type-C, RJ-45, sound jack, HDMI, and AC adapter for the interface selection. Aside from Thunderbolt 3, that it does not have. It’s a fantastic interface choice.

All in all, the Dell G3 is a comfortable and decent looking notebook.

Dell didn’t go overboard with all the gamer layout. If you would rather have a cleaner design, then the preceding version will fit your tastes.

The Dell G5, on the other hand, doesn’t have curved borders. It’s a rectangle appearing notebook with a couple of curved edges. Additionally, it’s a more muted appearance compared to Dell G3.

It’s blue accents, although not the kind is running across the entire body of the notebook. It is more of a subtle type of accent. The I/O labeling and emblem located on the front screen are blue. The Dell logo on the screen lid is blue. Taking a look at the notebook at particular angles makes it have a green or silver color.

Some grills operate across the whole borders of this notebook. This gives it a much more aggressive appearance. The Dell G5 additionally uses the only hinge design in the middle. There are two colors available – white and black. The white, however, is for Dell G5 Special Edition (SE).

For the build quality, the Dell G5 is created from both magnesium and plastic. The keyboard is magnesium, although the remainder of the notebook is plastic. As you figured correctly, there was some bend on the screen lid but within reasonable limits. The keyboard has no flex.

Dell cut the weight and depth of the version. But maybe not enough to be known as light and thin. The Dell G5 weighs 5.6 pounds (2.6 kg), plus it is an inch thick. You’re still able to carry this about, but you’ll truly feel the weight.

You own a Thunderbolt 3 interface, 3x USB 3.2 interfaces, SD reader, combo sound jack, RJ 45, miniature display port, and power port for the interface selection. On one note, the Thunderbolt 3 is only available on versions that have RTX 2060 or upward. The majority of the ports are located on the trunk.

The Same as the Dell G3, the Dell G5 is a simple-looking notebook computer. But it’s cleaner and has a muted layout.

Memory Specifications

To get a comparison of these memory choices for your notebooks, see the table below.

Dell G3 vs G5 - Memory Specifications



The Dell G3 is an inexpensive notebook. And producers compromise on the build quality or screen. In cases like this, it’s the screen. The Dell G3’s display stinks. It’s average color accuracy, and so colors look washed out. The bezels are also thick.

The screen also is not bright, and utilizing it in bright sunshine is likely to produce the laptop unusable. The one thing which the screen will get right is that the viewing angles and angles. Both of these are adequate at best. The Dell G3 uses a 60Hz Total HD (1920 x 1080) IPS screen.

If you play with games along with the FPS goes over 60Hz. Screen tearing, stuttering, and ghosting may occur. Regrettably, 60 Hz is the most significant refresh rate Dell provides on the Dell G3.

You could believe the screen on the Dell G5 may be better. It is not. It’s more economical than the Dell G3, though, but it isn’t compared to the competition. You will still fight to use it outside.

If it comes to color precision, it’s average.

The colors look washed out, and it is not vivid. At its price point, Dell must have provided a much better screen. The only real things are the viewing angles and angles. Additionally, there are 60Hz and 144Hz refresh speed display choices.

Better to choose the most significant refresh rate. Since no visual distortions (screen tearing, stuttering, and ghosting) will happen when gambling. The Dell G5 also includes a 15.6-inch Total HD screen choices. Dell does not offer you a 4K alternative.

The Dell G3 and G5 don’t offer you the best screens. The only benefit the Dell G5 has within the Dell G3 is that there’s a 144Hz refresh rate alternative. Besides that, they’re pretty much equivalent.

Storage Options

This section compares the storage choices (Hard disk dimensions, forms, and SD expansion alternatives ) accessible for both notebooks.

Dell G3 vs G5 - Storage Options

Keyboard & Touchpad

To get a budget notebook, the Dell G3 provides a decent streaming experience. The WASD keys possess additional blue accents, while the remaining portion of the computer keyboard is in blue eyeglasses. The keyboard is not RGB backlit. On the contrary, it uses blue backlighting. The crucial travel and visual feedback are great enough.

A Numpad can be included. So keys will not be full-size. The touchpad consists of Windows Precision and expressions which make clicky appears when you press on it. In general, the keyboard is typical, which provides adequate typing experience.

The Dell G5 wins this round. It’s a more in-depth journey and much more satisfying visual feedback. A comfortable keyboard that you could quickly type on for extended periods. Some versions have the same keyboard layout as the Dell G3, while others possess the standard keyboard layout, i.e., white fonts.

The computer keyboard is blue backlit. Dell provides an optional four-zone RGB computer keyboard. It has blue accents around the borders for your touchpad: Windows gesture and precision touchpad, which has a smooth coating and gets the work done.

Overall, the Dell G5 includes a much better keyboard than the Dell G3.

Wireless Connectivity & Webcam

This section compares the Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Webcam for both notebooks.

Dell G3 vs G5 - Wireless Connectivity & Webcam

Battery Life

To get a gaming notebook, both have battery lives. The Dell G3 includes a 51WHr battery. It’s also in a position to continue 6-7 hours on moderate brightness and Wi-Fi switched on. The Dell G5 that has a 60 WHr battery also endure the same period of time.

This could be under the average of their 8-hour battery lifetime. But, gaming notebooks are famously famous for their 2-3-hour battery lifetime. And for both notebooks to survive this long is remarkable.


This section compares the costs for both notebooks. You can purchase the best laptops from or

Dell G3 vs G5 - Price

Dell G3 Vs Dell G5 – Which You Can Get?

Aside, out of their sub-par screen. The Dell G3 and G5 are excellent gaming notebooks and will have the ability to get the task finished. Additionally, choosing between them is simple.

Dell G3’s biggest strength is its durability, durability, and comparative thinness. On the flip side, the Dell G5 is more substantial, and the RTX 2060 version has a Thunderbolt 3 interface.

To sum up. Suppose you want a cheap portable gaming notebook. Afterward, Dell G3 is your better choice.

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