Database Automation: Functions and Creation

Database Automation

Database software is used to govern the high functioning of existing databases and assists in providing a platform for new software. A database automation software helps in making changes and maintenance of the software. It helps in eradicating technical troubleshooting as well.  

What is Database Automation and Testing?

Database Automation:

A database has certain constant tasks like creating daily, weekly, and monthly backups at the end of each day, week and month, respectively. So, a database must have high storage and a quick speed to process the data. 

The use of self-updating and unattended processes for the administration of a database is called database automation software. It prevents the previous information from being erased when the updating of a database is done. It includes tasks like recovering, patching, scaling, upgrading, and provisioning data.

Database Testing:

Database testing is the testing of several layers of testing that includes the UI layer, businesses layer, access layer, and in the end, the database. It is used for scanning and testing the authenticity and integrity, ACID properties, and data mapping of the database. It also helps in removing errors and makes the software reliable, stable, and of quality. 

The database testing includes the following four processes:

  1. Putting together the environment.
  2. Regulating tests and reviewing results
  3. Analyze the result
  4. Report 
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There are two database testing that is conducted:

  •     Black Box Testing: It is the mapping of data in which data is retrieved and verified. It makes use of a black-box testing method such as boundary value analysis and equivalence splitting.
  •     White Box Testing: It is used for checking database triggers, validating data models, consistency of the database, testing database integrity, and database schema. 

Important points to consider for database developers:

  • The creation of a new database involves the working of unique database tools and hundreds of steps to configure that each step has a backup so that it can be better prepared and has a successful outcome.
  • A database developer makes use of certain database tools to make sure that the software, website, or application functions smoothly. With the help of database tools, features are added, modified, or removed from the database, as per requirement.

 Though several tools are used for the creation of a better, highly operating database, tools like ORION, ORACLE, SLOB, Data Factory, SQL, MySQL, etc., are the popular choice.

  • Database Testers or the administration team working on the software must not apply the changes to any software before its proper testing and reviewing to be sure that they function well and do not put the quality of the database in jeopardy.
  • The database developers must not disclose or share the changes that are to be made to the software before it has been already accomplished to ensure that they live up to standards and as per usual practice.
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Database automation can protect against undesirable outcomes. It can help in predicting the future of an application before the changes are made official. The software can review these predictions and can make changes accordingly. It fixes and prevents a website from crashing and provides space and time to the testers, which warrants better results and constant growth.

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