Cowin E7 Vs E7 Pro – Which Can Come Out On Top? [New 2021]

Cowin E7 Vs E7 Pro - Who Can Come Out On Top

If you are considering purchasing a headphone, but you are unsure whether to choose Cowin E7 Vs E7 Pro model, Colorfy provides you useful information about these options to help you determine better.

For casual music listeners, among the most crucial gear to possess is a headset or earphone of your pick as they’re flexible and can be used nearly everywhere. If you’re seeking a pair which may offer over the conventional sound quality for those ears, then Cowin E7 vs. 7 Pro are just two good options to go. They’re designed to please the listeners with pleasing noises and a few sound-canceling but can also be slightly different, assessing them under before getting one.

Cowin E7 vs. E7 Pros And Cons

Cowin E7


  • Sound sound quality
  • Active Sound cancellation
  • Bluetooth and NFC pairing
  • 30-hour battery life
  • Offered in a Large Number of colors


  • Cosmetic layout

The routine Cowin E7 has just about all you might want in a set of mid-range headset. They have a fantastic sound, active noise cancelling, and dependable battery life. For the cost, these are a steal.

Cowin E7 Pro


  • Larger drivers for more potent audio
  • Greater noise cancelation
  • 30-hour battery
  • Tons of colors
  • Somewhat nicer design


  • No NFC
  • Nevertheless, Made from plastic.
  • More expensive

To get a few more bucks, you can measure up to the Cowin E7 Pro. The cans are mostly the same, but to get a few more dollars, you get marginally improved sound cancelation and more significant speaker drivers to get more robust sound.

The Cowin e7 vs pro are worth looking if you are searching for Bluetooth headphones under a hundred dollars. The typical E7 is probably acceptable for many people, as the gaps in contrast to the E7 Pro are negligible at best. But if you do have a couple of added bucks to spend and need a marginally better all-around encounter, the E7 Pro will not let you down.

Cowin E7 Pro And E7 Comparison

Cowin E7 Vs E7 Pro Comparison


Both cans are black with gentle skin feel and 90º swiveling earcups. The dimensions of these headphones are also precisely the same at 6.5 x 3.6 x 7.1 inches.

Cowin e7

You’ve got various colors to pick from; blue, black, green, purple, crimson, and white. They include proprietary 40mm large-aperture drivers, and they’ve skin feel so that you may wear them in relaxation for quite a very long moment. They weigh 13.6 oz.

Cowin e7 Pro

You’ve got precisely the identical color choices with the excess intention of pink. The significant aperture drivers are currently 45mm, and the skin feel was updated to add soft ear cushions. They weigh less at only 10.6 ounces.

Noise Cancelling

If you’re trying to find noise-canceling headphones, the most crucial thing is that the noise-canceling ability since it’s the objective of working with the gear. In terms of Cowin e7 vs Cowin e7 Pro, the two of them aren’t likely to make all of the sounds around you flip quiet because high-frequency sounds will be heard by your ears, although the noise canceling is still busy. Comparing both in this area, there appears to be no difference since the canceling has precisely the same degree.

It can reduce the noisiness of your surroundings like the electrical fan sound and skip-out once the users are producing any quick moves like while doing home chores or walking out of location to another. But when employed while sitting throughout traveling, they’re incredibly reliable to create your music much more prominent and pleasurable.

Sound Quality

Cowin E7 Vs E7 Pro Sound Quality

The upcoming significant part, if you’re searching for a headset such as a noise-canceling version, is the audio quality as there’s not any usage to wear one which seems poor and will turn your audio to be pleasant to the ears. Luckily, both of these are doing acceptably well in this component; however, the E7 Pro is marginally better in comparison. They have a deep and protracted bass so that the noise coming out will meet bass fans due to these thumps and kicks.

However, the sub-bass is somewhat lacking; therefore, thumps and rumbles may seem less addicting with all the mid-range will seem thin, particularly on vocals in the first E7. On the flip side, the E7 Pro lacks the sub-bass yet much better at mid-range and treble. The highs are sharp on Ts and S with no soundstage, such as a speaker.

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The very last thing we would like to chat about Cowin e7 vs Cowin e7 Pro is that the controllers and different characteristics because Bluetooth headphones tend to have some controls on the primary body most frequently in their ear cups.

They have precisely the identical sound-canceling control, call/music controller, and volume control, but also the E7 Pro is a tiny bit different and less user friendly because the buttons are flush with the rear of the ear cups so that they do not have as much traveling as in the first version.

ANC Ability

There’s just a very slight gap, but it’s stated that 1 decibel is sufficient to observe the difference.

Cowin e7

This has a sound reduction speed of 28db.

Cowin e7 Pro

You may now observe a sound reduction thickness of 30db.

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The Final Verdict

The Cowin e7 and the Cowin e7 Pro’s only real downfall is how the controller buttons aren’t of the highest quality, and they’re awkwardly positioned. Therefore this did not impact our choice, and it was not sufficient to dissuade us from both of the cans.

A couple of different items were also similar to that people did not believe it swayed our decision. The wireless style is dependable and straightforward to use, the built-in mic was tremendous, and the Cowin e7 and the Cowin e7 Pro were quite comfy to wear.

Ultimately, we picked the Cowin e7 Pro. This set has been only a couple dollars more costly, but it was certainly well worth it. Besides the extra pink collection, you have more significant noise cancellation and bigger optical drivers. This collection also weighs less than the Cowin e7, making them comfortable to wear for longer intervals. Even the simple fact that they include a hard case instead of a tote makes them worth the additional, little price.

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