Best Co-Parenting App 2021: TOP Full Guide

Co Parenting App

Everybody is busy. Not everybody is a powerful communicator. When parents reside in different homes, it provides another challenging measurement for staying organized with parenting schedules and tasks.

The truth is that nobody can space-out on kid pickups and drop-offs, miss payments, and squander time squabbling about fundamental parenting choices. Happily, modern technologies are on your side that will assist you to produce a more balanced approach to child custody.

You’ve got many alternatives for co-parenting apps that have been designed particularly for calendaring and protected communication, which may be taken in front of a judge if you need to. Nevertheless, these programs are made to lessen mad phone calls and face-to-face confrontations, immensely to help keep you out of court.

If you’re on less-than-amicable terms together with another parent of your child, utilizing a calendaring program is a fantastic way to communicate all you’ll need and nothing additional. This can allow you to maintain sanity while co-parenting together with your ex, which can be very good for you and great for your youngsters. Colorfy will show you the Best Co-Parenting App in this guide.

What is the best co-parenting app?

An excellent co-parenting app can allow you to track necessary appointments, including record child drop-off/pickup, tally expenditures, show proof of payment, compliance, and non-compliance, and discuss info and photographs regarding the children’s times.

Our recommendation for a co-parenting program is Our Family Wizard. This is only one of the earliest and hottest co-parenting plans and contains all of the suggested features, plus higher user testimonials. Our Family Wizard can be widely accepted by relatives, most of which require parents to utilize it.

What is the best co-parenting app


Our Family Wizard prices $99 per year per parent, also contains a 30-day trial.

Our Family Wizard provides discounts for military households and a fee waiver to provide Our Family Wizard free to get low-income parents.

Every parent may also add unlimited quantities of add-ons, such as children, grandparents, incentive/step parents, babysitters, and nannies, in addition to lawyers and mediators.

If you have to submit documents to some judge, mediator, or lawyer, Our Family Wizard permits you to download sub miscible documents.

OurFamilyWizard’s ToneMeter helps you form emotion-free texts and emails to an ex by flagging inflammatory words until you hit send.

Custody X Change

Custody X Change is a co-parenting app that’s been around since 2004.

It lets you create a co-parenting calendar everyone agrees on, set up a parenting plan using more than 100 clauses, and track late and missed visits.

Custody X Change also offers a messaging system with a hostility meter to improve communication between both parents.

The silver plan costs $17/month or $97/year. The gold plan costs $27/month or $147/year.

Best Co-Parenting App 2021

1. Google Calendar

Google Calendar is just another handy means to organize schedules with your ex. Only create a calendar and discuss editing permissions together with him. Be aware that you may also schedule everyday occasions, such as weekly visits, to replicate mechanically.


  • Produce a different Google calendar for your kids’ actions.
  • Share the program with your ex.
  • Grant your ex editing rights should you want her or him to create alterations.
  • Produce automatic reminders and frequently repeating events.

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2. Talking Parents

Discussing parents is another sort of internet communication tool for co-parents. It is intended to make a system-of-record to your communications should you want to provide proof of correspondence into the courts.

PDF documents are $9.99 or free using an updated account, and accredited printed copies are $39.99 + 0.19 cents per page (such as shipping). Discussing parents is free on almost any browser, but a Typical ($5.99 per month) or Premium ($19.99 per month) account is required to get the cell program on iPhone or even Android.


  • Discussing parents can be helpful for parents having a history of the battle.
  • It provides a safe method of document.
  • Discussing parents also supplies a location-based search tool for parents searching for a family attorney.

Talking Parents

3. Apparently

Offers mobile and online communication tools to assist co-parents in improving calendaring problems, communicate more clearly, monitor shared expenditures, and save accurate, up-to-date contact info.

The alternative costs $99 per year, per parent, or $9.99 a month. Again, that is per-parent pricing, which adds up. On the other hand, the answer’s straightforward interface might signify you’ll be more inclined to utilize it frequently.


  • Supplies a 30-day free trial; give it a try and see if it works for you.
  • Insert your children to the accounts so that they could use it to communicate with all you about abandoned things, scheduling requests, and much more.
  • Insert the program to your telephone for anyplace access to essential health information, such as prescription history and contact info for all your kids’ physicians.

4. Our Family Wizard

Our Family Wizard is a program for co-parenting families to control parenting agreements from a single accessible and easy-to-use dashboard.

Whatever you’ll need, from monitoring expenses to children’s programs to virtual phone numbers, is in 1 place, so you’ve got a crystal clear image of what is continually happening. You also have free access to legal and emotional health professionals once you register.

Available on their site and Apple and Android, Our Family Wizard is a subscription program that begins at $99 for 1 to 2 decades. Their bundled bundles start at $119.97.

There is a 30-day money-back guarantee when you register so that you can test out the features. Many judges in North America have resisted using the program for households that struggle with co-parenting, particularly individuals with child custody disputes.

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5. CoPilots

Custody Link is for co-parents trying to find a well-rounded program that will more than handle your plan. The custody calendar is robust, customizable, and allows you to sync with your kids’ appointments and actions. It is possible to share photos, events, and unique moments with the full family and receive enjoys very similar to Instagram.

Among the most incredible things about Custody Link is that the features, however, the user interface may be cluttered and difficult to navigate, particularly to new users. Custody Connection can be found on iOS and Android.

There is a 30-day free trial. However, you must pay $5.99 a month ($17.99 for three months and $49.99 annually ) then. Numerous individuals may use the program without additional charges.

6. 2houses

More than 160,000 households in 163 countries utilize 2houses, which provides a means to communicate with your child’s other parent if telephone, email, and text are not working. (It should go without saying that using the children as”messengers” is a recipe for failure.) The program helps parents arrange their schedules, keep an eye on activities, and exchange information regarding their children, from clinical notes to college appointments.

Additionally, it supplies a messaging service, mediator accessibility, and record storage using an internet system and mobile programs for iOS and Android. It is possible to benefit from a free 14-day trial before deciding if you would like to devote to a yearly membership, which can be $9.99 per household per month.

7. Amicable

The Amicable program intends to help couples have amicable separations and motivates them to create their kid’s most significant interests as their top priority. At the moment, the divorce solutions reachable through the program can only be obtained in England and Wales, but the program itself may be downloaded anywhere in the world.

Free to download on both the iOS and Android Amicable assists parents reach fair agreements, simplify the separation process, and decrease their prices. In the program, parents may set targets for the future. They expect to make post-separation, develop a parenting plan, calculate choices that they reach regarding their kids, agree about the character and worth of resources, divide them, and make budgets for lifestyle post-divorce.

8. The Family Core

This program is excellent not merely for co-parents, but almost any parents; however, yes, these juggling the requirements of a combined family will be even more thankful for this. It allows any health professionals (parents, babysitters, etc.) you select to have accessibility to easy-to-read, color-coded information on kids’ schedules. It is ideal for organizing parenting time or visitation drop-offs/pickups, kids’ school events, doctors’ appointments, and much more.

The best part? It is entirely customizable: “Since the superb admin of your household core membership, you control who has access to exactly what they should see and just that,” The Family Core brand advises on its website. “Our platform is flexible enough to empower your existing partner to be a co-admin and maintain your ex properly educated about their child without visiting info regarding the other children in your loved ones.”

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