Clone HDD to SSD- 10 best software for disk cloning!

clone hdd to SSD

If you have decided to clone HDD to SSD, we have a list of 10 best software for you. Basically, HDD refers to Hard Disk Drive and SSD refers to Solid State Drives. Some of the softwares are free of cost, and some may cost you an affordable price. Moreover, you can use these softwares for both commercial and non-commercial needs. Therefore, these professional softwares are really a boon to you if you want the best cloning. To begin with, we will explain cloning, its benefits and then the list of the softwares. Here we go!

What is disk cloning?

Cloning refers to making a carbon copy of something. Thus, disk cloning can be referred to as the procedure of copying every single piece of information from a hard drive to a different disk. Disk cloning is probably used for upgrading a disk or replacing an old disk with a fresh one. However, disk cloning can be done with either a specialized cloning software or a backup software that has all the essential features.

The primary difference between backup and disk cloning

Backup simply means creating a backup for image files if you eventually lost your data in any case. In comparison, Disk cloning refers to copying the entire data of a hard disk drive to another disk. 

When to use backup software?

  • If you need to back up the files and folders to the cloud storage. However, it is helpful if you lost your files unknowingly. 
  • If you’re going to back up all the files of the computer periodically. It means periodic backups are less time consuming than creating a new backup. If you have a backup software already installed on your computer, it will automatically backup all the files or folders daily. 

When to use cloning software?

  • If you want a carbon copy of your entire computer system onto another system, you must use cloning software. 
  • You can also use cloning software if you want to replace an old disk with a new one. 

Benefits to clone HDD to SSD

When it comes to the benefits of cloning from an HDD to SDD, here are mentioned some of them:

  • SSD has better performance than Hard disk drives.
  • High speed for performing multiple tasks
  • SSDs are indeed affordable nowadays.
  • A good option for data protection
  • More durable for higher temperature

10 best softwares to clone HDD to SSD

Here is the list of 10 best softwares to clone HDD to SSD:

AOMEI Backupper- supports automatic backups

Clone hdd to ssd

AOMEI Backupper cloning software is available for free and allows free network cloning & image deployment. In addition, the AOMEI Backupper app enables you to transfer your operating system to another disk drive without reinstalling. Moreover, this software has advanced features such as data splitting, backup encryption, and data compression.

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  • Automatic backups periodically
  • Can clone the disk while making no interruption in the operating system.
  • Supports GUID partition table as well as Master Boot Record.
  • Available for Windows 7, 8, and Windows 10 too.
  • Smart cloning means cloning can be done from a larger disk to a smaller one. 
  • Sector by sector cloning


  • Slow backup

O&O Disk Image- Clone HDD to SSD


O&O Disk Image is a software that is accessed for commercial and non-commercial purposes. It includes features such as disk cloning, remote scripting for Windows 8, 10, and imaging. Notably, this software is not free and can cost you three different plans. It includes $49.95, $59, and $299 for basic features, advanced features, and server versions, respectively. The advanced features basically include scripting, remote installation, and central management. Moreover, the server version supports server 2019. 

This software can backup your whole system. Also, you can clone the entire hard disk drives to a system with dissimilar machines. 


  • Backup disk drives and files
  • Also provides security warnings
  • Easy to restore folders, disks and files.
  • Create virtual hard disks.
  • Can control through Command lines
  • Incremental backups


MiniTool Partition Wizard- A professional software for cloning


MiniTool Partition Wizard is a software that you can get for free also and a paid version too. It can be genuinely said as a professional software used for disk cloning. However, you can use this software for both commercial and non-commercial purposes. A professional version will cost you $259 and can be used on a single server, a $399 version can be used on 99 devices, and the $699 version is available for cloning 199 devices. 


  • It supports GPT & Window dynamic disks
  • Can recover lost files or folders
  • Can convert MBR to GPT formats
  • Reliable cloning software

Macrium Reflect- A software with a 30-day trial version

disk cloning

This software is a commercial and non-commercial cloning tool. Its paid professional version comes with a 30-day trial, and the cost of this software is $69.95. You can also access it for free with limited features for your personal use. 

Macrium Reflect is basically used for imaging and cloning. It can also recover the damaged and lost disks. Moreover, it can create the exact copy of the system. 


  • Clone entire system
  • Backup for images
  • Can clone HDD to SSD rapidly
  • It has pre-set templates for backup


  • No incremental backup

EaseUS Todo Backup- A great cloning tool for personal use


EaseUS ToDo Backup is a very simple software that is used for disk imaging and backup. This free cloning tool supports incremental backup. Moreover, if you get a paid version of this software, it offers you some advanced features such as system cloning, email backup, smart backup, etc. 


  • Disk cloning and imaging
  • Backup for images, files or folders
  • Incremental backup
  • Cloud backup
  • Simple interface and a reliable software



This software is best for personal use if you want to create a copy of your disks. It significantly supports all operating systems from Windows 7, 8, 10 to Mac OS and Android 5.0.+ devices. And, its starting price is $49.99/year, and it offers a 30-days free trial. 

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Acronis is a great disk cloning & mirror imaging software. In addition, the software supports cloud disk cloning and image backup.


  • Flexible backup options such as full image backup, hybrid backup and more
  • Mirror imaging
  • Event-based backup scheduling
  • Full cyber protection
  • Incremental backup
  • End-to-end AES-256 encryption
  • Offers Blockchain verification 
  • Reliable recovery

Clonezilla- One of the best cloning software to clone HDD to SSD

clone HDD

Clonezilla is one of the best cloning and imaging software of all. Moreover, it is used to clone LINUX, Mac OS, and Windows. It is reviewed that this software also supports fast cloning and backup. In addition, this free cloning software can support concurrent cloning of more than 40 systems. 


  • Supports Multicast cloning
  • Helps you to restore many local devices. 
  • It also delivers AES 256 encryption
  • Supports MBR and GPT partitions.


  • Incremental backup is not supported.
  • The interface is surprisingly difficult to navigate.

Paragon Drive Copy- A software with a simple user interface

This easy to use cloning software comes for $79.95 for personal use. Notably, it does not provide any trial version. It is mainly used for both commercial and non-commercial purposes. Further, you can get a complete professional imaging and cloning. Below are some features of this software. 


  • Simple user interface
  • Error-free
  • Can exclude the data you do not want to copy
  • Partitioning operations are performed such that the disks are appropriately organized. 
  • Can also restore numerous types of images
  • Easy to use
  • Supports both personal and professional purposes


  • No Incremental backups.
  • Poor customer support

EaseUS Clone- A reliable and time-saving software to clone HDD to SSD

EaseUS Clone software allows you to clone a Hard disk drive to SSD. Moreover, you can download this software for free. 


  • Can clone Master Boot Record disk to GUID Partition Table disk.
  • Clone 100% identical data of the original one without making any change in the existing data.
  • You can recover deleted data and backup your entire system.
  • It can also save time as you do not need to reinstall the operating system.


R-Drive Image


Developed by R-Tools Technology, R-Drive Image creates copies of hard disk drives. However, using R-Drive Image, you can restore your system if there is heavy data loss, virus attack, and hardware failure.


  • Cloning and imaging
  • Simple interface
  • Image data is compressed to save space.
  • Can clone HDD to SSD
  • Incremental backup


How much time does it take to clone HDD to SSD?

It totally depends on the cloning speed. For example, a cloning speed of 100 MBPS takes approximately 17 minutes to clone a 100 GB hard disk drive. 

Is it safe to clone HDD to SSD?

Yes, it is 100% safe to clone HDD to SSD. Only, it may affect the performance of the system a little bit. 

Can we clone Windows 10?

Yes, there are many softwares to clone Windows 10. Although some of the best softwares are mentioned above, you can access any of them for cloning. 

Can I boot from an external SSD?

You can access an external SSD as a boot drive. But it can extremely result in lowering the speeds depending on the version of USB. 

How to change the capacity of an SSD?

The simplest way to change the capacity of an SSD is to take out the old drive, install a new one with a larger capacity to your operating system. 


Wrapping up

In conclusion, we tried to provide you with the best cloning softwares. All the softwares are the best at their work and offer you a versatile cloning and imaging. Furthermore, you must keep this in mind that you have to strictly follow the guidelines to clone HDD to SSD to overcome all the issues. If you still face any problems, the software team welcomes you to contact them. 


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