Clear Aligners : Unravel the biggest myths and truths about treatment

clear invisible aligner

Nowadays, there are not only traditional fixed appliances to solve problems related to orthodontics and aesthetics. In this context, the clear aligner was developed as a more technological proposal, with greater cost/benefit and comfort to solve these dysfunctions. However, a lot is heard about invisible aligners, but not everything is consistent with the functionality of the device.

Follow now, 10 myths and truths about the invisible aligner!

  1. A clear invisible aligner has advantages over conventional treatments with brackets

Real! Treatment with aligners is more comfortable and prevents the person from getting sores in the mouth, unlike what happens with the traditional device. Another advantage is being able to take off the braces to brush your teeth. Therefore, it prevents the accumulation of bacteria and the possible development of cavities.

Another important aspect is that the transparent braces provide the exact movement your tooth needs. This is because, during treatment planning with the specialist, the exact movement that the tooth needs to make with each plate change is calculated.

  1. The aligners can only be used in easy cases

False! The clear aligner can be used to treat more complex cases with total effectiveness, but it depends on the evaluation with a specialist and can vary depending on the need that the person has.

  1. Can I remove the Clear Braces for meals?

Real! You can remove them when you eat and also when cleaning your teeth. Therefore, one of the many advantages is being able to floss normally and remove the clear aligners when necessary.

  1. The mobile clear aligner is not as effective as conventional braces

False! The quality of results depends on a commitment to correctly wearing aligners. So don’t abuse the chance to be able to take it off whenever you want. The correct and recommended by experts is to use the device   22 hours a day.

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  1. The treatment is less painful

Real! Treatment with clear aligners is less painful because unlike fixed braces, there are no wires and metals hurting the mouth.

  1. Should teeth whitening be done before using the invisible aligner?

False! If you choose to use clear aligners, you can whiten it whenever you want, and even during treatment. That’s because it’s a removable device, so it’s easy to reconcile with whitening.

  1. Do I need to wear a retainer after using the clear aligners?

Real! The retainer must always be used and in the treatment with invisible aligners, retainer plates are also made. So be sure to use dental retainers. It will keep your teeth in place after treatment.

  1. Transparent mobile appliances are more hygienic

Real! Because it is easy to remove, cleaning can be done more efficiently. So, in addition to brushing your teeth, you can also clean your braces.

Therefore, the practicality of cleaning is one of the advantages of removable transparent appliances.

  1. The aligner does not correct the spacing between the teeth

False! The clear aligners correct the cases of spacing between the teeth (Diastema) with total effectiveness and quickly. Time varies by assessment.

In addition to the spacing between the teeth (Diastema), invisible aligners are also indicated for treatment in cases of crowding (crooked teeth), small bite (when the mouth spacing is small), among other cases. However, evaluation with the professional is always indicated, because depending on each case, it is necessary to plan and create a strategy.

One of the cases that need greater attention is when the patient has an implant in the teeth. He can still achieve a satisfactory result with the use of invisible aligners, however, as an implant is a tooth that does not have movement, in this case, it is indicated to undergo an evaluation so that a strategy for treatment with aligners is created.

  1. Clear aligners have high technology

Real! Clear aligners have state-of-the-art technology to ensure a more modern and efficient treatment. Therefore, for the manufacture of the plates, digital scanning and 3D printing of the patient’s mold are performed. Therefore, specialists can trace the journey that will be taken for the total transformation of the smile and know how the final result will look.

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Therefore, there are three very important technologies that involve invisible aligners, they are: scanner, x-ray and the software that assembles the 3D planning .

The scanner is responsible for mapping your dental arch, making a mold of how your teeth are at the time of evaluation. Therefore, it replaces that uncomfortable mold mass , which they put in patients’ mouths. Therefore, the scanner is a more comfortable and less invasive way to take the mold from your teeth.

The x-ray is performed in Ensmile’s own office, during the evaluation. In this way, all this information arrives at the time of planning the treatment in a digital way. Software assembles the protection of your smile, from the current stage to the ideal. Thus, it is possible to define how many phases you will need to go through to reach the desired result. In this way, the patient will have a spoiler of how the smile will look at the end of the treatment.


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