Checkout The List Of Top Most Successful Batters In The IPL History

Checkout The List Of Top Most Successful Batters In The IPL History

In this world, franchise cricket has become pretty popular among all because of the entertainment that it provides to the viewers and also most of the top players of the world play these kinds of leagues. Indian Primer League(IPL) can easily be considered the benchmark of all franchise-based leagues because of its immense popularity and love among all worldwide.

The popularity and viewership of IPL cannot be matched by any other league worldwide and the main reason behind this are the batters. Top batters with numerous match-winning performances make this tournament a hit at the first glance for everyone.

Domestic Indian players along with international players try to give their best in the IPL to show their talent worldwide. This post is about those top batters who make this tournament the best of all through their talent and performances over many years. You can check their performances by watching top cricket news today.

List Of Most Successful Batters To Date

For Indian cricket, IPL acted as a game-changer. It gives the platform for talented young stars so that they can become the future start for our country. This is a tournament that is perfect for batters from worldwide to show their skills and ability against one of the toughest bowlers from different countries.

  1. Virat Kohli: There should not be any hesitation about the fact that the former RCB and India team captain Virat Kohli is one of the best batters in IPL history. Virat has the highest number of runs under his belt to date among all. He started his IPL career by playing for the RCB team and to date, he is contributing to the team in any kind of situation.

His 2016 season can never be forgotten by any IPL lover because he scored 4 centuries in that season which no one can ever achieve. From 207 IPL matches, Kohli scored 6283 runs with a brilliant average of 37.39 and 113 runs is his highest to date.

  1. Shikhar Dhawan: In the whole IPL history, Shikhar Dhawan is one of the most consistent batters from the Indian team. Apart from great consistency, he is one of the most reliable openers. Due to his solid performances in the opening slot, middle-over batters in the team can play in a very relaxed way.
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In his IPL career, Dhawan played for various franchises and he captained the Sunriser Hyderabad team for a couple of years. Now he is engaged with the Punjab Kings team and for the 2023 season, the team management has announced Dhawan as their captain for his experience and performance for years. To date, Dhawan played over 150 matches in IPL and scored 5784 runs with a solid strike rate of 126.64.

  1. Suresh Raina: After the 2022 IPL auction, most IPL lovers feel sad after Mr.IPL, Suresh Raina remained unsold. Though he remained unsold that year, his overall performance in IPL from the inaugural 2008 season is still unmatchable.

In 2022 he announce his retirement from IPL but after contributing both with bat and ball in the 2011 World Cup where team India won, he became an iconic player. In his whole IPL career, Raina was very much involved with the Chennai Super Kings team and he became the most vital cog for his side for decades.

In his career, Raina played over 200 matches where he secured 5528 runs with a brilliant average and strike rate of 32.51 and 136.76 respectively. Raina was also among the few players who even scored a century in this format.

  1. David Warner: In 15 years of IPL history few foreign batters become as popular as David Warner, the former skipper and player of Sunrisers Hyderabad. Under his captaincy, the Sunrisers won their first IPL trophy in 2016.

Warner is only the second player in the most number of centuries scored in IPL, 4 centuries he scored to date. Along with 4 centuries, Warner also secured half-centuries 50 times. To date, Warner played 150 IPL matches and secured 5449 runs with an outstanding batting average of 41.59 along with a 139.96 batting strike rate.

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His records in IPL prove that he is one of the great batters in the IPL so far and he still has a bright future left.

  1. AB De Villiers: The first ever 360-degree player in cricket people have ever witnessed, AB De Villiers from South Africa is featured 5th on this list. At his time almost all top bowlers were afraid of bowling against him because he can hit any ball from any length and height to fours or even six to any corner of the ground.

This ability of him along with excellent wicketkeeping skills made him one of the unique and great players of IPL history. De Villiers was the most popular player in his time as a foreign player in IPL because of his several entertaining knocks.

In his career, De Villiers had played over 180 matches in IPL and scored 5000 plus runs with an outstanding strike rate of 151.68. In his career, he also scored centuries 3 times along with 40 half-centuries.

  1. Gautam Gambhir: One of the most settled openers from India with great captaincy skills, Gautam Gambhir is the last player to feature on this list. With formidable batting stats, Gambhir was a very successful captain and under his captaincy, the Kolkata Knight Riders team won IPL twice in 2012 and 2014.

In his career, he was a very reliable batter who used to anchor any innings till the 20th over. His best came in IPL when he used to play for the KKR team and later he was released because of his age. After him, KKR to date could not find players like him in their squad with great captaincy skills.

Gambhir in his career played 150 plus matches and secured 4217 runs with a respectable average of 31.23 and 36 half-centuries.

IPL is a big tournament and here batters have to be pretty skillful to succeed in this tournament. This is the list of top batters but apart from them there are still several young Indian and foreign players who are playing and in future, they can even appear on this list.

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