Canon T7i Vs Canon T6i: Side By Side Comparison [New 2021]

Canon T7i Vs Canon T6i Side By Side Comparison [Updated 2020]

Canon T7i Vs Canon T6i camera comparison. Both of these models descend from precisely the same camera line that’s the Rebel set of Canon, and they’ve been fabricated at exactly two decades apart. With this comparison, we’ll have the ability to realize how Canon has made progress during those years.

Colorfy will provide you an opportunity to assess their fundamental specifications and the strengths and weaknesses and similarities and differences to your Canon T6i vs. Canon T7i DSLR camera comparison.

Canon T7i Vs Canon T6i Comparison

Canon T7i Vs Canon T6i Comparison


When you compare Canon T6i vs. T7i regarding the era, Canon EOS Rebel T6i is your old version (of course). Thus, we should realistically expect some progress performance from T7i when compared with this T6i version. The T6i and the T7i are similar in the sense that both have an optical viewfinder

The picture processor of this camera is among the essential hardware elements to search for. That’s the component that plays the use of reading information delivered by the image detector. It tweaks the colors, corrects tone curves, utilizes sound reduction feature on the recorded image, and several other things.

Along with this, it sends the processed image to the memory card. In that instance, the significance of the image processor is immense. The Canon EOS Rebel T6i has an old picture processor (Digic 6), while Canon EOS Rebel T7i includes a newer and much better Digic 7.

If it comes to picture processors’ performance, Canon EOS Rebel T7i can shoot six glasses each second always. Nonetheless, in Canon EOS Rebel T6i, the rate is limited to 5 frames per minute. Even though the gap between them might not be that enormous to get a beginner, 20 percent more electricity to contact a professional, to put it differently, that framework can choose whether you’re taking a perfect shot or overlook it.

Suppose you demand to take fast-moving actions (could be racing, a softball match, etc.), select Canon EOS Rebel T7i. The autofocus system of this camera is imposing.

Image Quality

If we discuss image processing and quality, Canon T6i employs the elderly Digic 6 processor while on the flip side, Canon EOS Rebel T7i gets the newer Digic 7 processor. Additionally, the Canon T7i provides a continuous shooting rate of 6.0 fps, while the Canon T6i pops out in 5.0 fps constant shooting rate.

Canon T7i Vs Canon T6i Image Quality

Canon EOS Rebel T7i also provides improved low-light shooting, using a more significant maximum ISO setting of 51,200 than 25,600 provided by Canon EOS Rebel T6i. Additionally, it provides an increased dynamic range that can help maintain detail in high-contrast scenes (such as bright days with glowing heavens).

Possessing a Technology-wise perspective, the Canon EOS Rebel T7i provides a more sophisticated image processing engine (DIGIC 7) than Canon T6i (DIGIC 6), together with advantages for sound reduction, color accuracy, and processing rate.

Is it effortless to pick today, based on picture quality and processing regarding Canon EOS Rebel cameras?


Speaking about Auto-Focus, if you’re a person who wishes to take some actions or motion, such as a kids’ soccer game or air racing, the actual advantage of this Canon EOS Rebel T7i is your auto-focus system. It provides 49 points when compared with Canon EOS Rebel T6i that merely supplies 19 points.

On the flip side, the Canon cameras offer you a contemporary Dual Pixel Auto Focus (generally a pro-level attribute ), enabling quicker and more precise auto-focus. Indeed a fantastic thing, right?

Sensory Differences

Image sensors are probably the most significant part of electronic cameras. The bigger the sensor, the more excellent quality of the image captured by the camera. This also implies that giant detectors will have big individual pixels, which can, in turn, produce better low-light sensitivity, color depth, and dynamic range than smaller detectors even though they are carved out of precisely the same technology.

Massive sensors additionally give photographers greater control over depth-in-field from the picture and make a platform to separate the subject from the background successfully. However, regardless of the benefits of more significant detectors, they are costly and tend to create lenses and cameras larger and thicker than they should.

If it comes to Canon T6i vs. T7i, they parade an APS-C detector and possess a crop/format factor of 1.6. These specifications imply that the cameras under inspection have sensors that can rank as medium-sized detectors. This has been done to probably hit the balance between picture quality and general camera portability.

Both cameras also have a native aspect ratio (ratio between detector height and weight) of 3.2.

The similarity between those cameras extends farther than merely the reach of sensor dimensions; they also discuss the identical resolution. But, Canon EOS Rebel was created two years following the launch of this T6i. Hence, T7i might have some technological advancements which will probably not be located in Canon EOS Rebel T6i.

Irrespective of this difference, the two cameras have detectors capable of shooting still images and remarkable video footage (precisely the same required film specifications).

User interface

Both of these cameras have equal user-interface attributes. If it comes to the outdoor buttons, the distinction is notable. The shortcut key used for wireless connectivity is available again on Canon EOS Rebel T7i. Though both of these cameras provide Wi-Fi and NFC features, T7i includes Bluetooth connectivity. This makes a more extensive value addition to the design.

The program interface of Canon EOS Rebel provides an exceptional experience compared to another version. It’s a menu that is guided that comes below the title of feature Assistant.’ This layout makes it quite suitable for beginner users. They could get accustomed to the friendly interface in a speedy manner with no hassle. It replaces the typical user-interface of Canon using a much better, intuitive one.

Different shooting modes are explained quite clearly, utilizing simple English explanations. Well, it’s built focusing on the signature interface. Because of this, the new users will find it quite convenient (since they’re already knowledgeable about smartphone ports. But if you’re a seasoned user, you may turn off that feature. You may then trust the standard user interface.

Video Quality

It’s correct that the two devices provide Total HD 1080P video quality. But, Canon EOS Rebel T7i can execute the same task using a much better frame rate (in a 60fps grade). On the flip side, Canon EOS Rebel T6i features just 30 frames per minute. Well, in regards to the overall video quality, not one of these devices are “wow bits ” This means that you may find cameras offering 4K resolution, which is significantly better in comparison to 1080p.

Thus, we’re not likely to commend one over another concerning video quality. Instead, we ought to emphasize that apparatus has better performance. In cases like this, Canon EOS Rebel T7i is your winner, as you’d have anticipated.

Canon EOS Rebel T7i wins this conflict due to the performance of its sensor. The new sensor comes with on-chip stage detection (which can be referred to as DPAF – Double Pixel Autofocus). As you might have already undergone, live view style in DSLR cameras are annoyingly slow concerning focusing.

However, as a result of the creation of DPAF, the game differs now. The operation has come to be so smooth. In reality, T7i Canon may provide you the expertise of a camera when shooting movies. Well, exactly like with the rest of the things we’ve said, T7i Canon is the winner in this circumstance.


Concerning Canon T7i vs. T6i, Canon T7i provides Bluetooth, NFC link, and Wi-Fi service. On the opposing side, Canon T6i provides Wi-Fi service and NFC link but lacks Bluetooth.

Battery life

The T7i Canon has a little more life to it, with an approximate photo life of 600 vs 440 shots. It is hard to really know, but the new image sensor and some other changes appear to have given a longer battery life.


Of course, both of these had different costs when they entered the marketplace. The Canon EOS Rebel T6i was stopped being an old product. However, you can find it on eBay as a pre-owned camera. The previous year (2018) prices for Canon T6i was approximately $599 with an 18-55 millimeter lens. On the flip side, the Canon T7i has an 18-55 millimeter lens price of $799.

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If you’re beginning and unsure you need to get in photography or have a budget limitation, then I’d only stick with the Canon EOS Rebel. The update isn’t large enough to be concerned about for many people.

But if you can afford the most recent version, you would like to get into photography seriously or require a tiny image stabilization or quicker burst or frame rate. Canon EOS Rebel T7i is undoubtedly the best way to go. Before you understand it (probably 2018), there’ll still be another update, so it is worth finding the latest, if possible. At least, this is always my doctrine.

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