Can I pay my Airtel DTH and postpaid bill together?

Our TVs, laptops, smartphones, and other devices play a key role in our lives in modern times. Especially now, people have become even more adaptable to working from home, and all these devices have helped to usher in the change. Alongside these devices, you also get superfast broadband, seamless DTH connection, smooth mobile networks – all of which only make the whole experience better. These connections do come with an additional cost, and that is where paying the bills come in.

Paying bills at the end of every month is a necessity, and that is something all of us agree on. Be it the DTH connections, prepaid, postpaid or other connections, all these services have to be paid for. However, you will agree that paying bills is sometimes painful. You will have to consider the different plans, various packages, calculate the total mount you have to pay – a lot of hassles.

Thankfully, now you can avoid that with the help of Airtel. If you have an Airtel postpaid SIM connection, and a DTH connection, you can pay bills of both the connections very easily. In case, you hadn’t heard of Airtel Black beforehand, now is the time for you.

What is Airtel Black?

Airtel Black is a service by Airtel where you can pay all the bills together. Therefore, you can club your postpaid connection with your DTH connection and pay a single bill when the month ends. Furthermore, this plan is just not restricted to DTH connections and postpaid. Instead, you can also make use of the same benefits with an Airtel postpaid SIM connection and Airtel broadband. 

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All this sounds great? Wait till you hear about the additional benefits of Airtel Black.

What are the Airtel Black benefits?

Here are some additional benefits of Airtel Black that we think will surely appeal to you:

  1. Convenience of all services from Airtel is at the forefront here.
  2. A dedicated relationship team from Airtel will always be at your service to help you. 
  3. Wide range of Airtel Black plans.
  4. Plans can also be modified depending on how many connections you may require.

Therefore, we suggest that you take advantage of Airtel Black right away! And to pay all these bills together, you could also download the very useful Airtel Thanks app. Thanks is the one place for everything related to Airtel, and more. Using this app, you can make instant cashless payments, not only for your connections, but utility bills, pay back insurance premiums and lots more.

What are the benefits of choosing Airtel postpaid?

Here are the benefits of switching to Airtel postpaid:

  1. A mobile network connection that you can actually rely on.
  2. Network coverage across all locations, so that you never have to face any issues.
  3. Wide range of postpaid plans, so that you can shift according to your budget.
  4. Enough mobile data to help you last the month.
  5. In addition, you will also get data rollover which gives you the benefit of using unused mobile data in the next month.
  6. OTT benefits such as Disney+ Hotstar, Amazon Prime Video and Netflix, depending upon the plans that you choose.

Still not on the Airtel network despite of all these advantages? We will give you one more: Airtel 5G. That is right, after immense speculation, Airtel 5G is finally here and you can now access it. The Airtel 5G network will be there across all the major Indian cities by the end of 2022. In addition, all the major cities of India will also have 5G by the end of 2023. Thus, it is an exciting time to be on the Airtel network. Choose the postpaid plan that suits you best, today!

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