Bitdefender Vpn Review: Top Full Guide 2021

Bitdefender Vpn Review

To get VPN support to construct a relationship, it ought to supply privacy. Including a network host link and top-notch encryption. It ought to provide a reason to you.

Bitdefender dresses like a service that may go head-to-head using big-name VPNs as it comes out of a massive industry player. But, it falls short on privacy policies, customer care, and rate.

This VPN offered a version with the information at 200mb per day and tunneling protocols like open VPN rather than PPTP. If you don’t know about Bitdefender, let Colorfy show you all details of this Bitdefender Vpn Review quickly.

What Is Bitdefender VPN?

This VPN is a service that operates in conjunction. The organization’s site claims that traffic is encrypted on its VPN network, and the service will permit you to protect sensitive data. Bitdefender VPN functions on a Wide Selection of devices, such as:

  • Android
  • iPhone
  • Windows
  • macOS

You get its VPN service, in the event, you download Bitdefender Total Security. Among the problems frequently related to VPN providers that are complementary is that the supply of information to third parties. Businesses are offering VPN services that are free market and log information to third-party firms.

This isn’t true with the Bitdefender VPN service. Since you have already bought the organization’s products when purchasing the Security bundle, Bitdefender doesn’t feel necessary. The Business states that your privacy is 100% secure and the next will not receive your online logs:

  • Insurance Businesses
  • Marketing agencies
  • ISPs

Bitdefender VPN Review 2021



1. No IP Leaks Located

Through testing, we discovered there weren’t any IP leaks and that Bitdefender VPN was secure. Hackers may obtain your IP address when an IP escape happens. But, IP leaks are prevented by this VPN.
The solitude that this VPN provides is just one of its advantages.

2. Safe Jurisdiction

Among the most significant dangers to VPN safety is a coalition of 14 states whose objective is to find and discuss info, such as the 14 Eyes Alliance. VPNs could be subject to more scrutiny.
Bitdefender VPN is set up. It isn’t needed to hand over any information.
Though the firm does not log data, how the provider is subject to authority could provide customers.

3. Bitdefender VPN and Netflix

Does Bitdefender VPN work with Netflix?

Among the advantages of utilizing Bitdefender VPN is the fact that it unblocks Netflix. This isn’t true with each VPN support.
Netflix has set up a blocker that prevents VPNs’ usage that clients can’t spoof their place and accessibility geo-specific content. Through testing, we discovered that This VPN unblocks Netflix, which we analyzed.

4. Enables Torrenting

Bitdefender does not say much about the critical features that a VPN ought to provide. On the contrary, it uses terms such as “accessibility media,” which is a vague and broad statement. I needed to undergo their client service to confirm whether they do if it restricts the P2P access and enables one to torrent.
That is stated by their customer service:

“It shouldn’t obstruct torrenting.”

This is good news for many because torrenting plays a massive role in a lot of users; the boundless bandwidth of the superior version will help fortify this attribute.


1. Slow Speed Performance

A variety of VPNs that come from anti-virus companies fall in their connection rate. Bitdefender VPN shares the same fate. Colorfy analyzed Their link rate on six arbitrary servers, and all were under 70%. That is not great.
This VPN failed to break a connection rate that is near 50 percent of my base rate. Colorfy tested a couple of host places, and they could conquer the ones.

2. Deficiency of Information

We said that Bitdefender utilizes phrases in describing the features it has. They do go into detail about just what the product provides.
Here’s the listing of information not current on their FAQ page and the Bitdefender site:

  • The host state and count coverage.
  • In case the product allows Torrenting.
  • In case it unblocks Netflix.
  • Its logging coverage.
  • The refund policy (located in the Primary Bitdefender site )
  • The majority is necessary, leaving them leaves more questions than answers.
  • We had been made to ask Bitdefender VPN service for the information. They were speaking of customer care.

3. Bad Customer Services

You will want to make sure that it’s going to work if you have bought a VPN service. If you run into any hiccups, you have to make sure customer support is available to help you solve the problems. Regrettably, the Bitdefender VPN service is underwhelming.

The business offers chat service on their website. The support works. You can talk to a live agent if you are not finding the answer. Obtaining the agent and finding a solution can take quite a while.

Additionally, there is a lack of information on the company’s site regarding features. Can you find that tunneling protocols Bitdefender VPN utilizes or its total server count? These both increased red flags for us.

4. Bitdefender VPN cost

There are three pricing options available should you opt to use This VPN. Bitdefender claims that the VPN services will only work if you installed a Bitdefender security solution on your computer. The costs reflected below are the price that you’ll pay to improve your VPN service.

The price of buying the support for protection on up to five devices. If you wish to update to a plan that allows you to protect ten apparatus, you should pay about an additional $5 each year.

5. Basic VPN

You’ll receive the Basic VPN. Standard VPN provides a personalized browsing experience and allows you to conduct secured transactions over any WiFi network.

Regrettably, your internet traffic is capped by Bitdefender in a 200MB limit every day, which means the service will not work as a VPN to get torrenting.

Final Verdict

You could be tempted to purchase Bitdefender VPN because of the “big name” attached to it. There is no denying that Bitdefender is one of the prominent players in the cybersecurity industry. But when it comes to its VPN service, Bitdefender comes.

This VPN is an attractive alternative to many since it is affordable and provides security. When using the product, we discovered that it was slow. Even the Premium VPN subscription produced slow download and upload rates. Furthermore, Bitdefender VPN’s customer support is considerably lacking.

Colorfy feels that if you’re likely to cover a VPN service, you’re better off investing in a facility committed to producing the best VPN product accessible.

Bitdefender Vpn FAQ

When should I use this VPN?

You’ve got to be cautious when you download, download, or upload content. To Be Sure You stay safe when surfing the web, and we recommend you to use Bitdefender when you:

• want to connect to public wireless networks
• want to get content that is usually limited in regions, no matter if you are overseas or home
• wish to keep your private data private (usernames, passwords, email addresses, credit card info, etc.. )
• want to hide your IP address

What is the difference between the Premium VPN version along with Bitdefender VPN?

This VPN is included by default in your Bitdefender product on Windows, Android, macOS, and iOS. It connects you to the best server and gives 200MB visitors per device, without having it to alter. You can buy the Bitdefender Premium VPN subscription to acquire unlimited traffic and the option to link to any available server. The advantages of the Premium version will likely get unlocked as soon as you activate the subscription.

Will Bitdefender share my IP address and personal data?

No, with This VPN, your privacy is 100% safe. Nobody (advertising services, ISP’s, insurance companies, etc.) will have access to your online logs.

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