Best Xbox One External Hard Drive: Full Guide 2021

Best Xbox One External Hard Drive

Xbox One storage is complete, the way to acquire more storage Xbox One? Adding an external hard disk into your Xbox One will expand your Xbox One console’s storage area.

You may then download new Xbox One games and do not have to delete old games to release free distance manually.

To help you solve the matter, we look through the most OK external hard drives in 2021 to confer with these ten most OK Xbox One external hard drives for you.

Different external hard drives such as Xbox One like 1TB, 2TB, 4TB, etc. will be readily available for your selection. Let Colorfy show you the Best Xbox One External Hard Drive in this guide. 

What External Hard Drives Are Compatible with Xbox One

Let us first check out precisely what external hard drives are compatible with Xbox One. It is possible to assess the Xbox One demands outside storage under.

The external hard disk for Xbox One has to be USB 3.0 compatible.

The Xbox One external hard disk storage needs to have a storage capacity of no more significant than 256GB.

On Xbox One, just two external drives may be used at precisely the same moment.

The external hard disk has to be reformatted and also have a minimum of one partition. What is more, Xbox One can recognize the external hard disk whose initial partition is formatted with FAT32.

When the external hard disk you are likely to include into Xbox One is NTFS format, then you can assess the under guide on how to convert NTFS to FAT32.

Xbox One console will reformat the external hard disk once you place this up onto Xbox One, and it’ll wipe all information on the drive and lock it to keep you from using it onto other devices such as a PC.

How to Pick the Best external hard drives for PS4 and Xbox One for you

The main point to consider when buying one of the most significant external hard drives for PS4 and Xbox One is the storage area. Suppose you are running a bit short on space but do not purchase games that often, a two TB hard disk or less will do just fine.

On the flip side, if you discover yourself with some enormous new fun each couple weeks, only an 8 TB version will keep pace with your library.

It’s also wise to consider the name. As computer components move, hard drives are somewhat prone to collapse. I am likely to be the bearer of terrible news, but it is true.

Therefore, it is essential to get a significant manufacturer financing its product up, instead of a no-name company that is likely to evaporate the moment something malfunctions.

A reliable hard disk maker makes it less probable your device will fail in the first place, and it can be very significant, considering that you are entrusting a hard disk along with your matches and saving information.

Best Xbox One External Hard Drive in 2021 

Best Xbox One External Hard Drive in 2021

1. Seagate Game Drive Hub


  • Large capacity
  • Additional functionality of the hub foundation with two USB 3.0 vents


  • Expensive
  • A/C plug takes outlet up space.

Have you got a vast digital library you wish to stay fit and ready to play regularly? You are going to require a great deal of storage for it. This hard drive has a whopping 8 TB of storage capacity and doubles as a USB hub full of two USB 3.0 interfaces.

For the performance and cost, this pulse is a good purchase. You can now make your way via your Xbox Pass backlog or the ideal split display PS4 matches in your conditions!

Just bear in mind that the PS4 caps out the external storage area at 8 TB, so if you join this hard disk, that is all of the space you will receive. On the flip side, assuming a match download dimension of 50 GB, 8 TB is sufficient to get 160 games, which means you should be OK.

2. WD Gambling Works With PlayStation


  • Optimized for PlayStation


  • Short cable

WD’s PS4 hard disk blends in with your PS4 due to a compact layout and blue highlights. A simple set-up enables you to plug into the drive and begin downloading articles in minutes.

Though the industry is roughly equal to rivals in size and speed, the brief cable could be a problem for consumers who must store away the drive from your console.

The best thing the WD Gambling Works has in its favor is ease. It is designed with PS4 grip in mind, right down into the “black box with blue highlights ” layout, which means you will never have to worry about compatibility or aesthetics.

With two TB storage areas, you can download heaps of big-budget games and still have space left over for as many films and TV shows as you care to get.

3. Seagate Game Drive for Xbox


  • Xbox optimized
  • Standout layout


  • Finicky guarantee policy

From a design perspective to application optimizations, this Seagate drive is for the Xbox electricity user. This drive comes in many different Microsoft franchise layouts, is remarkably compact, and requires just a USB link to plug in and play your console.

Though these branded drives are a little more pricey, the couple dollars more alleviates offers and worries Xbox users a customizable no-fuss encounter.

The industry contains a one-month membership to Microsoft’s exclusive Sport Pass sports subscription service so you can set your brand new storage to use instantly.

The device’s physical appearance can be worth mentioning because it mirrors the Xbox One, therefore tightly.

Though many external hard drives are just one degree over eyesores, the Seagate Game Drive for Xbox seems like a fabulous matched pair with Microsoft’s console.

4. WD 4TB My Passport Mobile


  • Massive storage capacity
  • Reputable brand at a Fantastic cost
  • Excellent rates


  • Slightly short connector cable

Digital 4TB My Passport collection. We used to advocate a 2TB drive (that is still greater than big enough for many people), however using Xbox One X possession rising and the greater size of 4K matches, this is the very best approach to future proof.

Concerning features, this USB 3.0 (and USB 2.0) compatible hard drives offer 256-AES cloud and encryption storage, together with WD’s backup program. All you need to be aware of is this hits the sweet spot of size, affordability, and speed. This 4TB external hard disk will save up to 40 Xbox One X matches (or even more) and 100 or so regular Xbox One matches.

Essentially, it is a monster and using a three-year limited guarantee. There is every reason to get the utmost assurance. It is offered in a 2TB choice, but 4TB feels just like the most significant value. Moreover, the new layout is excellent, fashionable and retains all that’s great in a shiny fresh aesthetic.

5. Toshiba 1TB Canvio Advance


  • Fantastic cost
  • Little and slick
  • Various colors available


  • Conventional HDD rate

The Toshiba Canvio Advance is a beautiful bit of kit: it includes a shiny shell, a straightforward layout, plus a neat, blue power-light towards the very top. It does not need an extra energy supply and plugs into the USB port on your Xbox One console and functions.

It’s read and write rates to match the rest of the drives on this listing, and features a two-year guarantee as standard. Suppose you would like to use it for a PC also.

In that case, it’s password protection and automated document backup, which can be equally helpful features that elevate this version over our last budget select, the Canvio Basics. The sole drawback of this Advance is it does not arrive from a green color, so it will not match your console.

But, it is possible to acquire white that does seem slick alongside many consoles. You should be able to catch the 1TB version for around $50 / 50, making it a real bargain.

6. WD Black P10 1-5TB Sport Drive


  • Super portable size
  • Runs calm and quiet in Any Way times
  • 3-year guarantee


  • Quite Costly
  • Standard rates

The WD Black P10 hard disk is a great portable choice for mobile storage. And while not recorded as a rocky hard disk, we discovered it to have a very sturdy build quality using the metallic topside giving it a small transport container aesthetic.

We also detected the hard drive works cool (and gently too), even with straight back to back-to-back 16-hour days to get a few weeks.

Why would you have it running that long? Well, we chose to examine the 5TB variant and download each Xbox Game Passes match (took some time with our house connection rate ). And we handled it too, that is over 280 matches, using a little bit of distance leftover.

The write speed is not anything particular at around 130 MB/s’; however, we discovered it matched that of the Xbox One console. So we’re perfectly content running our whole game set from that external hard disk in place of the console’s memory card platform.

An Xbox version has a white trim rather than the more economical all-black version, but that is the only real difference, and we discovered the simple one to become more economical even though a number of the branded ones include a code for two months of Game Pass. Therefore worth assessing the product description for affirmation there.

7. Seagate 2TB/4TB Xbox One Game Drive


  • All of the space you will ever want
  • Looks Excellent


  • A bit on the pricey side

This branded external hard disk on Xbox One comes in two or 4GB options providing you with a choice based on if you’d like to go for networking storage or even games.

It is essentially a standard Seagate drive in a flashier situation. You are paying roughly $15-20 additional for getting the (admittedly very fine ) embossed Xbox logo and official green instance shade. If your budget permits and aesthetics are essential for you, it is functionally still a fantastic option, and you can frequently find it available.

The Seagate 2TB Game Drive in official Xbox green often drops in cost around big retail occasions, so while today is an excellent time to purchase, we will surely see discounts from the new year earnings.

8. Seagate Expansion 8TB


  • Gargantuan storage area
  • Fantastic cost


  • Requires plugging into the mains
  • Not exactly small

The Seagate Expansion 8TB is USB 3.0 compatible and provides more storage than you will probably ever need. It is the perfect option for the prolific Xbox One user who would like to purchase one hard disk and never consider storage. The massive storage capacity increases the cost.

Of course, as well as also the 8-TB drive needs an external power adapter (provided from the box) but is amazingly refined for such a massive apparatus.

At 2.09 pounds with 4.75 x 6.93 x 1.44 measurements, the Seagate Expansion 8TB can be considerably lighter than equal large capacity external hard drives, like the WD 8TB My Novel drive at 3.0 pounds with sizes of 1.9 x 5.5 x 6.7 in.

Best Xbox One External Hard Drive FAQs

Best Xbox One External Hard Drive FAQs

Could you use an ordinary external hard disk for Xbox one?

Fortunately, the console encourages the usage of external drives, which makes it effortless to expand your storage area to games and other material. External drives have to be 256GB and enable USB 3.0 on Xbox One. Slower USB 2.0 drives aren’t supported, ensuring information will move very fast between your console and the driveway.

Can an external hard disk make Xbox one quicker?

Even though it may appear counterintuitive, old Xbox versions can see much better performance when running matches via an external drive. This is mostly since the external drive’s USB 3.0 link provides faster speeds than the SATA II drive within the console.

Do games operate on an external hard disk?

It truly is dependent upon the external drive. When it’s a 5400rpm drive, then it’ll be about the same or a bit slower. However, if it’s a 7200rpm drive or an external SSD, then it’ll be much quicker.


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