Best Xbox One Controller: Top Full Guide 2021

Best Xbox One Controller

Adequate control has become the most significant part of the gaming experience, and it is a part that lots of players take for granted. The form of the controller, for example, helps you game for hours, whereas the button and adhesive responsiveness can improve your match significantly.

This control, packed with your most recent Xbox console buy, is not as awful as you believe, but it may be better. These typical controllers have many openings and cheap-feeling face sticks and buttons, which may be more progressive.

So, if you are trying to update your Xbox One control, then let Colorfy shows you the Best Xbox One Controller in this guide. 

How to buy the best Xbox One controller for you

What are the essential features to be aware of?

The very first items are customizability and repairability. The absolute best controls allow you to correct and substitute the thumbsticks and D-pad switches to fit your tastes and match the dimensions of these grips and all without needing to purchase a new controller.

But that is not where customizability finishes. Some control manufacturers allow you to customize the appearance of your control, also. Additionally, it is worth looking for additional buttons and paddles.

Aftermarket control manufacturers add to their powers to make your life simpler and hair-trigger manners for the left and right trigger buttons, setting down a burst of withering machine-gun flame slightly more responsive.

At the top end, controls make it feasible to adjust the vibration engine; a few rules even arrive with numerous vibrating motors, even in the causes and the handgrips.

Does spending make a difference?

Among the most significant compromises, a producer must make when constructing a controller to package using a console-based on substances.

Ordinarily, a typical controller is constructed from plain or slightly textured vinyl. Many times, the buttons feel cheap and spongy, and the rubberized coating around the thumbsticks may wear with prolonged use.

Spend a little more on an excellent control, however, and you also get improved build quality, longer responsive sticks and buttons that feel much more comfortable but have a much more progressive sense, giving you more precise control over in-game motion, particularly in driving games.

What are additional features worth considering?

Last but not least, aftermarket controls will often add extra or alternative connectivity choices. If you are not fond of replacing the batteries every month, you can elect for wired control.

Some rules will include a rechargeable battery, though it’s worth noting that it is possible to purchase rechargeable batteries to your standard Xbox One S controller anyhow.

Also, be watching for buttons that enable you to command more mundane features like headphone volume. When you are focusing on the activity, the last thing you need to do would be to take your hands off the grips.

Best Xbox one controller in 2021

Best Xbox one controller in 2021

1. Best Xbox one control


  • Four remappable buttons
  • Short hair-trigger locks
  • Non-slip rubber grip
  • Elegant chrome light


  • Lacking some critical features for this cost

Razer has proven itself no slouch when it comes to providing gamers on all platforms using a ton of unique gamepad choices. Simultaneously, options do look somewhat limited compared to this Wolverine Ultimate Xbox One control we mentioned before.

It is still worth a mention since it manages to balance innovative customizability and pared-back design, offering Xbox One gamers using an excellent level of flexibility without looking garish.

The primary way the Razer Wolverine Tournament Edition accomplishes that is through 4 remappable buttons, 2 of which are rear paddles that are readily accessed through the heat of drama.

Other innovative features the Razer Wolverine Tournament Edition contains our hair-trigger guards, which lowers presses’ space to create the action of shooting faster in first-person shooters.

Also, helping competitive players is your control’s ergonomic non-slip rubberized grip to make sure Xbox One players have a grasp on their in-game activities.

The Razer Wolverine Tournament Edition also manages to avoid appearing nasty despite its chroma lighting. That is because it is layered around the emblem section on the very top, including a splash of design that is not too distracting.

Just as we enjoy it and it does feel fantastic in-hand. We would recommend you to devote a bit more and get the much superior Wolverine Ultimate, together with additional customization choices and lightning-fast face buttons since they’re somewhat stiff here.

2. PowerA Enhanced wired control


  • Cheaper than the official Xbox controller
  • Two innovative gaming buttons
  • Dual rumble motors
  • Officially licensed by


  • Incredibly simple style

If you would rather play with your Xbox One using a wired control and crave a trusted solution, it is worth considering the PowerA Enhanced wired control.

It imitates the look of the Xbox One Wireless controller you get to your initial console buy, just it is offered in a variety of attractive color alternatives and boasts two innovative gaming buttons on the trunk.

These buttons may be obtained towards the lower end of the grips around the back and programmed to any activity you prefer.

The PowerA Enhanced wired control is a wired alternative that provides you a competitive advantage. Therefore, it creates our listing of the finest Xbox One controls currently on the market.

It is comfortable, comfortable, has the features you would like, but is more affordable than if you should purchase a formal Xbox One Wireless control while still opening up additional choices.

If you’re an eSports centric Twitch streamer looking for reliability or merely a participant wanting the other gamepad to give to a friend for co-op play, the PowerA Enhanced wired control is here to answer the telephone.

3. Hyperkin Duke


  • Faithful layout replication
  • Fantastic attention to detail
  • Vibration feedback
  • Truth activates and bumpers.


  • Probably too archaic for contemporary players

Some things only get better with age. The people over at Hyperkin were fast to recognize this fast-growing Xbox One control alternative, which harkens back to the first Xbox console’s controller’s style.

Nicknamed “The Duke” because of how beefy it had been, Hyperkin’s contemporary interpretation is loyal from a design perspective. It features the traditional Xbox emblem in its center.

Additionally, as you anticipate, the Hyperkin Duke can be utilized wired, ardently cementing its strong focus on detail. It ought to make our record of the finest Xbox One controls.

The Hyperkin Duke will not be to everybody’s taste. This is a layout that has always been iterated and improved after all, but it does not imply that long-term Xbox players will not enjoy the potent dose of old 2000s nostalgia it gives.

Hyperkin has been smart enough to incorporate a reasonable number of modern improvements, like fully supported vibration opinions and precision analog activates and bumpers.

Minor elements such as this not only highlight the traditional Duke design farther but function to subtly bring it up to the current standards. The Hyperkin Duke is a great Xbox One control for those that have remained with the stage as the start.

4. Dragon Grips


  • Lightweight and portable
  • Durable material
  • Simple to Use


  • Thumbstick by nil not contained

If you’re bored of pursuing a much better grasp of something that you adore, catch the Dragon Grips for additional precision for your gaming requirements. The dragon Grips control goes a long way toward improving some Xbox gambling experience. That is correct; it provides a powerful anti-slip grip.

The substance used in the Xbox controller is the same used to secure elite weapons. The material fits perfectly on the top buttons, activates bits, and the D-pad to raise the grip.

The clasp lessens the odds of dropping your control and slipping through the heat of the moment. Well, at no time if you miss that shot simply because your finger transferred off the mat. Rock these gratifying grips put and improve your abilities precisely like the pro you’re

You may agree the Dragon Grip surpasses your requirement expectations. As a heavy gamer, wearing accessories is going to be the very last thing you’ll be able to be worried about. To top it off, you’re provided with a one year guarantee.

In case your palms get sweaty as a result of anxiousness and these matters, the Dragon Grip controller got you covered. The material used doesn’t slide off in these scenarios, which means you will continue with your gambling session easily.

The Dragon Grip is lean at just 5mm thick, which will help improve control and performance. Anyway, it’s lightweight, which makes it comfortable to use for extended sessions.

5. Elite Series two


  • Includes a Fantastic battery life of around 40 hours
  • Ergonomic design for Additional comfort
  • Compatibility with a lot of one version
  • Simple to control and use


  • Occasionally lags when playing.

Another high Xbox third party control is the Elite Series 2. Unlike many wireless controls, the Elite Series 2 includes a layout intricately designed to fulfill your gaming requirements. The power features over 30 new gaming modes, which scale the proficiency into a pro-level.

This control was created with adjustable-tension thumbsticks, trigger locks, and a rubberized grip to boost your planning. The exterior design incorporates these features to raise the total functioning of the control. With superior functionality comes a guaranteed competitive benefit.

Like most current controls, the Elite Series two is not difficult to customize. These choices enable you to tailor your power to the gaming style of your choosing.

To attain the customization, the Elite Series 2 control includes interchangeable thumbsticks. Additionally, you may use Bluetooth, Xbox wireless, or even a USB cable to perform your Windows 10 apparatus and Xbox.

The battery lifetime of Elite Series 2 is worth mentioning, provided that it is possible to play around 40 hours. The USB cable helps recharge the battery, which means that you can control it outside or within the carrying case. To boost its durability, the console was created with re-engineered elements that continue long.

Additionally, the control has a wired alternative through its USB cable. Therefore, you can increase your battery life by merely interchanging between wireless and wired connection.

6. Microsoft Xbox control


  • Has a headphone jack
  • Simple to Use
  • Smooth gaming experience
  • Has a voice command
  • Lets You talk about


  • Requires paid online solutions

If you’d like to have an immersive gaming experience, a textured grasp feeling of relaxation, the Microsoft Xbox is worth purchasing. Like never before, the Xbox features a top responsive thumbstick for supreme precision. The recently designed D-pad brings about a high response to vertical and sweeping motions.

The Xbox has shapes and grips to boost relaxation. Batteries perfectly fit nicely in the control body, making more space on your hands to grip the controller. Furthermore, it uses triggers and bumpers nicely made for fast accessibility.

The Xbox controller has urgent triggers that provide high fingertip vibration responses into the thumb. This way, you can appreciate and feel each crash, weapon, and jots into some degree of gaming realism.

The Microsoft Xbox controller is an all in 1 console. Meaning it could handle TV programming and include NFL extras to dwell matches. The console employs 4K capacities and supports enormous storage of up to 1TB. Does the Xbox operate nicely with standard TVs and HDTVs, something video fans will adore?

The Xbox Bluetooth technology provides you effortless gambling on tablet computers, PCs, and Windows 10. Concerning convenience, the Microsoft Xbox control is not easy to beat. With the plugin and play feature, you can play with your favorite Xbox One match at your convenience.

Furthermore, if you’re a newcomer to the gambling world, the plug and play feature will make your job simply because you do not need to think about loading drivers manually, switches, and hardware conflicts.

7. Razer Wolverine Ultimate


  • Super responsive face buttons
  • Fantastic grip layout
  • Six additional mappable buttons


  • Wired connection just

The Razer Wolverine Ultimate is a real competitor to Microsoft’s superb Series 2 Elite for the title of most significant Xbox One controller and has greater customization due to the extra M1/M2 shoulder buttons. The four buttons underneath the back’s control are similar to paddles and much more like additional causes that may be a tiny bit more of a hit.

Still, we found them much less vulnerable to accidental touches compared to Elite’s paddles that extend into your typical grip region. You also receive a couple of components, including taller or rounder analogs plus a four or eight-directional d-pad.

A massive shout from the face buttons that have ditched the ordinary squishy sense for an instantaneous response is more consistent with a mouse than. We have come to expect from control buttons.

It is a fantastic feature that the Elite two has been smart to borrow for the update, and it is going back into regular button inputs to the standard Xbox controller texture incredibly lethargic.

The Razer Wolverine Ultimate trumps Microsoft’s monster in two neat places. However, by letting you save two-controller profile installations onboard simultaneously and you do not have to venture into menus to switch between them thanks to its onboard controls.

There is also a remapping button to change up things on the fly, too, though you do, possess the Xbox program to make maps using a visual help and adjust analog sensitivity.

Best Xbox One Controller FAQs

Best Xbox One Controller FAQs

What’s the rarest Xbox control?

The Project Scorpio controller is among the rarest Xbox One controls out there. It was only available from the Xbox One X Project Scorpio Edition package released in the launch of the Xbox One X. The controller is quite similar to this Day One Edition controller bundled together with the first Xbox One.

Is the elite control worth the cost?

Yes, it is. However, it’s also not the only real pro’ control you can consider. … But if you’re considering buying a brand new power and you have thought about the Elite, then the solution is yes. It is very much worth the Additional cash, even at $140

What control do professional players use?

SCUF controls are the only alternative for console pros. SCUF rules are the only alternative for play consoles, particularly for first-person shooters like Call of Duty.

Does the Xbox Elite control break easily?

It is quality and hefty and elastic in all the ideal ways. It cheapens other normal controls, which makes them feel like insufficient plastic toys. However, it will probably also break down at any stage. The rubber grips will come loose.

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