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best torrent client

Torrent customers aren’t actual individuals, but instead a way of downloading files that utilize a peer-to-peer platform. These customers give the electronic world a quicker way to receive huge files, like movies. But choosing the very best torrent client could be challenging with each of the alternatives out there.

You will find the bare-bones ones such as Deluge, or whether you’re searching for something with fuller features, subsequently Tixati may be your next customer. Let Colorfy show you a more suitable selection for you in the Best Torrent Client. 

What Are Torrent (P2P) Clients? What is the Role of the Kind of Software?

You are reading this article because you would like to download torrent files. Well, know you can not download torrent files unless you’ve got an application which lets you achieve that. This is where torrent customers get involved, providing a means to your torrent files to do the job.

Within our Ultimate Guide to Torrenting, you can learn about the BitTorrent protocol (ensure you assess how torrents work, for extra information). This is where you will find that we speak about decentralized systems in this circumstance, where every computer has a part of the file you are downloading. It usually means that you will need to link to other users downloading the same P2P document, which is precisely what torrent clients are intended to perform.

As you can imagine, torrent customers are not a novelty. They have been here quite a while, and a number have developed complex features. Now, even when you’re trying to find a free-of-charge torrent customer, you can do more than download P2P files. It is possible to search for information throughout the internet, stream music and movies without even leaving the torrent customer, make and distribute private torrents, and more.

Why You Want a Safe Torrent Client

When correcting any document, you can’t always be sure of what you are downloading. Since torrent documents are unregulated, it is incredibly simple for hackers to hide malware from mislabeled documents or software packages.

After you download these records, the malware installs itself onto your apparatus. Based on the sort of malware, this may result in annoying pop-up advertisements, bloatware cluttering your CPU, or spyware, which give hackers full access to your sensitive information.

Employing a trusted and secure torrent customer will go away to protecting you against these dangers. Some customers have paid-for premium models offering built-in virus protection. Others are going to be sure that you display any advertisements displayed within the customer.

It is sometimes a fantastic idea to be on the watch to an open-source customer. These do not rely on earning money through advertisements, meaning no annoying, or possibly harmful advertisements in any way.

How to Select the Best Torrent Client to Your Needs?

After all, said so much, you have to be thinking about how to decide on the very best torrent client for your requirements? What do you need to bear in mind while assessing a list of P2P clients? Well, let us give you a few pointers.

Platform Compatibility: Just in the event, you’re using Windows, macOS, or Linux, you should not have difficulty locating a torrent client. Additionally, it’s perfect to understand that torrent customers are inter-compatible, meaning you could download torrent files regardless of a customer you use. Also, there are Android P2P customers, but you will have difficulty if you are an iOS user regrettably.

Size & Performance: The hottest torrent customers are amazingly lightweight. You may download and install them in an instant. Additionally, they are generally mild in your system’s tools. This is particularly significant as it may take hours to get a massive torrent file.

Ease of use: The fantastic thing is you don’t need to be an IT specialist to download torrents. But a few of the clients generally get an overly complicated UI. This is great if you need to dive deep into various kinds of settings. Otherwise, an extremely straightforward application can do the job.

Price/Adware: Last but not least, there is the cost. Nearly all P2P clients are at no charge. But some of them serve advertisements, and that’s their way of creating revenue. Do not worry. We will only list the applications that do not function as common adware.

The Best Torrent Customers in 2021?

1. UTorrent Vintage / Internet

Even the uTorrent client is among the most popular applications of this sort. The company behind it’s well conscious of the topic, which explains why it’s supplying the Pro’ version. On the other hand, the free-of-charge variant should do the task for nearly all users.

First of all, this is a remarkably modest program. You may download it in a matter of moments and then proceed to set up the computer software. Throughout the setup, be sure that you go through every step and opt-out of bundled applications carefully. As soon as you’re finished, you’ll be greeted with a reasonably easy interface appropriate for beginners.

When you are ready to dive deeper, you’ll see why uTorrent is among the most significant torrent customers in 2021. It includes document prioritization, scheduled downloads, streaming, media player, third-party plugins, and more.

Supported Platforms: Windows, macOS, Linux, Android.


  • Adaptable
  • Light in your computer’s tools
  • Plenty of customization options
  • Scheduled downloads.


  • Not the most polished UI
  • Includes bundled applications.

Cost: Free / $19.95 annually (PRO).

2. BitTorrent

BitTorrent is being promoted as the first torrent customer’ That’s true because BitTorrent has existed for quite a while today. Additionally, you may use its site to come across many completely legal documents, such as videos and music.

Besides somewhat annoying advertisements and bundled applications, there are not any real downsides for this torrent customer. However, experienced you’re, you’re free to customize the UI based on your requirements (it may be as straightforward or as complicated as you require it to be).

Essentially, this can be a drag-and-drop program that supports the standard set of features. You can prioritize torrent files, download individual files inside torrents, play websites, and flow torrents. There are a few advanced features also, such as IP filtering.

Supported Platforms: Windows, Mac, Android.


  • Surprisingly compact file size
  • Great functionality
  • Great for first-timers
  • Plenty of customization options available.


  • It includes bundled applications.

Cost: Free / $19.95 annually (PRO).

3. Transmission

Throughout the previous few decades, Apple has done a fantastic job of improving its desktop operating system, making it more polished than previously. Regular security-related upgrades are excellent for consumers but awful for torrent customers.

That is precisely what makes it challenging to locate a trusted customer for Apple’s desktop OS. But, we’ve got the ideal solution, which could be Transmission.

This is a remarkably lightweight application that requires full advantage of macOS. You may download it under a minute and drag-and-drop its icon to install it. From there on, it is all drag-and-drop based. Locate a torrent file, insert it to Transmission, and the program is going to do the rest by itself. It’ll optimize the preferences according to your link and get the required torrent files.

The program works quietly in the background and also takes up hardly any tools, meaning that entry-level MacBook Air versions can operate Transmission without one problem. And lastly, be sure that you check other torrent customers for macOS.

Supported Platforms: Windows (ancient trailer ), macOS, Linux, Internet.


  • Highly optimized for macOS
  • Incredibly Easy to use
  • Polished UI.


  • Does not provide plenty of.

Cost: Free of charge.

4. qBittorrent

This is only one of the earliest torrent customers that still works with no difficulties. It does not include an extraordinarily polished or contemporary port, but it quickly gets the work done. Thus, we’d love to urge qBittorrent to first-time torrent consumers and computers using mild specs.

We would not want you to believe that qBittorrent is a barebones program. It includes amazingly powerful built-in tools that produce the entire process of downloading torrents somewhat simpler. There is an integrated torrent search engine, media player, and encryption to your P2P connection.

You might even prioritize torrents as you download them as well as certain select documents to download inside torrent files. The one thing that’s missing here is you won’t find any plugins because you can do other comparable programs. But, plugins are mainly for seasoned users.

Supported Platforms: Windows, macOS, Linux, FreeBSD.


  • User-friendly UI
  • Comes without advertisements
  • Light on system resources
  • Integrated P2P file search engine
  • Media playback encouraged.


  • Lacks a deeper degree of personalization.

Cost: Free of charge.

5. Deluge

You may often hear people speaking about Deluge since the ideal tool for beginners. But, we disagree with this statement. Though newbies will have the ability to use it from the box, it requires a while to discover what Deluge is about.

On the other hand, this torrent customer is relatively light when it regards its size and functionality. It is possible to use it on a decade-old pc, and it’ll run just fine. Drag-and-drop a torrent file on its UI, and it’ll start to download.

When you understand this application, you may observe that it incorporates Chrome and Firefox and includes useful third-party add-ons. These may shut down your computer when the document is downloaded, unzip files, transfer them to a particular place, etc.

Additionally, there are no advertisements or bundled software, which is always a wonderful thing to see.

Supported Platforms: Windows, macOS, Linux.


  • Expandable via plugins
  • Integrates with Chrome and Firefox
  • Includes a useful user community
  • Enables scheduled downloads.


  • Takes a while to learn the principles.

Cost: Free of charge.

6. Vuze

Long-term torrenting lovers have probably heard about Azureus some time back. This is a favorite torrent client famous for its well-designed UI. Vuze is an immediate descendant of Azureus, which includes considerably improved and improved features.

The same as using uTorrent, we recommend not hurrying with the setup as you will wind up with bundled applications. Additionally, you’ll be requested to prepare the software by your requirements. This may sound intimidating, but each attribute is wholly explained. In any case, that torrent customer can be as straightforward or as complicated as you would like it to be.

It usually means that it takes advantage of your system’s tools in a big way. Thus, we don’t suggest it to people who have entry-level laptops.

Supported Platforms: Windows, macOS, Linux, Android.


  • Built-in social features
  • Integrates with third-party plugins
  • Comes with Vuze torrent packs
  • Robust configurations.


It is not the most comfortable choice to use (takes some time to learn about the fundamentals ).

Cost: Free / $9.99 a month (Vuze Plus).

7. WebTorrent

We are confident that a lot of you’re downloading lots of films via P2P. As you probably already know, you will need to wait to get the whole file before playing with it on your device. But, WebTorrent is here to provide a remedy for this problem.

As soon as you incorporate a magnet or torrent file for this program, it will begin to download it. But, you’re going to stream the document rather than waiting for this to be completely downloaded.

There is also a whole set of playback controls, where you can increase or decrease the playback rate, control the volume, add subtitles, and much more. And lastly, we have to mention that WebTorrent attracts a superbly designed interface on Windows, macOS, and Linux. Regrettably, no cellular versions are available at the moment.

Supported Platforms: Windows, macOS, Linux.


  • An easy yet glistening UI
  • Open-source applications
  • Designed for media streaming
  • Useful support documentation.


  • It is created for streaming media chiefly (but may be used to obtain all sorts of P2P files( yet ).

Cost: Free.

8. BitLord

We’ll finish our listing of the most significant torrent customers in 2021 with BitLord. This is old software that manages to deliver competitive features. Both novices and skilled torrent users may utilize it because BitLord is an extremely flexible alternative.

We advise you to listen while installing this program. Depending on what you need, BitLord will download the necessary files and proceed with the setup. If you are not careful, you may wind up getting unwanted applications. But, we are aware that this is BitLord’s attempt to earn some cash, which means that you can quickly uninstall distinct parts later.

If it has to do with its capacities, you can trust the conventional set of features. But what is interesting about this program are complex tools. To begin with, there is a built-in hunt tool for sound, video, and other sorts of torrents. Following that, you can stream videos into your personal computer or play with them through Chromecast. Last, you may also download subtitles and be sure everything is ready before seeing a film or TV display.

Supported Platforms: Windows, macOS.


  • Password-protected
  • Easy file-sharing choices
  • Includes a built-in search engine optimization.


  • Rarely published upgrades
  • Aged UI.

Cost: Free of charge.

Conclusion and Additional Reading

Torrenting can be insecure, but it does not have to be should you pick the ideal P2P customer and the perfect VPN. With both combined, you need to have the ability to seed risk-free and without even fretting about your cybersecurity.

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