Best SSD For PS4: Top Full Guide 2021

Best SSD For PS4

Finding some excess storage for your PS4 is almost always a fantastic idea. However, adding among the very best PS4 SSDs for your installation requires it up a notch and gives you superior storage. It may sound dull, OK. It will seem tedious.

However, a PS4 SSD may be a massive boost to your gambling and console encounter. They are quick, reliable, and more mobile than ever.

If you would like to get everyone your games, programs, documents, and saves to hand on your machine, then among the very best PS4 SSDs is your solution.

And S.S.D.s are way ahead on outside storage – it is no surprise that the PS5 will probably be embracing its PS5 SSDs and getting a shot of HDDs. Let Colorfy how you the Best SSD For PS4 in this guide. 

Best SSD For PS4 in 2021

Best SSD For PS4 in 2021

1. Samsung 860 EVO SSD For PS4 Pro

Concerning speed and cost ratio, our best pick for the best inner S.S.D. for PS4 Pro is Samsung 860 QVO SSD. Even though it is not precisely the maximum functionality S.S.D. on the market, it will certainly do its job within a PS4 Pro console.

Technically, game consoles may not fully benefit from the high rate of S.S.D.s because of the CPU processing capacity restriction. Therefore, any S.S.D. using 300 MB/s move rates can quickly optimize the total operation of a PS4 Pro.

The 860 QVO features Samsung’s latest V4 QLC V-NAND paired technologies and the progress SATA interface and its own well-established M.J.X. Controller. These elements collectively provide up to 550MB/s of consecutive read and 550MB/s of sequential write throughput and 97,000/89,000 random read/write IOPS.

The 860 QVO is targeted at preserving Samsung’s 3-bit functionality while lowering the prices and creating a much more efficient and more cost-effective S.S.D.

But, performance is but one portion of this equation: that the 860 QVO utilizes a lower-quality Q.L.C. flash processor that’s supposed to deliver lower costs and greater capacity into the masses.


  • Great Overall Performance
  • QLC V-NAND Technology
  • Fantastic Random R/W Rate
  • Encryption Supported


  • None

2. Essential MX500 Internal S.S.D. For PlayStation 4 Pro

The Crucial MX500 is among the most inexpensive high capacity S.S.D. on the market now. It provides quite a fantastic cost per G.B. ratio and the reliability, which began with the MX500 series. Additionally, while the S.S.D. average cost has decreased, the MX500 still provides excellent performance in both reading and writing operations, making it among the best options for your PS4 pro.

The MX500 is available with a manufacturer guarantee of 5-years, a statement that reveals the real performance and dependability of the memory processors built on the 64-layer 3D NAND platform.

The MX500 series also provides encryption features on a hardware level rather than the old design that just used applications level encryption. To reach this, a 256-bit A.E.S. (Advanced Encryption Standard) motor is utilized to keep the total functioning of the S.S.D.


  • 256-bit A.E.S. Supported
  • 64 Layer 3D NAND Technology


  • Random Read Speed a Little Low

3. Western Digital 3D NAND SSD For PS4 Pro

If you’d like a 1TB S.S.D. at an excellent price, you’d instead stick with a more familiar title, consider this Western Digital 3D NAND drive. You’ll have plenty of room for storage, using 560MB/s and 530MB/s read and write rates and a 5-year manufacturer guarantee.

It’s constructed using 3D NAND technology, and it has a W.D. F.I.T. Lab certificate for compatibility, consequently increased reliability and overall functionality for your PS4 pro. Also, it will come with 5-Years Limited Warranty.


  • W.D. F.I.T. Lab Accredited
  • 5 Year Limited Warranty


  • Low Random Compose IOPS

4. Samsung SSD T5

The Samsung T5 is your ideal PS4 SSD since it prioritizes quality in functionality and dependability. This is emphasized by its write and read rates: around 540mb/s. Samsung is also relatively compact, durable, and slick looking.

Its durability (coupled with a case) makes it perfect for carrying around if you’re on the move between in which you match – also, it is much smaller than you believe, at roughly precisely the same size as a little smartphone. The T5 provides impressive functionality for a PS4 SSD, but it will hold its own cost quite well, so it’s always going to cause a small concern.

But having among the greatest PS4 SSDs is all about setting up performance and speed, and you’re going to get this in bag fulls together with the T5 so that it’s quite worthy of its putting in this listing. However, if it goes down in cost during earnings, it’s as near some no-brainer since it receives a PS4 companion attachment.


  • Very Trustworthy
  • Versatile – excellent for PC also.


  • Expensive compared to HDD

5. SanDisk Extreme Portable

If you are taking a look at getting the best-protected SSD to maintain that push additional secure – and why would not you since it costs just a bit more – then the SanDisk Extreme Portable is the one for you.

This will have the ability to defy any sorts of mishaps and is the best contender for those who are accident-prone or who would instead make extra sure about the protection of our apparatus.

In addition to being correctly rocky, it is water and dust-resistant (into the IP-55 standard) and contains a shock-resistant center for additional durability. It performs excellently also: its read rates can challenge the Samsung T5. And it’s compact, using a fit-it-in-your-pocket dimension.

The security and durability come in a top, though, and add a little more to the driveway’s purchase price, but it’s well worth it if all things are considered.

The protection and endurance with this PS4 SSD are all excellent. And if you would like a little excess reassurance, you might even choose the Extreme Pro version – but be ready to observe the price increase significantly.


  • Very hardy and durable
  • Fantastic rates
  • Neat and clean design


  • Pricey

6. WD My Passport SSD

If you’d like your SSD to keep some of its quality and compatibility with PC, then the WD My Passport SSD is right up your street. But it is a powerful performer for a PS4 SSD and provides write rates of approximately 300Mbps, and see rates of 390Mbps through the USB connection.

For reference, the HDD equal to this My Passport, while supplying bigger capacity, can only give write and read rates of 120-130 Mbps. It is worth noting that if you desire to have an SSD to your PS4, which you can reformat and then utilize for PC for a moment, then reformat and return to being a PS4 SSD, then that is a superb contender for it. It can not, regrettably, be equally at precisely the same moment.

On the other hand, my Passport SSD’s PC-pedigree does provide some flexibility and provides some flexibility to this particular drive. By the way, it’s compatible with The USBs, such as being USB-C prepared, and it comes with an automated backup system along with convenient password protection and hardware security protection double whammy.

Ordinarily, however, this is an excellent SSD to your PS4 from a reliable manufacturer of drives, which we don’t have any trouble recommending.


  • Fantastic read/write speeds.
  • Fantastic value for SSD
  • Versatile – good with PCs too


  • Feels a bit flimsy

Best SSD For PS4 FAQs

Best SSD For PS4 FAQs

Is an SSD worth it to get ps4?

Generally, an SSD (or solid-state drive) is a quicker creature. Though the SATA interface around the PS4 might not be effective at making the most of every little rate an SSD offers, the rates are much more realistic than they had to make choosing one well worth the cost in my estimation.

Can SSD create ps4 quicker?

In computer programs, they are sometimes around 5x to 6x faster than HDDs. Consequently, the performance improvement an SSD provides to PS4 is reduced and more restricted when compared with computers. So, YES, PS4 will end up quicker with an SSD, but maybe not as quickly as a pc. An SSD will improve the general operation of PS4 to around 50%.

Can you place an SSD at a ps4?

To set up a new hard disk onto a PS4 Pro, you still require a Phillips-head screwdriver, a set of USB flash drives, and also a 2.5-inch SSD bigger than 160GB, as well as 9.5mm thick. Together with your rescue files backed up, now you are prepared to do some operation on your PS4.

VIDEO: Best Ps4 Ssd For 2021 – How to Choose an SSD to Boost your Ps4 Storage?



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