Best RPGs On Switch: Top Full Guide 2021

Best RPGs On Switch

The Nintendo Switch is currently home to a complete bounty of excellent RPGs. The compact console does not have the technical capacities of the PS4 or even Xbox One. Still, its exceptional portability ensures it’s the only console to allow you to continue your adventure on the street.

Whenever your average RPG takes tens of thousands, if not countless, an hour to finish, such as increased access turns out to be a huge bonus. Why wait for home before you delve deeper into that dungeon?

When you put Switch’s utter popularity to the equation, it’s simple to understand how Nintendo’s hybrid console has built this exemplary roster or role-playing games. Let Colorfy shows you the Best RPGs On Switch. 

Best RPGs On Switch in 2021 

Best RPGs On Switch in 2021

1. The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild


  • Striking artwork and sound design
  • Fluid, intuitive battle and gameplay components
  • Explore everything inside eye-sight


  • Requires more dungeons, instead of shrines
  • Should have more purposeful, non-DLC, post-game articles

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is because most critics have exclaimed, a masterpiece. It is an ergonomically designed tour de force that defines how much the bounds of both RPG and action-adventure titles could be pushed.

The story at Breath of those Wild feels equal as gargantuan as the planet itself. Players are free to pick their route for the narrative’s conclusion, meaning supervisors and places can be struck based solely on your own volition.

Visually, this is one of the most magnificent titles ever published on a Nintendo console, together with just as much attention given to audio design as an art style, making a unique holistic experience.

Learn more about the land of Hyrule and all its majestic beauty as you find the hidden evils lurking inside its shadows.

The gameplay is very similar to past titles, with players having the ability to commence and flee conflict at will. Use your shield, sword, and bow as you struggle through enemies that cross your path.

Nonetheless, also, this is the very first Zelda game in which weapons and shields can split after repeated usage. It follows you’ll need to consider weapon choice if moving to more detailed battles thoroughly.

But the struggle itself is as fluid as the game’s smooth transitions involving visuals and gameplay.

Using its enormous open World, freedom of exploration, and freeform narrative, Breath of this Wild redefines being a Zelda name. With the sequel to Breath of those Wild being in evolution, there is no better time than today to dedicate some time and energy for this merry victory.

Breath of the Wild isn’t just among the best games now available. It is among the greatest games of all-time.

2. The Legend Of Zelda: Link’s Awakening


  • Gorgeous art design and top-down gameplay
  • Combat is eloquent and intuitive.
  • Tough puzzles and dungeons


  • Comparatively short playtime; 15 hours
  • Needs more post-game articles

The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening is not only an homage to the Zelda series, but it is also an homage to the ethos of the 90s action-adventure, role-playing games.

For gamers that want to relive the psychological experience of matches to the Game Boy and GameBoy Color, this game is guaranteed to be enjoyable, unforgettable, and replayable.

The protagonist, Link, awakes on the coast of an unknown island called Koholint after being rescued by a new encounter (Marin).

After he learns about Koholint and its history, he finds he must wake up a mysterious being called the Wind Fish to depart the island. To accomplish this, he should discover and acquire eight tools known as Instruments of the Sirens.

Link’s Awakening is a comparatively open World, allowing players to explore as they find dungeons and experience enemies freely.

Combat is simple, with Connect defending and attacking as you please and his sword and shield. However, Link’s Awakening’s finest gameplay elements are its quests, puzzles, and interactions.

The attention to detail is evident in virtually every aspect of the game, which is reflected in its enjoyability.

This movie is the ideal match for much more unfamiliar with all the Zelda series since it provides more reachable gameplay and puzzles, paired together with the stunning “upgraded” art fashion, reminiscent of 90s matches’ styled visuals.

Whether you’re searching for a comprehensive and engaging RPG or searching for a casual gambling experience to play along with buddies, Link’s Awakening is a celebrity achievement from the Nintendo Switch’s library which many fans of Nintendo will love.

3. Collection Of Mana


  • Timeless art design that is obsolete gorgeously.
  • Complex but innovative gameplay
  • Thorough and engaging narratives


  • Extremely Hard for novices

Mana’s assortment is a selection of 3 names out of a storied series, dating back to the start of the 1990s as a spinoff series of Final Fantasy.

Initially, Square (the initial name’s programmers ) focused on integrating narrative and gameplay components from Final Fantasy from the Mana series’s first name, Final Fantasy Adventure.

But after the word’s sudden success, programmers decided it was time to transition Mana out of being a spinoff show to some full-blown series. With this conclusion came the Mana series’s arrival, among the most acclaimed and most successful role-playing collections of all-time.

The Assortment of Mana comprises the first three matches from the series: Final Fantasy Adventure, Secret of Mana, and Trials of Mana.

Together with three of those games being lauded as some of the greatest RPGs of all-time and the majority of these games with no or limited western launch, this is undoubtedly a release that fans of the Mana series have been praising.

Even though the Mana series has noticed much less fame in the U.S. because of the limited release, the show still keeps a broad and dedicated fanbase.

Mana’s secret, the next Mana name, has been hailed as one of the best RPG games of all-time; Trials of Mana, the next Mana name, hasn’t been formally released outside of Japan. Therefore for both fans of the series and newcomers, this will be the first opportunity players need to experience these legendary names.

Suppose you are a fan of Final Fantasy or are lovers of those expansive narratives and calculated gameplay of J.R.P.G.s. In that case, you need to consider giving Collection of Mana an attempt now.

With thorough characters and stories, gorgeous animation in the 90s, and memorable soundtracks, there has never been a better way to play with Mana games on a handheld system.

4. The World Ends With YouFinal Remix


  • A compelling and fascinating narrative
  • Exceptional and aesthetically enjoyable gameplay
  • Challenging yet rewarding battles/enemies


  • Obstinate, Painful-to-use signature controls
  • The challenging and sometimes confusing combat system

The World Ends with You might be an awe-inspiring tale Made by Square Enix. Originally published on the Nintendo D.S. with limited promotion, this match outperformed launch week expectations and has then reached classic cult status over the decades.

Fans of Kingdom Hearts will immediately detect the similarities between The Planet with You and Chain of Memories (a Kingdom Hearts name published on the GameBoy Advance): namely, the gameplay and battle, the images, and the planet navigation.

But unlike Chain of Memories, The World Ends with You innovated using its controllers by integrating the Nintendo D.S.’ publication touchscreen attribute.

Telling the story of protagonist Neku Sakuraba, The World Ends with It’s set in a universe where there are two parallel, dimensional airplanes: the Underground (basically a plane of the deceased ), along with the Real ground (fact; the property of the living).

Inside the Underground, there is a well-known contest known as the Reapers’ Sport, in which the souls of the deceased struggle against readers’ other spirits who have attempted and neglected to re-obtain their lifestyles, or possibly, to transcend beyond their corporeality.

Playing as Neku and his pals, you will need to partake from the Reapers’ Game since you struggle to conquer the enigmatic things that determine your destiny.

H.A.N.D. (Hokkaido Artists’ Network and Development) has managed the porting and remaking of the name for the iPhone, Android, and Nintendo change platforms.

With this porting and remaking has arrived among the matches, the most noteworthy flaws its controls. On the Nintendo Switch, playing with The World Ends with You can be as debilitating as visually exciting. Touchscreens are unintuitive and inconvenient, and the general control strategy reads as overcomplicated instead of innovative.

In case you haven’t had the opportunity to play with this game, however, then you need to consider looking for the remaster on the Nintendo Switch. Though its management scheme can often be frustrating to deal with, its artwork style, storyline, soundtrack, and personalities all produce a uniquely adorable and unforgettable experience.

5. Undertale


  • High replayability
  • Gorgeously written narrative and lively personalities
  • Intuitive, accessible, and enjoyable battle


  • Limited game modes
  • Comparatively short playtime

Undertale is a cult classic that has received near-universal acclaim because of its compelling storyline, engaging gameplay, distinctive and charismatic characters, and unforgettable music.

, developed, printed, and written by Toby Fox, this match is a real masterpiece at the role-playing genre. It has altered the story and thematic possibility for forthcoming RPG titles.

Inspired by games such as Mario & Luigi and Mother, Undertale is a particular undertaking for any willing player. Players can choose between fighting, running, or befriending an enemy during battle, and all choices will badly impact the storyline of your adventure.

Undertale details a person who is dropped into the Underground, a place where animals have been exiled after warring with humanity. Now that you have arrived there, it is your choice to determine how you will interact with every single monster you encounter.

Combat entails bullet hell-esque gameplay, with gamers preventing an onslaught of attacks having a little heart icon, that’s the participant’s soul. It is likely to finish Undertale in a pacifist manner (i.e., the game can be completed without fighting any enemies), representing how enjoyable it’s to research all the game’s different plot lines through distinct conclusions.

Just just how are you going to decide to play with Undertale? Are you going to destroy everything that you experience? Or are you going to invent a peaceful path ahead? Whatever decision you make, the situation stays the same; Undertale is an advanced landmark name for the RPG genre, which will affect future titles for a long time to come.

6. The Outer Worlds


  • Thorough personalities and world-building
  • The comfortable and enjoyable battle system
  • Wide Selection of weapons, armor, and character customization


  • No multiplayer features
  • Shift port has a problem with producing and textures.

The Outer Worlds is a stunning RPG Produced by the founder’s Fallout: New Vegas, a fan famous over the Fallout series. But no matter the match emanates that same feeling of wonder and meticulousness.

As one of the only lands on a strangely space-marooned ship called the Hope, the participant character awakens into the diverse existence of a scientist named Phineas Welles.

Earlier, this survivor has the chance to comprehend his circumstances and environment. He is instantly jettisoned towards a nearby world to start communicating with Welles’ touch (Hawthorne).

After regrettably and unintentionally killing Hawthorne, the survivor sets off to obtain Hawthorne’s boat’s hands and debate upon the destiny of the individual galaxy.

From that stage on, since the participant, each decision you make will affect the paths and end that you wind up experiencing.

The gameplay is relatively simple, blending components of first-person shooters and RPGs to chemical an intuitive yet creative encounter.

Fight hordes of enemies because you come to understand the leading method of Halcyon. And ensure you weigh every decision well; connections with NPCs, cities, and factions will impact the possible avenues which you can pick from later on in the narrative.

Over the world of RPGs, a lot of series have concentrated solely on added features for novelty. The Outer Worlds, nevertheless, is a good illustration of limited innovation, resulting in calculated improvement and upscaling. Whether you are a fan of Fallout or not, this is a game that deserves to be performed.

Its charismatic cast, fluid gameplay, careful composing, and comprehensive world-building all include an unforgettable experience with a sequel in the works.

7. Stories Of Vesperia


  • Innovative multiplayer gameplay
  • Compelling and charismatic characters
  • Intuitive and imaginative battle method


  • The world sometimes feels limited.
  • Not much replayability

The Tales series is full of an assortment of fan-favorite releases and critically acclaimed names, among the most renowned of that being Tales of Vesperia. Originally published on the Xbox 360, this name was recently remastered and re-released for its Nintendo Switch (and PC).

Tales of Vesperia uses gorgeous visuals, both through actual gameplay and cinematics. Produced by precisely the same group that worked on the now-classic Tales of Symphonia, Vesperia’s character style emanates fire and meticulousness.

From the narrative, you perform with a character named Yuri, who experiences a noble named Estelle while fulfilling the responsibilities of a pursuit. Since Yuri learns about Estelle and her motivations and duties, he decides to make the Brave Vesperia. A team created to help and accompany Estelle across the huge in-game world of Terca Lumireis.

Gameplay at Vesperia is exceptional but like the series’ previous titles, together with the battle being interactive and reactive instead of turn-based.

Players control a single character (from a celebration of four) while battling enemies that they encounter in linear surroundings, and combat sequences are triggered by an enemy or player’s initial attack. Parties are composed of one participant and three computer players, or four players through multiplayer.

Vesperia is a gorgeous reminder of all that made lovers fall in love with all the Tales series so several ages back. Having a vibrant cast, visually stunning visuals, and an emotionally insatiable soundtrack, this game leaves you yearning for more from the instant you complete it.

8. Dragon Hunter Generations Ultimate


  • Detailed character customization
  • Tough, lengthy battles
  • Extended playtime, enormously multiplayer


  • Repetitive, long-winded battles
  • Gameplay can sense one-dimensional.

Dragon Hunter is a string using a cultivated and faithful fanbase that quickly anticipates new releases. But in the previous years of this show, it fought with obscurity from the West alongside victory in Japan, similar to the Mana series.

Following the launch of four mainline names and quite a few spin-offs, Monster Hunter has secured its place among the greatest RPGs currently offered.

Dragon Hunter Generations is a spin-off, but its vast universe, questing, and character modification evokes the heart of a mainline title. Originally published on the 3DS, Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate is an enlarged version of this game released on the Nintendo Switch.

Generation is a definitive example of when it is not broken, do not fix it’; only by using and refining gameplay elements from its predecessors, Generations generates an adventure mutually confirming to its lovers and encouraging to newcomers. The artwork and character style remains true-to-form for its show, reaffirming Capcom’s devotion to recognizable styles.

Players choose between a broad array of weapons and armor, and in doing this, they also pick their attack style and skills. Having a comparatively sizable open globe, players are free to research, quests, and conflict in the place where they please.

However, the entire world of Generations can sometimes feel bare and vacant; towns are comparatively one-dimensional, offering mainly NPC interactions and stores, and quests generally function like raids, revolving solely around conflicts and supervisors.

The essential component that will determine your enjoyment of the title is to seek to play a single-player or multiplayer. The sport may feel repetitive and one-dimensional; in multiplayer, quests feel much more multifaceted and engaging.

Dragon Hunter Generations is a gratifying experience for people that want to add more time together with buddies in multiplayer. Even though it’s full of its pros and cons, it has a significant entry from the Dragon Hunter show that foretells the RPG titan’s future.

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