Best Reminder Apps For Android In 2021 [ TOP 11 CHOICES]

Best Reminder Apps For Android In 2020 [ TOP 11 CHOICES]

Are you searching for the Best Reminder Apps For Android? Then you NEED to take a look at this list of Colorfy.

In life, each of the jobs is crucial, and their lots of tasks that become a daily routine, and there’s absolutely no possibility of forgetting. But now in this realm, we’ve got many different functions which we will need to perform. A number of them are minimal in the office but have a huge significance once it’s completed. And if it isn’t finished, then it might make a catastrophe. To prevent these, we typically use reminder programs, and we hunt for the ideal reminder programs for Android. Now we will see some perfect reminder programs for Android.

Things to Look for in a Reminder Program

There are loads of reminder programs available now, so finding one that matches your own needs is not that hard. Below are some criteria you’ll be able to go through when assessing apps.

  • Reminder Management: Among the beneficial features a committed reminder program may provide you is a much better way to handle reminders. That is why a considerable focus of reminder programs would be to make it effortless to form, edit, and cancel reminders as you see fit.
  • In-Depth Options: Even though you will probably have to decide on a date and time for most reminders, occasionally, having more choices is useful. Alternatives like tabbed reminders (a reminder that sticks around for some time), placing reminders as alerts rather than alarms, and innovative warnings regarding pressing reminders can help.
  • Additional Features: Materials like calendar perspective, widgets, to-do lists, as well as straightforward task direction really can expand what reminders may be used for. That does not mean it is a great idea to discover a program with all those features though-which will make using the program reasonably cumbersome.

Together with that covered, let us enter the programs.

Top Rated 11 Best Reminder Apps

Top Rated 11 Best Reminder Apps


They model this program on President Dwight Eisenhower’s priority matrix and includes a lively interface with jobs split in priority. Additionally, it will come with time established and place reminders, making it effortless to remember items. What’s more, the program lets you insert pictures and sound files to your lists. Customization is an integral attribute here, and there are a few topics available to help you spice up your productivity record.

Concerning features, the program sets itself aside from the competition as a result of priority based jobs. Their urgency and importance may arrange your tasks, which means you’ll never miss that important commitment. The program is free to download but includes in-app purchases. Buying a one-time Pro permit provides users access to many different topics, widgets, and sound files. The program works with devices running Android 4.4 and over.


Planning activities with lots of individuals is complicated enough by itself. That is where Galarm comes – the most excellent solution to ensuring everybody is precisely the same track.

These reminders have fundamental features, such as periods and picking between alarms and alerts, but they also have the bonus of talking with others. Just tap on “Create a Reminder for Group,” and you are all set. There is a text conversation if anybody should correct the program. Galarm comes with unlimited cloud storage. Therefore there is no need to worry when changing apparatus.

Galarm may even be utilized in professional settings if you are only searching for a simple approach to create your staff more conscious of the deadlines.

Galarm is free to download; however, there is a limit on the number of reminders you can create (which sadly is not recorded everywhere ). If you would like to eliminate that limitation, it will cost you $0.99 per month, $3.99 annually. Additionally, it is on iOS.

Life Reminders

Life Reminders is among those straightforward reminder programs. It permits you to create jobs with a deadline. The program only informs you when it is time to get it done. It may even set-up telephone calls or send SMS/text messages on a program. Tasks are repeatable on a daily, weekly, or monthly schedule.
Moreover, the program uses Material Design, supports seven languages, and much more. Otherwise, the program is easy, and it works nicely. The free version has all the features.

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Personal Assistant apps

Private assistant apps are all the rage at the moment. The popular ones include Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Microsoft’s Cortana, and Samsung’s Bixby. Every one of these private assistant apps will also be an excellent reminder program. You merely participate together and ask them to let you do something at a particular moment. They generally comply with no hassle.

The Assistant is probably the top one here and operates on many Android apparatus. Alexa is up there but works on the Amazon apparatus. Cortana works on many matters, but it is somewhat incomplete, while Bixby is the one we would advocate for Samsung owners (assuming they do not already use Google Assistant). Hit the button to view our listing of the very best personal helper programs on Android!


Any. Do is the ideal reminder program android for the ones that are seeking to use a job list. It is not merely a to-do list, but includes a calendar, reminders work, and also a planner all-in-one. You may easily add jobs to Any. Do as well as generated Shared Projects. It is an excellent organizational tool; however, it’s a lot that is also unique to reminders.

You can create recurring reminders for continuing actions, appointments, and events. Or, if you have a one-off reminder, then you may produce a timeless Reminder to remind one of this job or event in the appointed moment.


An easy-to-use interface and straightforward layout are the very first things user experiences by launching the Todoist program. But behind this apparent simplicity is based a broad functionality. Todoist is a cross-platform available on iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and Symbian. Additionally, there are extensions for both Chrome and Firefox.

Registration is simple, and in case you’ve got a Google account, you may use it to sign in. Following authentication, the new user is encouraged to do a project, where it will be possible to create lists of instances, decide the deadline for their execution, and prioritize.

You might even establish a reminder, write a comment, or pick a parent job. Adding tasks to Todoist doesn’t require much time, and with the support of widgets, this may be carried out straight from the desktop computer.

Labels and filters are utilized to form and group activities. With their assistance, you can quickly receive a list of tasks with identical tags or filter them based on a particular attribute. Statistics lets you track the number of completed jobs; just reports for the previous week can be found in the program’s free version.

Todoist has many benefits – service for over ten programs and 20 languages, simple interaction with other customers, handy synchronization. A unique regime is referred to as “Karma,” where weekly and daily targets will be set for the number of jobs.

Todoist could be considered among the most significant applications in its section. On the other hand, the free version features below are somewhat restricted – it can’t use tags, attach documents, and just 10 of those ten topics are readily available.

Additionally, there are limitations on multi-user work and the number of devices attached to an account.

BZ Reminder

Assessing the mother and dad’s Birthday is relatively straightforward, but remembering that friends and coworkers’ arrival is extremely hard. The BZ Reminder program will assist you with this; it may also be utilized not just as a reminder of Birthday but also as a regular reminder.

In the operational, there’s all you will need for complete enjoyment: synchronization, easy and convenient interface, a performance that covers all of the requirements of a regular reminder.

Functional. All generated reminders are displayed on the home display, and they’re sorted by date, which is quite convenient. After developing a reminder, you individually define its kind – Birthday or standard. In the first scenario, you have to define a title, a comment (optional), date of arrival, and a reminder period (naturally, you may select the number of times before this momentous occasion where you will get a reminder so you can prepare).

In the next instance, you have to define the text, the number of reminders, and the date/time. You might even join a contact or phone number, and select a color and remind beforehand. There’ll always be a particular lineup from the telling panel, where the closest reminder is signaled, and there’ll also be a button for fast adding a fresh one.

The preferences are proven to be than in any other program, and there are quite a few exciting functions, but it’s going to be a lot easier to know them. BZ Reminder doesn’t just allow you to forget about the Birthday of an important person for you and reminds you of what you put into it. Pleasant use!

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Voice Assistant

Among the most significant ways which you can set reminders would be with your built-in Assistant. Most phones come equipped with Google Assistant or any voice helper nowadays. This makes placing a reminder as straightforward as promoting your built-in voice helper and stating something like”let me see Mom on Thursday” or something along those lines.

Since they construct your voice helper into your phone’s operating system, you do not need to download some additional apps.


Many consider this a somewhat toned-down version of Todoist since it includes the same features but uses a different color scheme and lighter colors. It is possible to separate your jobs according to multiple parameters to get a more significant organization of your endeavors. You may also begin a dialog in collaborative activities to better organize and manage your tasks. Further, you may add pictures, PDFs, and demonstrations into your lists, something which not many programs available offer.

While pretty much whatever is free with Wunderlist, you’ll have to cover if you’ll collaborate with larger groups. You may discuss a job with 25 assignees using the free edition, and that is where Wunderlist attempts to lure users into obtaining the Premium subscription. But if you are a single consumer, Wunderlist’s free offering features are tough to match.

If you seek to add more visitors to your tasks, you’ll have to register until the monthly subscription. This puts it at a small disadvantage against Todoist since it’s a more affordable yearly subscription. But both are strong choices with some compelling features to brag about.


This program is just one of the most sought-after from the Google Play shop. Over 600 million individuals had utilized it, professionals from various businesses: teaching foreign languages, promoting artwork, keeping up a favorite site about cooking, etc. The program received many awards in the sphere of development.

In Evernote, you can save much other advice: create fast notes, save thoughts, develop plans and to-do lists, collect photographs and documents, make voice notes. An extremely handy to search for a collection of advice was implemented. Additionally, text search has been supported in office, pdf documents, and scanned images.

The program’s principal characteristic is that the synchronization of data written in laptops between virtually all modern platforms: Android telephones and tablet computers, computers, tablet computers, Apple mobiles and gamers, Windows computers, phones, and tablets.


GTasks is among the handiest task schedulers. It has several job management features and supports synchronization.

To isolate GTasks, Google Account is employed – it lets you quickly get data from various devices and extract data from Google Calendar via the program. Automatic synchronization provides simultaneous access to some accounts. It’s also feasible to utilize locally.

Visually GTasks looks relatively trendy, and the program interface is nicely accommodated for the touch input signal. The main display shows a listing of tasks with names and dates. When you click any of its items, a comprehensive description is exhibited, such as a text notice and priority.

The user may edit not only the jobs themselves but additionally lists. Then jobs can be transferred between them. The menu item “Edit Task Lists” enables you to modify the titles of lists as well as the parameters of the screen. If desirable, a number of them may be taken out from the primary display of this program.

Back in GTasks, voice input can be obtained, and all activities are done with a couple of clicks – including a job, deleting editing. There aren’t a lot of settings: account preferences, alarms, date format, etc.. Additionally, you can visit a paid version costing slightly more generous than 150 rubles, which differs only in the lack of advertisements and a little set of additional tools such as synchronization on schedule and other topics.

GTasks provides a simple set of functions for handling tasks. Some users of the won’t be sufficient – despite the suitable direction, there aren’t any other sorting tools apart from the lists. Tags, folders, and other similar instruments are overlooking.

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Final Verdict

It is always great to have a reminder program on your smartphone. It makes it effortless to compose an active job list of things you will need to accomplish daily. Additionally, but a number of these programs permit you to set reminders to the time you need to be educated to reach them. Together with the very best reminder programs such as Android, never forget a job or appointment.

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