Best Planner Apps Reviews Of 2021 [TOP 16 CHOICES]

Best Planner Apps Reviews Of 2020 [TOP 16 CHOICES]

Are you searching for the Best Planner Apps? Colorfy has a look at several excellent options that permit you to choose.

How frequently did you think about an important matter just in the day? How often did you realize that you had not done something in time and knew it’d have consequences? In the bustle of daily life, we can’t always remember everything.

It comes down to the insignificant: with no glimpse on social networks, people could neglect to congratulate our loved ones on vacations.

We rely on our minds as a huge library, which could save nearly unlimited amounts of data, but it isn’t. You’re physically not able to keep all of the planned tasks on your head at precisely the same time, or just a list of activities daily.

Not going your day punctually, even though you will remember everything – you will easily overlook something or not have enough time to take action. To create your day, go absolutely, and do all you require, you have to use a calendar or journal. However, paper versions are somewhat uncomfortable and obsolete.

Since we live in an era of technological progress, we’re continually using our gadgets – tablets, tablets, and laptops. Programs for planning your own day/week/month can be in your service at any moment, and you’ll have the time to do all you desire. Presenting the top of the top programs for preparing your daily life for iOS and Android.

Top Rated 16 Best Planner Apps

Top Rated 16 Best Planner Apps

Things 3

An iOS program that arranges your to-do record by class, Matters 3, makes it effortless to remain organized and, as its name implies, along with things. Having a clean layout, interactive checklist (who does not enjoy crossing something off their record?), and a simple drag-and-drop interface, Matters 3 is the best planner tool for people who wish to download a program and begin using it immediately with no complicated processes or how-tos required.

The program also lets you make headings inside your job lists, making it simple to remain on task and reach your record without being diverted by additional to-do items. This attribute may also help you keep on track in case your mind will wander. After all, were you aware that individuals who multitask are now not as productive? One drawback of Things is that the cost – it is among the pricier choices. But sometimes you get what you pay for. Additionally, it’s only available on the Apple apparatus. Therefore Android users might need to locate an alternate.

Google Calendar

You do not need to be a Gmail devotee to use Google Calendar. This timeless calendar program offers daily, weekly, and monthly views, using a smooth toggle between these. The research option is just another fantastic instrument, for if you can not quite recall when your dental appointment has been. You may even set reminders, which, for the perennially forgetful, is essential.

Though enthusiastic Gmail users will probably benefit the most out of the program since occasions mentioned in your email (believe dinner programs, resort bookings, and flight times) automatically populate to a calendar, it is still a good option. Another plus? It is possible to discuss your Google calendar along with different users, making it a fantastic tool for multi-user families.


An unexpected app within this very best, right? Nonetheless, it’s true; we are not joking! If you’re trying to find a way to raise your productivity, you ought to look at the Outlook program.

The computer software will be valued by supervisors and individuals whose main jobs arrive at the office or mail employees. There are two classes for tight and elastic preparation in Outlook – activities, and meetings.

Why did we state that the program is mostly acceptable for supervisors and office employees? Since the Microsoft program intentionally cooperates and generates ports with your email and other providers, like Excel or Word, for instance. You’ll have the ability to upload all of your program’s analytics to the structure you desire – charts or tables.

You have the chance to improve your efficiency throughout the day by scheduling meetings. Mainly because some Outlook telephones have default configurations on them, check to find out whether you’re able to find a better sense for yourself now!


Are you somebody who wants a summary of your everyday to-dos until you can start plugging away? Can you gain from a practical yet relatively instrument? Subsequently, ZenDay is the program for you. Having a calming, broadcasting timeline, you can zero in on your very first undertaking, but also see precisely what you want to concentrate on next.

As its name suggests, ZenDay is supposed to help cultivate a feeling of Zen while approaching your job list. The program’s interface is exceptional, with a 3D screen that scrolls as you finish tasks. The program also includes a color-coding attribute, which turns almost overdue things a different color, which will help you zero in on priority things and have caught up in a glimpse.

Missed something? Not to worry. ZenDay will automatically reschedule those”floating jobs.” The program’s debriefing attribute is another significant plus. It provides you a summary of how well you have recently completed jobs in time – a productivity level, if you may.


Whether you are arranging a holiday, a trip, or only making a list of items to do for your day, Trello is the correct spot to perform it. It is among the few services that you can use for teamwork. By way of instance, you may utilize Trello to make a work plan for your applicants or coworkers, arrange training, or plan an event.

The support is flexible and readily adapts to your objectives. Since many men and women perceive information more readily, Trello permits you to visualize your plans.

Having compiled a to-do record, you can gradually reconstruct it based on your progress – drag and drop items onto the board into the desirable variations. Already established to-do lists are accessible even without network access.

If you access the world wide web, you’ll be notified promptly about upgrades and progress in the circumstance. If your partners play a job and suggest it in Trello, you may understand it in due time.

Unload your mind, do not keep everything in mind – download Trello, and you will have all the staff progress not just in your memory but also in the memory of your device.


Avid note-takers, this one is right for you. AwesomeCalendar combines notes, calendar events, color-coding, along with the regional weather forecast, all in one useful tool. You may even add stickers and photos to particular occasions. Consider: a Starbucks cup to get a java date, a plane to your forthcoming trip, even just a vibrant clothesline to indicate laundry day. Adding stickers and photos to person events is an excellent organizational tool. Additionally, it is fun. Sharing events with different users can also be a snap.

This program works with many other calendar programs like iCloud, MobileMe, Google Calendar, Yahoo! Calendar, Microsoft Outlook, iCal, and much more. As soon as you create an alteration in AwesomeCalendar, it is automatically visible on your other calendar programs. The same goes if you make an alteration in, let us say, your Google Calendar. Your AwesomeCalendar proves that occasion, also.

Another bonus? You could even check the weather through AwesomeCalendar. Perfect if you often find themselves out and around – with no umbrella.

Any. Do

A calendar and to-do listing in a single, is perfect for people who demand a comprehensive tool that covers jobs that range from purchasing a birthday gift to completing a job demonstration. It is like the digital version of crossing everything in your paper to-do list. is perfect for viewing the month in a glance and a nearer, day-to-day collection of things. The program’s double view reveals your calendar on top, and then a scrolling list under to-dos, occasions, as well as late tasks. Tap on an occasion, along with a new window with the place, timing, invitees, and other specifics of this occasion pop up. Minimize, and you are back to the primary display.

Don’t download an organizational program, then neglect to open it?’s home display widget will be able to help keep you on top of your events and tasks, keeping your calendars and tasks top of thoughts. The program can also be compatible with your calendars – Google Calendar, iCloud, and Outlook.


At the outside world’s strain to succeed everywhere and in everything, we’re frequently trapped in a hurry of those days, neglecting our bodily and psychological wellness. We sacrifice our health for the sake of staying as much product as you can.

Daily planners, job managers… If we are speaking about the daily planner, we dismiss the checklist with a few regular tasks, for example, “write the accounts” or “wash the dishes.” However, how about our inner state planner? Why not we cover just a bit more focus on our customs and way of life?

That is precisely what this organizer is for. It’s still the daily planner, but unlike the rest of the programs on this listing, it’s aimed to help you improve the level of your life and workout fresh, valuable habits. It is possible, to begin with, the most specific target, for example, “drink more water throughout the day,” then plan your day to get near this objective.

It’s possible to insert many activities into your daily program that keeps you in a fantastic form and helps you stay healthy. It’s possible to add yoga, meditation, breathing sessions, and many more tasks – and these aren’t merely jobs; the programs for these are already placed into the program.

Therefore, even if not as the primary productivity proprietor, this program can become a superb addition to everyday productivity, helping to relax and decrease the strain.

Fantastical two

Mac’s response to Google calendar, Fantastical two (in its next iteration), is presently a complete program rather than a menu bar program. This scheduling program permits you to utilize natural language routines to program your event and automatically recognizes that your occasion’s positioning and indicates invitees. Also, it boasts a house display widget for simplicity of usage. Fantastical can also be perfect for scheduling using a group of colleagues or even in-home with our spouse.

Even though you’re able to toggle between various calendars, that is not the planner program’s coolest aspect. Fantastical two also has location-based calendar visibility, which means it shows one essential calendar according to your location. So no longer destroying your Game of Thrones Sunday night ritual by stressing out within your jam-packed Monday assembly program. But be warned: it is also on the expensive side.


This program has been buzzing for some time already. TickTick has recommended itself as a dependable and productive daily planner, and it is easy, but many consumers valued a flexible platform.

It is possible to come across the mentions about TickTick in these powerful media resources in the company world like the New York Times – that really is the indication that the program is definitely worth researching. First, you can use TickTick by producing classical check-lists and fancy them by incorporating sub-tasks, branches, priorities, etc.

If you’re using TickTick in the many devices, it is possible to synchronize them with each other for a superior advantage. Another hallmark of the app is you may add new jobs together with your email. It’s possible to categorize tasks together using tags; you can share your job lists to the group cooperation; therefore, TickTick is a collaborative program at a particular stage too.

Another extra feature of TickTick you won’t ordinarily find in the daily planner programs is that it’s a focus feature that can help you keep concentrating. There’s also a reminder that allows you to produce new helpful customs.

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Reminder App

Yes, it is essential. But there is a reason it is a perennial favorite. The Reminder Program permits you to keep tabs on your entire to-do’ across all of your accounts, from iCloud into Yahoo! to Exchange. Additionally, it has compatibility with colleagues so that you can discuss your listing, and they’re able to cross off things as they are finished, too. What is this for teamwork?

Predictably, the program’s best feature is your reminder’s capacity. Specify a telling when something in your record is expected, or put a time-based notification. You may even place location-based messages. And let us face it who has not been spared by the last-minute reminder for an upcoming credit card payment or household member’s birthday?


TimeTune is a brand new program in this class, but several media sources and internet sites have recognized it. So, What is the principal feature of it, which makes TimeTune so particular? Here is the revolutionary approach of this program to everyday productivity.

The major focus here is created not on the number of jobs you’re supposed to do throughout the day but on the period you spend doing the things that productive. You plan your every task like a program and follow it daily. Following the job is completed, you indicate it in TimeTune.

The program can be a calendar, though you do not need to opt for the dates. It’s possible to set the tags to filter out all the data and find the tasks that you’re seeking quickly with no problems. After a time, TimeTune will compile your everyday productivity data — yet another motivation for adhering to the program.

This program’s interface is simple and is not bombarded with some additional details that will distract you in the enterprise. Though some folks can call it thin, it is an issue of taste. If you do not enjoy this one program, you may pick a different one with this list – there’s lots of fish from the oceans.

Microsoft Outlook

Outlook? Yep, we are serious. Due to recent improvements, the email powerhouse today boasts an excellent monitoring and occasions instrument. These features are in addition to the email tools available in the priority inbox arrangement to accessibility sharing. Additionally, it has easy access to documents, in addition to swipe navigation and intelligent filters. On the move, access to Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents is just another plus.


Todoist is a program that lots of individuals know of. The obvious and is that the primary variant of the program is entirely free. Obviously, as in all such widgets, there’s a superior version with innovative features, but at the standard edition, there aren’t any significant limitations.

Todoist is downloaded over 10 million times by consumers worldwide, which can be a sign of quality. When you’ve got huge plans, or you’re always occupied, the program will be helpful to you.

Whether you are arranging a trip, working on a massive project for staff, or just needing to water your flowers, Todoist will remind you if necessary. The program is so easy you could deal with your plans. You can produce permanent reminders, “Yoga Each Thursday,” and the support will remind one of your projects.

This can help alleviate you from your job’s anxiety – if everything is intended, it’s a lot simpler to live and adhere to the strategy. Consumers are always under the optimistic feeling of their ceremony, as they state,” it sounds like things are happening quicker.


A Widget that appears more like a significant notebook than a journal. It is possible to write down your ideas and programs, backed up with photographs, videos, and voice records. Synchronize all your devices in 1 location – a single organizer for all your gadgets. Straightforward navigation, adorable layout, a little imagination – all of this seamlessly blends with Evernote.

With the camera onto your smartphone, you can also attach record scans and photographs to your records! The electronic laptop isn’t hard to use on your personal computer in addition to tablets and smartphones.

Students will love the program: the capability to run lectures directly on your gadget will be a joy. You’ll also have the ability to add excerpts from posts on the internet to the lectures, make a list of items to do to the current group educational projects, and discuss drafts and the chief variant of the job.

You can get Evernote right in the desktop computer – the widget window looks on it. These features will be available following this program; however, the programmers can be known: this operation demands a great deal of time, work, and energy.

Remember The Milk

Should you feel just like you’re disorganized throughout the day, you need to certainly use the “helper” program to become your reminder of this program and all of the activities you’re supposed to perform in the present moment. Bear in mind The Milk is a unique program for people like this, and it’s become the gold standard among the daily productivity programs.

The program works straightforwardly – you enter the activity you have to achieve on a specific day and then prepare this particular undertaking’s priority. Following that, don’t forget the Milk will look after the rest. It will automatically arrange all of your aims and tasks depending on their importance,o you will never overlook them.

Furthermore, you may produce the subtasks for every task to get your day much more organized and productive. In any case, you can label the jobs with assorted colors, so it’s not hard to differentiate them. You can convert the program to the widget any period for a superior advantage.


What’s a Planner Program?

A planner program is a program that will help you get organized and keeps all of your organizational tools at 1 location so that you may get them from anywhere at any moment. A planner program can change your old-school newspaper planner and save names and contact info, calendars, appointment schedules, and much more. You may even produce to-do lists along with custom headers directly from the program.

How Can a Planner App Function?

A planner program is virtually filled with clean and templates calendars waiting to be full of. You can put in your data or upload it in a different source and get started using it straight away. The program stores your data and arranges it, and it may be customized for your organizational personality. The program can create alarms and reminders for significant events as well as sync calendars and apparatus.

How Much Can a Planner App Price?

Planner programs vary in features and purposes and, therefore, also in price. There are some free planner programs, including fundamental calendar ones. Additionally, there are ones with a free standard version, but to get more features, you need to make in-app purchases. Other planner programs charge per group member and month, generally approximately $11. Then there are far more complex apps that charge up to $50. These are one-time buy fees.

Is a Planner Program Worth the Price?

In case you’ve got a hectic life and wish to remain organized, be efficient, and save all in a single digital house, then a planner program is probably for you. As there are several free choices and a few smartphones have built-in planner programs, it might not be worthwhile to pay for the program. Should you manage staff on the job or have some particular organizational needs, it could be well worth it to obtain a paid planner program rather than a completely free edition.

How We Chose the Ideal Planner Programs

After exploring all of the available planner programs, we picked the best contenders. We chose these as our very best planner programs based on their features, device compatibility, integrations, and different programs like email, price, ease of usage, and much more.

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