Best Period Tracker App: TOP Full Guide 2021

Best Period Tracker App

There is a program for everything you have ever wanted (and some things you didn’t know you wanted). And thank god for that, since using paper and pencil for things like monitoring your period merely is far more of a hassle than having a handy dandy program.

Whatever you naysayers out there, I hear you. If your interval is somewhat routine, do you must monitor it? Why not? You have the reassurance, and it requires only a couple of literal seconds every day to get in the habit of this.

Do you need a program to count the days down before your period begins? Can not a consultation in your phone’s calendar do precisely the identical thing? Let Colorfy show you the Best Period Tracker App in this guide. 

Best Period Tracker App Best

Best Period Tracker App Best

1. M.E. V PMDD

Your entire period tracker program has to monitor menstrual flow and ovulation, but if you’d like a better look at potential hormonal associated psychological health changes, Dr. Ashley Margeson, a Naturopathic Doctor who specializes in women’s health, urges Me PMDD.

The program uses a scale method to monitor data behind moods, feelings, feelings (panic attacks, difficulty concentrating ), and bodily effects such as nausea, low energy, acne, and bundles so you can view any possible hormonal changes way simpler. “Once I have girls in my workplace for which PMDD is a possible issue, this is the sole period tracker I propose due to its sliding scale method,” Margeson says.

That said, visit your health care provider if you suspect you might have PMDD (premenstrual dysphoric disorder). However, even if you don’t need a simple way to monitor mood swings, it does not hurt to begin logging your symptoms.


Do not allow the excessively generic name to turn you off. Dr. Jodie Horton, MD, and Love Wellness adviser say she likes this program as it is not just visually pleasing but additionally user-friendly.

You can monitor your interval, weight, weight reduction, and symptoms broken down by class like mind-body, cervix, stomach, and psychological selections from a user standpoint. “This is extremely valuable for the individual,” Horton says, not just to possibly tackle lifestyle modifications per symptom, but also because it assists patients to be able to communicate with their doctor what they are experiencing efficiently. “I like this as a doctor; it permits me to determine where the problem could be and how to deal with my individual without guesswork.” She adds.



Clue markets its program as having the ability to educate you about your own body (since being fair, you were not paying attention back into sex ed classes).

With monitoring choices associated with literally everything which goes on in the human body throughout your cycle, such as your period-induced breakouts or your PMS headaches, this one is relatively untrue. It is also Dr. Kudesia’s treasured app and even the one she uses herself.

“I enjoy its clean, contemporary port, the impeccable science supporting it, their translucent citation of supporting information, and the great number of choices you’ve got for that which it is possible to monitor,” she clarifies.



This adorable program has lots of cheeky features such as a daily “Cyclescope,” a horoscope-like prediction based on which you are in your cycle and daily sex quizzes and a neighborhood of Eve’ers to commiserate with about matters such as horrible cramps.



Flo is password-protected. Therefore nosy friends, spouses, or family will not understand anything about your bicycle if you don’t would like them to.

It is also possible to sync your data with Apple’s Health program and monitor your sleep length, water consumption, and physical action.

For those attempting to become pregnant, you can track basal temperature, test results, and determine the tracker’s quote of the fertile days.



This program has over 30 PMS symptoms and 20 moods accessible to monitor and sync with your mobile’s calendar so that you can view all of your period info in 1 area.

And if you do not need other people to know you are among those countless people of the entire world who menstruate, the program is password-protected, and the icon has been tagged P.D. rather than Stage Diary.


This program uses its estimation of your cycle to supply you with a daily”fertility test,” or how likely you are to get pregnant daily (but please, please don’t use this as birth control).

You could even monitor your nutrition info, export information to Excel, and personalize the program’s wallpapers and colors. In case you are not hoping to picture, it is still possible to use it to keep tabs on your flow.
8. Eve by Glow

The first Reminders program is among the better-rated fertility monitoring apps on the market. Still, the Eve edition of this program focuses mostly on the period monitoring, besides allowing you to keep tabs in your sexual life and health customs. Dr. Kudesia compliments its clean and appealing interface, which features vibrant, eye-catching images and icons.

9. Magic Girl

If you are new for your monthly stream (or know somebody who is), then the idea of monitoring your period within a program may be somewhat intimidating.

Fortunately, the MagicGirl Stage Tracker was created with teenagers in mind. Therefore it makes learning about the digital intricacies of your cycle reasonably simple.

The program can also help you find out about hygiene product alternatives, talk with other women, receive interval information, and remember to take your birth control pill (something we can all use help with).

The bright interface will probably be immediately appealing to most teenagers, but it is a fully working period tracker. Therefore there is no minimum or maximum age necessary for use.

10. Stage Tracker Period Calendar

Stage Tracker’s Stage Calendar would be your very best phase monitoring app on Google and consistently gets excellent reviews.

A whole lot of that might come down to ease of use: It is easy to navigate, simple in the way you monitor and speed symptoms, and anybody regular or intermittent, freshly menstruating, or premenopausal may utilize it.

If you’re searching for an app that is not fussy and provides you more than enough space to log all sorts of information, this may be it.

Best Period Tracker App FAQs

Best Period Tracker App FAQs

How accurate is my timeframe program?

“Unless someone is assessing ovulation through physical methods, such as by using an ovulation prediction kit, the cycle program is merely providing an estimate of when their fertile days are,” Dr. Chan says. A 2018 research found that the precision of forecast by menstrual cycle programs was no more significant than 21 percent.

Is the Flo interval tracker dedicated?

How true are span tracking programs? The forecast error is 2.6 days down from the 5.6 times of programs that don’t utilize this brand new artificial intelligence program. This signifies Flo can improve irregular cycle predictions from 54.2%. Very so bad, Flo.

Can I use a span tracker?

You may find it more useful to write a journal instead (or in addition to a period/mood tracker); therefore that it will help you see the larger picture of what is happening in your lifetime. Period Tracker provides tons of feelings to pick from to make sure you can note down all of your daily emotions.

What exactly does the blossom mean on stage tracker?

The calendar will automatically gauge your fertility window and then indicate those days with green dots and a blossom that seems on the day of ovulation.


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