Best online Tools-Content Writers Must Use for writing in 2022

Best online Tools-Content Writers Must Use for writing in 2022

A nerdy figure sitting in front of a laptop with the hands punching seemingly random keys of a keyboard in a quiet room- That’s what you imagine when you say the word, content writer. 

That’s a boring image of a writer, though. Anyhow, who wouldn’t want to be a content writer after knowing how much they can earn?

Blogging or freelance content writing, being one of the profitable professions in 2021 attracts a great many people to shift towards this venture.

Along with the creative mind, content writers also use some tools to knock their piece of content out of the park.

If you want to kickstart your content writing career in 2022, you need to follow the tread of other content writers.

What role a content writer has to fulfill?

Like others, you may also think of a writer as the one who writes literary prose like novels, short stories, etc. But, a content writer does not play any of these roles. 

In an online business environment, websites and blogs create new roles for writers to put on their content.

This content is meant to generate sales and attract traffic. That’s why it’s totally business-oriented. A content writer has to exercise his writing skills in plenty of ways.

They have to write product descriptions, blog posts, review articles, guest posts, social media posts, and much more to market their products and services. 

That is how they take a different course from a conventional writer. Hence, we can also say that they are writers cum digital marketers. 

Each write-up is set up in a way to attract more and more people to read and ultimately avail of your services or but your products. 

Why content writing needs online tools besides creativity in 2022?

Being a content writer you must be aware of the changing marketing milieus. With each passing year, you see an appreciable difference in the previous marketing strategies. Something new gets add into the whole system and some old techniques fade away gradually.

Thus, a blogger has to keep himself abreast of every minor change to calibrate her marketing strategies. Only then they can keep on spinning the wheel of content creation.

As the major chunk of content is available in the form of websites, so a content writer has to know how Google is working. He has to write his content based on search engine preferences. 

Aligning their content with best SEO practices makes it more visible and ranks it to the top SERPs. With that said, the growing website’s competition of 1.88 billion in total as of now, makes it hard to get recognized.

Therefore, you need some exquisite tools that make your content worthwhile for Google as well as buyers.

Best online tools for content writers in 2022:

The year 2022 will bring more cheek by jowl competition in online business. You won’t keep yourself steady with the coming innovations.

No matter how good are your writing skills, you won’t make it without these online writing tools. Even if you are a cynic towards technology, you should entertain your mind about the use of these tools, once in your career at least.


This is a wonderful addition to your content writing tools arsenal as it builds up your writing skills and helps you create unique content free of plagiarism.

It checks each line of content and finds all possible matches across the internet in very little time. So, you can say it is a copied content finder.


Moreover, you can also get a plagiarism report of your content that tells the percentage of plagiarized, unique, and paraphrased content.

Let’s say you write a wonderful sales pitch for your brand marketing but copy words from a Coca-Cola campaign. Such efforts would go futile and would lead your nowhere. 

Content writers and bloggers often find it difficult to produce plagiarism-free content. Even if they try to write unique content they end up plagiarizing. 

So, to reduce this discrepancy, this plagiarism checker helps a lot.  

These are a plethora of benefits that make this tool worth using. First of all, if you are new to the platform and want to test its veracity, you can simply upload or copy-paste your content on this checker. 

Your content must be less than or equal to 1000 words. This tool checks the plagiarism in your content and gives results for free. So, being a visitor you can get this amazing offer to check 1000 words.

Besides, you can check more than 1000 words once you register and subscribe to various packages of this plagiarism checker.

Since writing content isn’t the whole thing, checking its uniqueness is also important. Thus, this tool appears as the best content writing tool.

This online writing tool resembles a conventional offline notepad or MS Word in functionality but looks different in layout.

It is an online text editor or an editpad that helps you arrange your scrambled thoughts in script on a screen. You can edit your pre-existing text any time or can write new text when needed.

The main feature that attracts many content writers towards this tool is its instant access, Its simple layout intrigues you to start writing without any wait. 

So, it is very important in creating any content on the internet. A major drawback of using conventional text editors is that your content gets lost if the power runs out or your PC goes out of order. 

However, this notepad removes this drawback and saves your content even if something unexpected happens. It automatically saves your text which you can retrieve later.

Every content writer needs some kind of medium to write on. Being a content writer, you can’t jot down your thoughts in the air.

For a conventional writer, this medium can be a paper but for content writers, there are a plethora of writing platforms. 

Choosing the best one, helps you streamline your content strategy. So, this notepad online is one of the best available options for you.


Sometimes, content writers face difficulties in writing error-free content. Because writing bulk of content often opens the chances of mistakes. 

This writing assistant assists you while writing your content and makes it error-free because it highlights your grammatical mistakes and often misplaced spellings.

It is so far the best writing app and writers from all races and classes use it as a bible for their content writing.


 If you are a novice in your writing career, you uplift your expression and make it persuasive through the tool. Hence, it leads you from an ordinary writer to a prolific one. 

It is free of cost if you want to tone your basic English writing. The basic package contains only grammar checking, clarity, engagement, and delivery.

Nevertheless, if you subscribe to premium packages you will get added advantages to further tune your content for the internet.

This tool is amazing attention in your content writing arsenal. So, you can use it to enhance your overall content writing strategy.


Final words:

Content writing isn’t a dormant profession. Because the pace of time changes its requirements. So, being a content writer you have to with the ticking time and to accept new inventions open-handedly.

Therefore, the aforementioned tools help you tweak necessary changes in your content and make it top-notch for your business.


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