[2020 Updated] Top Best Nvidia Shield Games

[2020 Updated] Top Best Nvidia Shield Games

Since NVIDIA proclaims in each bit of advertising, the Shield Android TV box has been”that the streamer for players.” What games are worth checking out?

First, NVIDIA provides its own GeForce current service that enables you to stream a lot of fantastic PC games in the cloud, such as the popular Fortnite. You will discover many games available to play at no cost, while some other AAA titles are offered for purchase. NVIDIA Gamestream also enables you to stream your favorite PC games out of the gaming rig into your NVIDIA Shield TV — supposing your setup utilizes an NVIDIA’s graphics card.

For our purposes, we will highlight a few of the greatest games available through the Google Play Store, which were specially adapted to play Android TV.

Let’s dive in this listing of the best Nvidia Shield games:

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1. Death Road To Canada

Death Road To Canada

Death Road into Canada is among the extraordinary games which supply a special gaming experience each time you play and is still filled with surprises. It is a survival game where you aim to outrun a zombie apocalypse by forcing it to Canada. Featuring randomly generated places, characters, and events, it is a game that’s chock-full of surprises that will keep you returning for more.

This is one of my absolute favorite games launched for Android from 2017, and it is a blast to play with a tiny touchscreen — but with how the Google Play Store functions, in the event you purchased it to play in your phone, you may also download the Android TV version for your Shield.

Playing a control only makes the game’s controls that far tighter and that I made it into the Canadian border in my first attempt playing with the Shield version (rather the achievement, I understand ). Among the greatest advantages of playing on the Shield is that it opens up the choice for a two-player co-op if you have obtained another Shield controller wrapped around. A fantastic Android game keeps becoming better thanks to Android TV along with the Nvidia Shield.

2. Anomaly 2

Anomaly 2

First on our list is Anomaly 2. The game was among the first to feature additional features for its NVIDIA Tegra K1 chipset, including lots of graphical improvements designed to impress. Heads up, it functioned. This game is graphically impressive and enjoyable to boot. Anomaly two is a tower defense match that features tower defense, tower crime, one player campaign, and internet play. Additionally, it has full control support and a rather reasonable price.

3. Morphite

Morphite is kind of a combination between No Man Sky and also something such as Metroid Prime, and wherein there is an entire world of procedurally created planets to research such as the prior along with a full-fledged campaign manner with assignments which need space battle, puzzle-solving, and platforming. While it played fairly well on a smartphone, it truly reaches new heights playing with it on a large TV screen using control in your hand.


BADLAND was a critically acclaimed game when it first came out because of its easy, but hard gameplay, slick looking images, and old-school sense. It might not have the charisma or thickness of a lot of the other games. However, it is a terrific free alternative that is also child friendly, and it will not take up storage space. It features a single-player campaign that is decently long, a co-op manner, and it’s simple to play touch screens if you are about the Shield Tablet.

5. Metal Gear Solid 2 HD

Hideo Kojima is a legendary video game programmer, responsible for producing one of the best video game franchises ever: Metal Gear Solid.

The sequel, Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty, is arguably the best name in the series — and also, the HD remastered version is currently available for its NVIDIA Shield. Step in the role of Solid Snake as he sneaks via a heavily-defended tanker to assemble Intel on a brand new Metal Gear weapon in evolution, then Raiden, a rookie Spec Ops representative who is on a mission to infiltrate a wicked company’s chemical to conserve the President and the entire world! This match, originally released in 2001 on the PlayStation 2, was a massive inspiration for its stealth-action genre and remained celebrated by most of the greatest games ever produced.

If you enjoyed playing MGS2 back in the afternoon, you would adore the nostalgic trip down memory lane. If you have never played Metal Gear Solid 2 previously, you are in for a genuine treat.

6. ClusterTruck

ClusterTruck is a hectic physics-based first-person platformer where you intend to jump between semi-trucks, which are only barrelling down streets and getting blown up by falling stones, laser beams, and the other kinds of crazy barriers. You wish to go as quickly as you can, but you lose if you touch the floor. This is a superb sport to take turns playing with friends, as it is essentially like playing”the ground is lava” with super-human leaping powers.

7. The Bard’s Tale

The Bard’s Tale was outside for a couple of years now, but you would be hard pushed to conquer The Bard’s Tale in regards to the best bangs for the buck. It features a 20-hour storyline full of humor and quirkiness, old school RPG-style match play, and total controller support for just $1.99. Through time, the sport has also been upgraded to incorporate several new articles, cloud conserves, Google Play Games accomplishments, and in-app buys to buff up yourself if you do not feel like flat grinding.

8. The Witness

If you consider yourself a hardcore puzzle gamer, you owe it to yourself to look at the Witness, among the most superbly crafted and hard puzzle games ever imagined. At first glance, this seems to be a somewhat typical puzzle adventure game in which you wander around a mysterious island solving grid puzzles throughout the livelong day; matters become rather layered as you begin to unravel the real nature of the island and how deep the mystery motif expands.

I will continue to keep the description obscure and mysterious since it’s one of these games that you wish to experience on your own.

9. Skateboard Party 3 ft. Greg Lutzka

Fans of this classic Tony Hawk Pro Skater games from back in the day that laments the storied franchise’s present state should test out Skateboard Party 3. It is a throwback match to all those timeless skateboarding games we loved in the late 90s and early 00s before things went awry. The game physics and controllers feel quite familiar, and you are given a few game modes to pick from.

In Career mode, you have four moments to research the eight distinct places and stand up a massive score, then collect P-A-R-T-Y sprinkled around as drifting letters, and locate other hidden objects. Spending experience points unlock matters and that you accumulate by finishing challenges and landing tricks.

10. Dead Trigger two

Dead Trigger 2 is a first-person shooter in which you mow down heaps of zombies. It had been one of the first games to acquire control support and is still one of the better-looking shooters offered for Android. Dead Trigger 2 features constant updates to include new content, fantastic graphics, simple controls, and challenging gameplay. It places most other zombie games to pity, and it is just another one of those rare choices that’s both nice and free to download.

11. Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel

The franchise is a unique first-person shot, mixing genre components from action, RPG, and FPS to an addictive adventure topped off with all the gorgeous cel-shaded images and razor-sharp narrative humor.

The Pre-Sequel was initially published in 2014 for its significant consoles and games story-wise involving the initial and second Borderland games. Therefore, it mostly utilizes the game mechanisms from Borderlands two, while adding in some new weapons and components. The game also supports co-op play, even though regrettably, no split-screen co-op can be found.

However, Borderlands: TPS plays just like a dream about the NVIDIA Shield and should provide hours of pleasure.

12. Portal

When you create a record of best games, and Portal is among those alternatives to incorporate, you know that it’s likely to be in there. It’s among the very enjoyable and ingenious games of all time. If you have never played Portal earlier, I am jealous since it means you have to experience this exceptional game for the very first moment. This match is celebrated justly because of its brightly subtle narrative, mind-bending puzzles, and the most celebrated gaming villains of recent occasions. It has been flashed beautifully over to the NVIDIA Shield TV through the Google Play Store.

13. Grand Theft Auto III, Vice City, and San Andreas

Grand Theft Auto has long been a cornerstone of many platforms, and Android is not any different. You have the choice between three classic Grand Theft Auto names; however, honestly, the maximum and most secure is San Andreas. All three games include complete control support, decent images, and tons upon a lot of gameplay and shenanigans to put yourself into. Additionally, none of those games have in-app buys.

14. Ultimate Chicken Horse

Ultimate Chicken Horse is an exceptional celebration platformer that will have you and friends and family gather around the TV like 1998. The idea is that around four buddies collaborate to build a difficult level — according to different traps and platforms, made accessible to the category. Afterward, everyone simultaneously attempts to finish the level.

Equal parts tactical and dumb, this game is excellent fun to have a couple of friends together and have at it (if you have got the ideal number of Shield controls to accommodate the team — third-party Bluetooth control service is lacking). The target is to put enough traps to sabotage your competitors while leaving a fresh path to make it through the degree and get to the aim. Everything is packed in a fun, cartoony art style, using many farm animals as the disposal as playable characters.

15. Half-Life two

Half-Life two is a masterpiece of a match. It is the sequel to 1998’s revolutionary first-person shot Half-Life. If you have an NVIDIA Shield and have not played Half-Life two, you owe it to yourself to check out this game.

You do not need to have played the first person, but you play as Gordon Freeman, a silent scientist, if you want a little bit of the backstory. He formerly worked for Black Mesa Research Facility and inadvertently opened a portal to another dimension. Half-Life 2 picks up with Freeman being awoken from stasis, understanding that the planet has fallen under the control of the Blend. This inter-dimensional empire has implemented a brutal global police state to control the human race.

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