Best Note-Taking Apps In 2021 [TOP 14 CHOICES]

Best Note-Taking Apps In 2020 [ TOP 14 CHOICES]

What’re the Best Note-Taking Apps? Colorfy has a look at several excellent options that permit you to choose, sort, and share notes readily.

Having a dedicated note-taking app installed on your iPad is a vital part of staying productive once you’re on-the-go. The very best iPad note-taking programs will sync your notes across all of your devices and include many useful features.

Therefore, if you’re trying to find the very best note-taking program for the iPad or iPad Pro, continue reading to learn more.

Top Rated 14 Best Note-Taking Apps

Top Rated 14 Best Note-Taking Apps


Notability is distinctively designed for each apparatus to provide the most useful note-taking experience at college, home, and work.

The program provides you the choice to create multi-media notes employing note-taking, journaling, drawing programs such as ink, highlighter, text, and sound in addition to constituting and incorporating scanned or deleted textbooks, files, forms, images, GIFs, webpages, and much more. All those multi-media options are why they have an unlimited scroll attribute, which means that you can match all your thoughts in 1 place!

This is only one of the very best iPad programs for note-taking if you are a student that likes to write their notes since the ink is more fine-tuned for your Apple Pencil to provide the most responsive, precise writing encounter nonetheless, such as double-tap gesture for shifting tools, erasing, and much more.

Notability is just one of the most effective programs for college students as it lets you not only record your course lectures but also sync them with your lecture notes, which means that you can replay what has been mentioned while you’re note-taking!

Another cool feature is that the app can convert text to text and convert text into handwriting. Pick whichever method works best for you personally.


For people searching for a note-taking system that operates with their iPad Pro and the Android apparatus, Evernote straddles both mobile platforms effortlessly.

Evernote is an excellent program to accumulate many inputs, such as pictures, text notes, recorded messages, and clippings of web pages – all in 1 document for storage and cooperation. They can then be retrieved through the iPad Pro, Android, or even a PC through the web browser interface for ease of use. Additionally, a further blessing is that the notes are all searchable.

The iOS program is free and provides in-app purchases. On the other hand, the free product is limited to syncing just two apparatuses, and uploads are restricted to only 60MB a month. Measure up to this Premium tier to sync all of your devices, obtain a more generous 10GB of uploads at a month, in addition to the extra features of live chat service, and offline access to your notes, for $7.99 a month. Instead, for collaborations, there is a company plan for $14.99 per user per month with enhanced limitations and extra features.


People who wish to utilize their own iPad Pro to take handwritten notes ought to look at GoodNotes. With the focus on design, this program makes it effortless to enter complicated math and compound formulas that could border on the impossible through a conventional keyboard.

The GoodNotes approach may also be used to annotate PDFs, and you can look handwritten notes and convert text into text. The notes can also be synced through iCloud and may be supported up to your selection of cloud providers, such as Dropbox, Google Drive, or Box.

The GoodNotes program is offered at the iOS shop for $7.99.


Noteshelf was our preferred note-taking program for its iPad before we found Notability, and it is still a superb alternative.

It’s a lot of the features we all adore in Notability, including the choice to annotate PDFs and multitask with all the iPad’s split display. You could even record voice notes to go with your handwritten notes, which is ideal for recapping a lecture or assembly at a subsequent date.

If you speak/write several languages, you will also be pleased to know that Noteshelf can recognize handwriting in 65 distinct languages. This makes it a potent tool for taking a language course or studying a language by yourself.

Ultimately, Noteshelf enables you to export your notes to iCloud, Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, and Evernote. The choice to ship to Evernote is missing from Notability, making Noteshelf our best option for severe Evernote users.

Apple Watch users may also gain in the app’s capability to record audio notes utilizing the Noteshelf Apple Watch program.

GoodNotes 5

Up next, we’ve got GoodNotes 5. This program has all you need for taking notes, for example, the capacity to switch between writing and typing. Besides, you may pick from several built-in layouts and templates, in addition to export your own.

Especially, GoodNotes 5 allows you to adjust the sensitivity and hands comprehension of this pencil to meet your writing style. This is ideal if you are like me and have a tendency to press hard when composing.

Ultimately, GoodNotes 5 features a “Demo Mode” that allows you to flip your iPad to an electronic whiteboard. Utilizing either AirPlay or an HDMI cable, then you can project what you are writing onto a bigger screen while still having the ability to observe the GoodNotes interface on your iPad. This can be handy whether you are giving a class demonstration or pitching a company idea.

Microsoft OneNote

OneNote for iPad is not only for note-taking since you can use its built-in inking features for handwriting notes to make sketches and drawings. This is extremely helpful when it’s possible to write better or quicker than you can sort, and ideal for interviews or meetings in which a typing sound may be annoying.

OneNote contains a useful conversion tool, so it is possible to convert text into typed text. This is beneficial if you would like to talk about your handwritten notes in a more legible format, along with different men and women. Best of all, it’s free!


The very best note-taking programs on your iPad or even iPad Pro do not automatically have to be the most complicated. Sometimes, simple is better.

And that is where Simplenote shines. As its name implies, this is not a program packed with unlimited bells and whistles, which you will rarely use. Instead, it targets you to take fantastic notes cleanly and straightforwardly while providing you a few nifty features to enhance your note-taking encounter.

The program does not encourage styluses, PDF annotation, or alternative power-user features found in different programs. Your listing of notes is entirely revealed in the left-hand panel along with your articles’ looks from the right-hand panel.


For note-takers with demands that go beyond the fundamentals, Nebo can deal with the challenge. While many note-taking programs allow text to be input, Nebo may also readily structure notes, letting you incorporate paragraphs, titles, and bullet lists such as business.

Additionally, it manages’rich material,’ like diagrams, sketches (with various colors and pen widths), flow graphs, and formulas, permitting you to incorporate them in the document. Once done, files can be exported in various formats, such as Word, PDF, and HTML.

Nebo is available for several platforms, including Windows 10, Android, and course iOS, for $6.99.


When is an iOS program that’s both at home shooting notes through text, as it’s with the book? Whether you choose to write with a stylus, sort text or draw using a finger, Whink gets the process as straightforward as using paper.

Other media may be added and integrated, including photographs, diagrams with colors along with”perfect geometric contours.” Documents may also be marked up. Also, it supports multitasking, so notes could be obtained while studying the following record (we’ve seen people walking around with two pills to do this feat once it isn’t supported).

When could be added to an iPad Pro for $4.99?

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The Notion is a productivity program whose objective is to help businesses collaborate effectively, share notes, and handle projects collectively.

Their easy interface makes the process of producing, saving, and working over comprehensive project documents as simple as pie (utilizes that the Kan-Ban system).

This is only one of the very best iPad note-taking programs because Notion lets you make note templates. Just use the template that is desired to find a uniform appearance across your notes.

Notion permits you to bring a record, plain text, videos, sound, code snippet, plus much more.

This is an excellent program for somebody who does not need to produce handwritten notes.


When a program’s design is valuable to you, take a peek at Bear. It is among the most amazing note-taking programs you will find for iPad and iPad Pro.

However, Bear is far out of a program that is all style and no substance. Some of its most outstanding features include hashtags (which means it is simple to discover related content), support to the Apple Watch (letting you dictate sound notes when you are on-the-go), along with the capacity to take notes and create drawings with an Apple Pencil.

Impressively, Bear can also be harmonious with Siri. It is possible to make notes from any Siri-enabled apparatus utilizing merely your voice. Ultimately, Bear delivers the right choice of export formats, such as HTML, PDF, DOCX, MD, JPG, and EPUB.

Zoho Notebook

Zoho Notebook is a free platform for shooting notes which deserves praise because of its user-friendliness and complete functionality. It supplies a card-based approach for proper note administration. Every message you choose appears in the shape of a card. It’s possible to use unique cards for different kinds of content.

You will find cards for big text notes, sound files, checklists, pictures, thumbnails, and documents very similar to PDFs. You could even combine unique items in 1 card.

This app program for iPad features compact synch choices. Each user should have a Zoho account to synch the information. You may also export your notes into some PDF-like Znote file format.


Dropbox’s Paper enables you to create text, edit it, and use regular bullets, which can be nearly enough to produce quick notes, tasks, and lists. You can insert images directly from the camera or gallery, but you can not record audio or make handwritten notes. Why is Dropbox Paper among the very efficient iPad Pro notice taking program is its collaboration features?

Numerous other fantastic functions make Dropbox Paper ideal for staff use. You can draw the interest of the group member to a specific note by establishing a @username. It’s also possible to use templates to announce meetings quickly, plan a project, or begin digital brainstorming.

While Dropbox Paper is mainly created for collaboration functions, also, it supplies an offline document editing. It is possible to save your files locally, and the modifications will probably be moved to the server once you reconnect to the net.


Produced by Evernote, Penultimate was made to function as a go-to note-taking program for Evernote users. It’s all of the conventional note-taking features you desire, such as an assortment of designs and the capability to search your handwritten notes together with optical character recognition.

If you previously use Evernote, then you can seamlessly add Penultimate for your workflow. As soon as you log in to the program with your Evernote accounts, all of your notes will automatically sync to the Evernote laptop of your choice.

While the other writing features of Noteshelf nevertheless make it our favored note-taking program to utilize Evernote, Penultimate remains a good option (particularly if you’re trying to find a free program ).

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