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Best Journal App

Regardless of that, we are and the types of lives we live, most of us have memories, if they are nasty or good. No matter if these memories are almost always worth remembering at some stage, who knows what will happen? Imagine if we dropped all our memories daily and can not recall something?

That is why keeping a diary is so essential. Even if you believe that it’s silly, it is one way to remember each of the fantastic events and landmarks in your lifetime.

In days of age, folks retained analog books written in paper and pencil. But today, we are outfitted with smartphones, and all these are a much better method of maintaining our memories intact because we probably have hundreds, or perhaps tens of thousands of photographs and videos to relive minutes with. Let Colorfy show you the Best Journal App in this guide. 

Why is it a fantastic journal program?

A newspaper notebook and pencil are good for sourcing, but programs offer more. They provide you more context about which you have achieved and where you may want to go.

They also allow you to incorporate photos from your telephone or articles from social networking feeds to create the journaling experience more profitable. Add in the capability to search your diary entries, and electronic journalism is all but a no-brainer.

The best programs for maintaining a diary to have a couple of things in common:

Simple entry: When it requires more than a few clicks or pops to put in a journal entry, likely, you’re not going to get it done.

Pleasant interface: A minimalist, uncluttered interface can help you pay attention to your ideas and make journaling an excellent encounter.

Reminders: Maybe the largest barrier to journaling remembers to take action. Automatic reminders help you maintain the custom.

Exporting: Only if the program stops being improved or you also want to move into another journaling platform you will want to have the ability to export your entries in a format other programs can see, such as PDF or RTF.

Syncing: Syncing will ensure that your diary’s up so far regardless of what device you are using.

Other features that may be important for you include password protection, Markdown service, ability to have more than one photo, weather and location tags, and journaling prompts.

We looked at favorite journal programs offered from the program shops and other websites’ journal program roundups to produce this record. We eliminated several programs due to the high cost, lack of features, or lousy user reviews (by way of instance, multiple accounts of syncing problems ).

Best Journal App in 2021

1. Diarium

Diarium is your highest-rated tagging app from the Windows 10 App Store. Compared to other journaling programs on any stage, Diarium stands out because it supports many media types in diary entries.

If you would rather speak than kind, it is possible to dictate your ideas with precise speech recognition. It is possible to attach a sound document, inked drawing, or another sort of paper to your entrances and multiple photographs. Heck, you can even accelerate your diary entries (possibly most useful to monitor how happy you’re daily ).

Diarium syncs with other Windows apparatus or Android together with OneDrive. You may even export your entries to DOCX, HTML, RTF, or TXT formats using different files for networking attachments so you may be sure that your information will remain accessible. We discovered the syncing between Windows and Android immediate and dependable.

To create journaling even simpler, Diarium can automatically pull feeds from Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram and remind you to write in the diary once a day (in your favorite period ).

Diarium Pricing:

Free version: Yeson Android

Paid variant: $19.99 on Windows 10, $2.99 on Android for superior features

2. Journey

The Journey is your one journaling program we discovered that functions across just about any device. And it does it with features that rival those of the other top journaling program selections.

Standouts include support for several images, in addition to video or audio exporting to numerous formats, automobile weather and location, and even password protection.

Journey also plays well with different programs. For instance, based on which device you use, you can also import journal entries from Day One, Diaro, Daylio, or even Evernote.

Because you need to register for the Journey and your Google account, it automatically stores all of your diary entries on Google Drive. You may then get them on all apparatuses where you’re signed in to Drive with precisely the same account.

The Journey is probably the best option to Day One, using a similar compact interface and a dim manner. Suppose you would rather not pay a monthly subscription to the premium edition of Day One.

In that case, you can purchase a one-time permit for Journey rather than But you ought to update to a $2.49/month registration for features such as unlimited journal entries through email, daily email reminders, and automatic entrances via Zapier.

Journey Pricing:

Free version: Yeson the Web, Android and iOS

Paid variant: $19.99 on Mac and Windows


3. Penzu

Writing a diary entry into Penzu is similar to writing a blog post from WordPress, using a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) interface, complete with a text formatting toolbar.

Why not use Word, WordPress, or even a note-taking program like Evernote? First, Penzu retains your entries together in 1 journal online, rather than several separate documents.

You customized email reminders to help you remember to document your diary entry. And Penzu can send reminders of everything you have written previously so you can reminisce about the fantastic old times.

More to the point, Penzu will maintain your entrances 100 percent confidential. It is possible to lock your diary using a particular password (that can be distinct from your account password), protect your articles together with 128-bit encryption, and select to auto-lock your diary in any way. If you are on the Pro program, Penzu can shield your entrances with military-strength 256-bit encryption.

If you wish to maintain a journal precisely the same way you might a private blog but keep it confidential, Penzu is a great alternative. However, you will want to spring for the paid Pro program to find core electronic journaling features like tagging.

Penzu Pricing:

Free variant: Yes

Paid variant: By $19.99/year

4. Momento

If you are already inspecting your life online on interpersonal networking websites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or moderate, you are keeping a journal. It is only spread throughout the world wide web.

Momento attracts all your shared articles and interactions out of websites such as these into one spot, assisting you to maintain an electronic archive of your internet interactions.

Momento supports 11 feeds, such as your Uber excursion background, Spotify saved monitors and YouTube videos. You might even produce new journal entries, just like you would using a regular tagging program.

Momento excels in resurfacing where you have been and what you have done previously. You can group distinct entrances (or “minutes”) to “events”; therefore, all the Instagram pictures you had been tagged to get a family reunion could live together.

The program will show you everything that occurred on a particular date in prior years, which means you may see the time has flown. And present reminders, for instance, “what did you dream?” At 7:30 am and “how was your afternoon? ” At eight, make it simpler to journal when you are not sure what to write.

Momento Pricing:

Free version: Yes, for up to 3 societal feeds

Paid variant: $2.49/month to your Premium program, $37.99/year to get your Premium Gold program


5. Grid Diary

Grid Diary bills itself as “the easiest way to begin with keeping a journal.” Every day, the program presents you with eight questions prompts, for example, “What sport did I do now to improve my health? ” What have I done with my loved ones now,” and” What do I do now to make my future better,” laid out on a one-page grid. This offers you a comprehensive and bird’s eye view of what is occurring in your own life, one day at a time.

You may select many grid templates from or personalize the grid and queries yourself to concentrate on the subjects of life that you would like to monitor. Rather than wondering what you ought to write about daily, utilize Grid Diary to write down easy answers that enable you to reflect on your days.

Grid Diary Pricing:

Free variant: Yes

Paid variant: From $1.49/month

6. Five Minute Journal

If you are new to journaling, writing down your thoughts and feelings daily may feel daunting. It may also be hard to locate time to dedicate to it. Five Minute Journal makes journaling approachable and straightforward with timed prompts throughout the day.

The program asks you three questions designed to market gratitude and specifies a purpose for the morning’s own day. In the day, two questions ask you to reflect on the positive things that occurred and how you can improve tomorrow.

According to a positive psychology study, The Five Minute Journal helps encourage a gratitude habit and self-reflection. You can add a photograph for every entry and export to PDF, but if you’re trying to find a freeform tagging program to compose as far as you need, this is not the program for you.

Five Minute Journal prices:

Free version: No

Paid variant: $4.99


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