Best Iphone Notes App: TOP Full Guide 2021

Best Iphone Notes App

What should you do when you’ve got a spark of imagination or a notion you can not manage to overlook? Most of us frequently reach the closest device, the most smartphone in our pocket or even the tablet on the coffee table. But there is a whole lot more to some note-taking program than merely tapping a short note.

Both the iPhone and iPad offer special note-taking programs that will change how you record your ideas, plan your times, and arrange your life.

Many of these programs are aimed solely at Apple users, but others give an iOS-friendly window to some broader ecosystem. Let Colorfy show you the Best iPhone Notes App in this guide. 

What Makes is a Wonderful Note Taking Program for iPad and iPhone?

Typing a notice on your own iPhone or iPad may not be the speediest way of inputting text. However, it is the best choice you have when you are away from a computer keyboard.

Snapping pictures or scanning files together with your cell phone or tablet computer and keeping them in a readily searchable electronic archive is a great habit. And that mic allows your device to double as a Dictaphone, together with lots of note-taking programs supporting sound.

To get a more tactile experience, why don’t you try handwriting your notes? Most note-taking systems encourage touch-based scrawl of any kind, and many others rely upon it.

Apple’s strides with its Pencil stylus on the iPad Pro haven’t gone unnoticed by program developers. If you have previously written off the iPad as a successful drawing or handwriting tool, it may be time to test again.

Whatever the situation, no single program is ideal for every single use case. It does not make a good deal of sense to compare a free app that is light on features by layout using a costly heavyweight, especially when the two approaches have their own merits.

We have attempted to obtain the ideal note-taking programs to fulfill our most important standards, irrespective of the program’s method. We prefer apps with exceptional features or the ones that would be the very best examples of the kind.

To be inclusive of needs, we have not limited our choice to direct or rich text programs. Notes could be net clippings, photographs, typed markdowns, scanned files, sound logs, sketches, handwritten notes, or diagrams. On occasion, messages may be a combination of all these things.

All the selected apps meet our needs for a common-sense method of company. This is usually accomplished with some laptops, folders, or tags. Access to a trusted search function is another important criterion for choice, and choices such as the ability to filter, sort, and search results also have been considered.

If it comes right down to it, locating your notes is equally essential as recording them at the first location.

Also, you ought to have the ability to get your notes if you want them. All our selected apps incorporate the ability to sync the cloud and different cases, possibly using the programmer’s servers or iCloud.

Some include powerful sharing choices for providing copies of your notes to friends or coworkers, though this is not a strict requirement for addition.

A feeling of worth is another crucial consideration. Some programs are free, the others paid for outright, although others use a continuing subscription version.

The majority of our paid-for recommendations include an excellent free trial or tier period. Not everybody can justify the cost of a costly note-taking program, but many of the best plans are not open at precisely the same time.

When many programs can run twice as note-taking programs, we averted, including plans for which record notes aren’t the principal intent. That implies we excluded word processors, journaling programs, and sketchbooks, amongst others.

Best iPhone Notes App in 2021

1. Evernote

Among the earliest and most tasteful notes taking programs for iPhones, Evernote premiered back in 2013 when these programs were a rarity. Among the most notable features of Evernote is its cross-platform service.

The program provides a seamless note-taking encounter on iPhones if you merely wish to write down random thoughts, produce a checklist, and a to-do list. Having a laptop structure, the programmers have tried to make it nearer to reality.

You can take notes in various formats like text, video, pictures, music, web clippings, PDFs, hand-drawn sketches, etc..

The iOS program includes an inbuilt scanner for business cards and files so you can digitize your files and keep them in an organized manner.

Synchronization Center:

Concerning the synchronization of notes on various operating systems and systems, there’s not any comparison for Evernote. Suppose you’re somebody who owns apparatus running on different operating systems, then on this program.

In that case, you may start your notice on a single device and may endure it on another machine. Your notes will be automatically synced into various platforms such as Android, iOS, Mac, Blackberry, and Windows.

Additional Features:

  • Evernote app easily permits you to search and sort notes with tags.
  • It is possible to quickly switch between premium and personal accounts without logging from this program.
  • The job graph feature lets you share your notes with your coworkers and friends.
  • You have the choice of including a reminder for your notes, and when the time comes, your notice will be immobilized on the very best.


Evernote has free in addition to the superior version. While the free variant provides you the facility to sync over two apparatus and 60 MB of uploads per month; at the premium edition of the program, it is possible to sync with the unlimited appliance, and you also get 10 GB space for uploads each month.


2. Pages

People who have Macbooks must be conscious of the flexible Pages program that’s Apple’s choice for Microsoft Word. Instead of being merely a notes author, Pages is a whole word processor.

Apple presents pre-designed templates to make reports, CVs, reports, electronic publications, and write down quick notes. You can add pictures, videos, and sound files.

Apple Pages is compatible with Microsoft Word so, you can export files in PDF, Word, RT, and EPUB formats directly from the program.

Pages note shooting also supports Apple Pencil. Built-in iCloud integration with the notes program for iPhone makes it swift for those people who are habituated to working involving different Apple devices such as Macbook, iPad, and iPhone.

Synchronization Center:

Notes generated from the Pages app could be retrieved across all of the Apple apparatus through iCloud. You might also share notes with other users by imitating them in various formats quickly. The note-taking program for iOS also supplies real-time cooperation, which lets you see who is currently editing/viewing the record with you.

Added Features:

  • Pick from 70 Apple-designed templates to begin fast.
  • The change monitoring feature allows you to mark up a record as you edit it.
  • Interactive EPUBs may be made that can read and shred in Apple Books native programs.


Pages from Apple is a free note-taking program for both iPhone and iPad. That isn’t any pro-version which you have to buy. Apple provides all of the center app’s functionalities, which may be downloaded right from the Apple App Store.

3. Quip

Quip is a popular but highly effective note-taking program for iPhones with all the focus on beautifying your notes. You may add text, pictures, videos, to-do lists, etc.. You can consist of spreadsheets from the letters, which is another helpful attribute for corporates. The program was designed as a one-point alternative for keeping files and communication with your group members.

With Quiz, it is possible to export your files in PDF format and Microsoft Office. Spreadsheets may be shipped in Microsoft Excel. There are lots of font templates to pick from to create your content stick out.

Synchronization Center:

All of your files, spreadsheets, and chats are offered across iPhone, iPad, MacBook, and Desktop.

Added Features:

  • You can import notes out of Evernote, Google, and Dropbox.
  • Assign tasks to a person by mentioning their name prefixed by’@.’
  • Chat with your coworkers with all the Chatroom.


The core variant of Quip is free. If you’re a big organization, you can elect for Quip Enterprise, which charges $25 a month per individual.


4. Dropbox Paper

Dropbox Paper is over the usual note-taking program. It’s a collaborative record building service useful for people utilized to the port of Dropbox and save their documents there. The plan was made for sharing notes with colleagues and other consumers.

Dropbox Paper provides the choice of producing notes in text, pictures, videos, audios, and hyperlinks formats. It may be an intriguing note-taking program on the iOS apparatus if you’d like a stage to discuss your notes with different groups of people.

Synchronization Center:

The Dropbox Paper program can be found on most iOS and Android apparatus. Your notes become synced all of the devices and on Dropbox too. You can also get your messages with no net, and the modifications will be synced after you’re back online.

Added Features:

  • A wise to-do list feature permits you to assign a job and include a due date on it.
  • Events could be linked in the calendar (Google Calendar or Outlook) for a Dropbox Paper account.


The Dropbox Paper program can be obtained at no cost.

Dropbox Paper

5. Notebook by Zoho

Notebook by Zoho is a card-based note-taking program for iPhones, similar to Google Keep. Adopting a far visual approach involving notes, Laptop by Zoho is ideal for organizing and recording text, pictures, videos, sound, and hand-drawn sketches. You can enroll in the program along with your Google accounts.

Notes could be customized with all the choices given together with the computer keyboard. This program is particularly attractive for those people who are visual thinkers.

Synchronization Features:

Notes could be synced across apparatus and on a cloud so you can get them on the move. Each of the modifications is reflected in the actual time.

Added Features:

  • A single notice could be secured with a passcode and Touch ID.
  • The program is free of annoying ads.
  • Gesture-based controls for group notes.
  • The very first minute of this sound note is transcribed using Apple’s Speech Recognition Technology.


Notebook by Zoho is a free note-taking program. It is possible to make unlimited notes and laptops without having to spend a dime.

Notebook by Zoho

6. Google Keep

Google Keep is Google’s very own digital laptop app that may be an ideal companion if you enjoy writing down thoughts that attack your mind too frequently. The lightweight notes program was made to store notes and checklists on the move.

Google Keep is a designed mixture of note-taking program and reminder diluting any fancy attribute. Inputs from the program are encouraged in the kind of text, pictures, videos, sound, and record.

It is possible to play around colors to decide on a vibrant backdrop for notes. Google Keep additionally supports location-based reminder attributes.

Synchronization Center:

All of the notes have been synced into Google Drive, so you can get the messages across devices and get notes on the move.

Added Features:

You can search for notes in line with the kind of notice, labels, and color delegated.

Assessing the checklist things eliminates them in your list and adds them to the list of finished jobs. This may be a satisfying characteristic for routine checklist users.

‘Collaborators’ choice allows you to share notes with others.


Google Notice is a free note-taking program without any extra fees for any characteristic.

Google Keep (1)

7. Apple Notes

Apple Notes handles to triumph over many users by mere virtue of being set up on each iPhone or even iPad that leaves the mill. And that is fine. If you’re searching for an easy-to-use note-taking program prepared to go, Apple Notes is an attractive choice.

Apple Notes can catch rich text and mixed media notes from any part of the iOS functioning system. These notes may also include checklists, tables, pictures, Apple Maps places, sound files, and record scans using the contained document scanner.

Harness button when writing a note, then choose Scan Records and then point your camera so. You could even put in your drawings or handwriting by selecting Insert Cartoon from precisely the same menu.

Your notes have been organized into a system of connections of your choice. However, subfolders can be produced not on the iOS apparatus (you will want to do so on a Mac or through the web interface in

You can’t organize your notes tags, but nothing stops you from ridding your #hashtags and hunting for them. While there is no optical character recognition (OCR) for scanned files or graphics, handwritten notes are searchable provided that the scrawl is legible.

Apple Notes includes a couple of other innovative features for consumers that need more than fundamental note catch. You can lock notes by tapping on to the left and tapping on the padlock.

Add additional users to your messages and collaborate with tapping Insert Folks on the notice’s peak and entering their email.

Since Notes is profoundly incorporated into iOS, you also can save things as notes from virtually anywhere with the Chat button, then picking Notes.


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