Best Golf GPS Apps In 2021 [TOP 14 CHOICES]

Best Golf GPS Apps In 2020 [TOP 14 CHOICES]

Are you searching for the best golf GPS apps? Colorfy has a look at several excellent options that permit you to choose.

We are in the age of technology. Nowadays, it’s possible to conduct your lifetime, or perhaps a whole company, from a telephone at the palm. Baby Boomers frown upon the ease by which we could acquire information; however, even they are beginning to grab.

Golf has not been left behind by technology. Gone are the times where championship leaderboards were upgraded manually. Gamers no longer need to monitor their stats. And distances do not require using irrigation heads and estimates about just how far off you’re in the snare. The latter is due to the creation of golfing GPS.

A few GPS’s are handheld devices that provide the design of holes onto a display. Other people arrive in the kind of watches. We have now reached the point at which you can download golf GPS programs on your smartphone. That is pretty cool. The usage of inventions and technologies only assist players to the golf course to get more significant outcomes.

In this guide, we review the very best GPS program for golfing in the marketplace nowadays. Also, we answer the most frequent questions about precisely what you need to look for in a golfing GPS app.

What Should You Look for in a Golf GPS App?

The very first thing that you should look for is space precision. If at all possible, locate a place on the path you understand the yardage too. Compare that yardage to the one the GPS program is giving you. To be entirely sure, check from a couple of distinct locations. The next main feature is that the course maps. Some GPS programs have tens of thousands of golf courses pre-loaded. Others possess considerably less. Before making a purchase, be sure that the program involves the classes play frequently. The map screen is significant also.

Some GPS programs will merely offer you yardages to the flag. The ideal golf programs include yardages to punishment areas, tee times, bunkers, doglegs, and other interest factors. The best ones also have features like shooter monitoring and a great deal of pre-loaded golf classes. The more numbers you may receive, the better your odds of staying out of trouble.

Top Rated 14 Best Golf GPS Apps

Top Rated 14 Best Golf GPS Apps

Golf GPS & Scorecard – Swing by Swing Golf

With nearly 4 million consumers worldwide, the SwingxSwing program, since the programmer calls it, is a full-blown replacement for pretty much any costly GPS handheld or watch golf tracker in the marketplace. The program experience revolves on your accounts, which you may make at no cost.

Possessing the accounts permits you to enter your previous scores, see present scores, monitor your route around the program, ruminate about the significance of different stats, charts, and comprehensive data. The program works on over 35,000 golf classes, and much more are added virtually daily.

Even though the program does not push its superior subscription, Looper, down your neck, we all believe you should give it a go. For just a couple of pennies every day, you receive precise wind speed and altitude info, prolonged scoring, club monitoring, and access to some games and gambling configurations.


The Golfshot program is easily among the most outstanding golf programs out there, whether you are a casual hyperlinks lover or some severe golfer. The program, which will be readily available for Android, Apple, Apple Watch, and Android Wear, has both free and Pro features.

The free version features utilize GPS and your input signal to monitor each shot you strike the course and that club you’re using — excellent data for individual improvement. Additionally, it lets you find the space to the middle of the green, maintain the score up to a foursome, examine stats, and assess golf news.

Golfshot Pro requires a membership but allows you to do far more. The program will provide you real-time distances into the middle of this green, the rear edge, front, and also all risks on over 40,000 classes. According to your lie, the program functions as an experienced caddie, providing you “on-the-spot” club recommendations. You can zoom in on the full-color, birds-eye-view map of this path with Pro or correct your perspective for a complete 3D screen of this hole. Furthermore, the Pro programs have matches, leaderboards, and several other features. Pro could be paired with other subscription services out of Shotzoom that assist with golf education.


Accessible for Apple and Android mobile devices, such as watches, Hole19 provides a high-quality golf GPS program at no cost. There’s a vast selection of golf GPS programs free or partially free. Hole19 is no exception using a Premium stat-tracking work, but what sets this program apart is the excellent user-interface and instinctive, trendy design.

With this free program, you can see your space to the front, center, and rear of the green on many courses. You also get a bird’s eye satellite picture of this class not – a cartoonish representation – which allows you to view dangers, doglegs, and whatever else that the course could be concealing. Hole19 also includes an excellent scorecard role that seems professional and enjoyable, more at home on a professional sports betting program than a free golf club one. It is possible to book ties and times your match into social websites effortlessly with the Hole19 program. It is only fun, free, and also will help your sport.

Golf GPS Range Finder Scorecard & Course Locator

A frequent shortcoming of golf GPS programs is their dependence on outdated maps and fuzzy satellite pictures. Some programmers aren’t golfers and do not find this as a huge problem, while some fail worldwide testing and maximize their programs just for some region.

The Golf GPS Range Finder Scorecard & Course Locator avoids this dilemma by encouraging maps from Apple and Google. To put it differently, you receive the best of both worlds in one program. And that is not all. The program also works with the Apple Watch, features informative data and graphs, scorecards with colors and contours, and encourages side matches.


Initially, GolfLogix was a handheld GPS unit. They have now developed a program for smartphones. This can be a free golf GPS program to download; however, you must pay a minimal yearly subscription to utilize it.

The training course overhead and mapping trailer give you an intimate look at every hole you perform with. As you approach the green, the green view shows all of the shapes in vibrant detail. The program also lets you keep track of your score and significant stats.


If you’re trying to find a golf GPS program that is functional and will not break the bank, check out the SkyDroid. At just $3, this program includes all the features you want to go around the program and not one you do not. GPS is based on Google Maps because of its class information. When the maps are right, the program is spot on with precision. But if a golf course gets shifted and the maps are not upgraded, you might end up a little lost. With that said, the additional features of rating and stat monitoring round out this program. It serves its function also, is user friendly.

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The simple fact of the matter is that most reputable golf courses call for a timely tee, which golfers consult with a booking in the golf course for when you may start your round. Making the reservation may be a drag: you have to locate a program, look up contact info on their site, make a telephone, expect you’ll agree on the right date and time, and heaven forbid you ever opt to change your aims.

GolfNow’s mobile program enables you to book tee times at over 6,000 golf courses and hotels worldwide and monitor your match using GPS at over 30,000 classes. It’s possible to sort the information to determine that golf courses offer appealing tee shirts and get access to those classes that would otherwise be outside way out of your financial plan.

Blast Golf Swing Analyzer

While most golf GPS apps only use the telephone as the proxy to get the ball’s place, finding your place, and monitoring the shots based on the phone, there are also external devices which may be used for improved precision. The Blast Golf Swing Analyzer utilizes individual detectors on every club that will assist you to know precisely how well you are hitting.

The Blast Analyzer employs a sensor that attaches to the conclusion of any golf club. The detector utilizes GPS technology to track your golf balls and quantify data so that you can assess your performance and collect insight on flaws. The whole system is hands-free as soon as you place it up – it only delivers the recorded information for your device in real-time. You will have the ability to check at the slow-motion playback of your swing to observe an assortment of metrics such as total stroke period, swing speed, attack angle, speed, and much more. Senors are lightweight, small, and match on many different club sizes.

This program also features a training center where you can learn exactly what every metric means and receive drills and tips from PGA and Tour professionals. It’s possible to discuss videos of your metrics along with your social networks and send them to your trainer for additional evaluation.


GolfGPS++ is unique since it utilizes your iPhone along with your Apple Watch. Golf GPS monitors your watch and after that steps your grip, swing speed, temp, and swing plane to supply you with golfing information, in addition to recommendations to improve your performance.

Much like GolfLogix, GolfGPS also has access to 35,000 golf courses, which were mapped worldwide. Nevertheless, there is not a path that can not be discovered on GolfGPS! Among the other highlights is that this program is just one of those few that provides a gorgeous, intuitive, and simple to use interface.

Rapsodo Mobile Launches Monitor

The Rapsodo Mobile Launches Monitor is a Fantastic GPS program. It permits golfers to examine their shot contour, review their launching angle, and comprehend the ball location. Additionally, this program also monitors your averages of every club in your bag and provides professional-grade precision on each of their swing metrics. It includes a launching stand that links to a smartphone to store all of your information and movie playbacks effortlessly. On the other hand, the maker notes that this product syncs with the iOS apparatus and may only be utilized in dry weather conditions.


Mobitee is among the most popular new golf GPS programs available in the industry. Every one of those above 37,000 classes is mapped into the tiniest detail. Mobitee also provides you club recommendations according to your yardage. Sold individually, the PIQ detector lets you get real-time taken tracking and even examines your swing. Despite all of the features, golfers say this is one of the most straightforward ports to utilize. If you are ready to pay a little charge for the program upfront, then you won’t need to be concerned about getting the wrong yardage again.

Fun Golf

The Fun Golf GPS program comes with over 33,000 classes, so odds are, you will not ever need to be concerned about the path or gap recognition. The 3-D hole maps are crystal clear and also provide a great deal of detail. Yardages incorporate the flag, bunkers, punishment regions, and doglegs. You might even keep an eye on your score and significant stats during your round. In case you’ve got an Apple watch, you are in luck since the enjoyable app is Apple compatible. Rather than needing to look over your telephone, you can have all the info you need right in your wrist.


TheGrint is an enjoyable and easy-to-use golf GPS program, which makes keeping track of your disability accessible. Built into the program is a free Golf Handicap Tracker, which provides you with legitimate handicaps for USGA Registered Golf Clubs. This means it is possible to quickly find your friends’ handicaps and place a definite target for yourselves.

The Grint also has some other useful golf features. It is possible to keep score readily inside the program through its easy interface or use the “scorecard image service” to turn that pencil and paper scorecard to an electronic record. You can also compare your live scores to other people using the program using a live leaderboard attribute. The program may monitor detailed stats from iron precision to ordinary GIR percentage.

This golf program also features a GPS component. Allowing golfers to view their place on a bird’s eye perspective of this program displays each hole’s satellite photographs and lets you know space to risks and front, back, and center of the green. The program features tens of thousands of classes and may add new types upon petition in only two days.

Arccos Golf

Comparable to Game Golf, Arccos golfing includes sensors that attach to the conclusion of your clubs. These censors provide you shot by shot analysis of your swing, space, shot dispersion, plus even more. The data gets saved in a cloud and maybe redeemed whenever you desire.

Together with providing you all of the applicable yardages, the Acrros Golf program also permits access to find out what other portals do on the program. This is a superb way to understand how you stack up against the competition and what your strengths and weaknesses are. If information is essential to your sport, the Arccos Golf program has everything you might ever desire.


Technology has progressed so much in golf, which there is no excuse not to have the ideal yardage on each shot you hit. And, there are loads of alternatives that will assist you in discovering the perfect number. Laser rangefinders serve a goal, but they are cumbersome, and you are never really sure if you are hitting the proper target. Watches are lightweight and suitable, but they may be a hassle throughout your swing and hard to read.

Handheld GPS provides you with all of the info you want but may cost a lot of money. Golf GPS’s programs for your mobile, but have all the features of a handheld GPS, however, in a fraction of the price tag. If you’re searching for a brand new golf GPS, but do not wish to spend a lot of money, downloading a program on your phone may be your very best alternative.

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