Best Free Second Phone Number App Iphone: TOP Full Guide 2021

Another telephone number program is a dialer provider that provides you a second lineup. This line functions like your very first amount. It permits you to make outbound calls and also hit you on this line.

If your telephone has another sim slot, you might get another sim and utilize it. But if you are using an iPhone, for example, then you may not have that alternative. In this situation, another telephone number program is the very best alternative.

Additionally, when you don’t want the next amount, you may easily do away with it. As an alternative, you might keep it for permanent use. The option is yours. Interestingly, some programs have free versions or even a trial period.

It is a fantastic idea to test out any moment telephone number program you need to use before buying it. This way, you can avoid being stuck using a program you do not like. Let Colorfy show you the Best Free Second Phone Number App iPhone in this guide. 

Why Would You Want Another Telephone Number App?

So, why would anybody want another telephone number in the first location? Well, there’s plenty of reasons I could think about, and they do not have to do with dating websites. Below you’ll see a couple of reasons why you may require another phone number.

To Help Maintain Your Privacy: First on our list is solitude. This is probably the most crucial reason why most men and women get instant phone numbers. Using another telephone number, it is simple to maintain your primary telephone number confidential.

The next telephone number program provides you a number that you can give everybody. In this manner, you may keep your number for family members and intimate friends.

It Provides You More Control Over Your Life: Again, another amount is a means to keep control over your lifetime. Things can get quite mad in a hurry if you need to use your primary number all of the time.

Therefore, for companies, online ads, or internet signups, you may use your cell number instead. This is a superb way to maintain your lineup for personal stuff.

Incidentally, not only instant variety programs offer you more control over your lifetime. You could even use specific call recording programs, which are extremely useful once you will need to recall all the particulars of your company conversations.

It Reduces Anxiety: Another great reason to maintain another point would be to save you the strain of multiple mobiles. Imagine carrying over one phone around all of the time.

It may get quite stressful real quickly. Chuck the excess telephone and find another number program instead. That way, you like the convenience of a single phone having an extra phone number.

Best Free Second Phone Number App iPhone in 2021

1. TextFree


  • Works over Wi-Fi.
  • Free to utilize advertisements.
  • A lot of Choices.


  • Frequency requirement.
  • Multiple subscriptions.
  • Poor UI.

Text Free is just another free telephone number assistance, with a grab. The catch is, you always need to use the contact number, or it might be reclaimed. In case a couple goes unused for over 30 weeks, you eliminate the amount. You can cover a subscription to keep the number busy even if you seldom use it.

Additionally, there is advertising everywhere, but for a different subscription fee, you can eliminate them. The program has a significantly based navigation system based on the back button, which is not perfect but also functions over Wi-Fi. Therefore there is no SIM required.


2. Dingtone


  • Automatically detects your contact number.
  • Port your amount.
  • Credit gamification.


  • Credits necessary to phone or text.
  • Credit uncertainty.
  • Frequency requirement.

Dingtone is just another free program you can use to make calls and texts. However, there are several caveats here. Instead of advertisements, Dingtone has gamified the program using a credit system.

It is possible to purchase credits if you’d like. Otherwise, there are various approaches in which you can earn credits by playing games or checking into the program every day. It is an intriguing idea, but finally somewhat perplexing.

You want credits to make calls and send texts. However, it does not state how many you will need for each. It does not say if it is per message, per day, per second, or something different.

Besides, you have to use your amount every ten times and keep a credit balance of at least one or lose it. It is a little much, and it makes advertisements seem desirable.

3. FreeTone


  • Free to utilize advertisements.
  • Web program (with superior.)
  • Works over Wi-Fi.


  • OMG, there are advertisements.
  • The interface is also searchable.
  • Holy cow, these advertisements.

FreeTone provides your free telephone number from any area code, and you may use that amount should you agree to advertisements. Typically, there are two advertisements on display at any given time, through telephone calls, within your text message thread, on your contacts.

When you are prepared to put up with the advertisements, you are in great form. If you do not or you’d like to have more than one telephone number, you will want to subscribe.

You can also pick from a week or monthly obligations and purchase credits if you do not need a recurring charge. In general, it is versatile, it’s a net app, and it works with no SIM card Wi-Fi, which is an additional bonus.

4. Hushed


  • Flexible subscription choices.
  • Toll-free numbers.
  • A lot of customization choices.


  • No more free trial.
  • The UI is. .no.
  • Pricey, if you don’t do infinite.

Hushed is just another privacy-focused service which provides you an independent, readily mobile phone number for calling and texting.

It includes a vast array of alternatives concerning subscription and obligations from per-call/text programs up to unlimited plans. If you go for a per-call or a text program, the costs accumulate pretty fast.

The user interface certainly leaves something to be wanted. Not only can it be a dark theme that some will not mind, but also the icons and UI seem somewhat obsolete. They are nothing approaching attractive or modern. Texting includes quite limited choices too.

Among the coolest features about Hushed is that it lets you register a toll-free amount. At the same time, it is not quite as much of a big deal as it might have been ten decades back. It is still an excellent alternative.


5. Burner


  • A lot of integrations – Slack, Google, Evernote, and much more.
  • App lock.
  • Superior solitude.


  • User’s manual “notifications.”
  • No free alternative.
  • Pesky calls to actions.

The burner is just as it sounds. It is a burner telephone number that you use and burn. When you burn off a few, it gets wiped out of your telephone and removed from service.

Burner permits you to incorporate into several distinct providers such as Slack, Evernote, and SoundCloud to discuss your voicemails openly or privately automatically. You receive a seven-day free trial just like others; there is not any free alternative.

When you open the program and generate a number, you are requested to give it a title. If you do not, you are going to be asked. You’ll be asked a whole lot. Additionally, a pair of user’s manuals are preloaded to the program as alarms, which isn’t perfect.


6. Cloud SIM


  • Less expensive compared to other choices.
  • Free to call/text additional Cloud SIM users.
  • Fun interface.


  • No free trial in any way.
  • Not free to telephone some non-CloudSIM users.
  • Restricted to the U.S., Canada, UK, and Poland.

Cloud SIM is a service which is excellent when you’ve got a good deal of buddies using it, but it is not good at all if you do not. Telephone texts and calls are billed by the minute or message if you are not texting a CloudSIM user. The program’s user interface is enjoyable, using a round pair of buttons for obtaining a variety of features, but it comes at the price of being instinctive. Additionally, there isn’t any free trial whatsoever. You are either in all out.

7. Flip


  • Clean interface.
  • Decide on a local number for any area.
  • It can use more than one additional amount.


  • No free alternative.
  • Importing contacts is a hassle.
  • Messaging options are restricted.

Flip permits you to have as many numbers as you desire. The catch is, for every single number, you pay the exact subscription cost. Nonetheless, this isn’t the most expensive program out there.

Like many others, you receive a 7-day trial. All in all, the interface is clean and friendly, and straightforward to follow. It’s possible to select a number according to almost any place, which is always excellent.

Flip does not appear to be a simple way to get your contacts from your own phone, which is a bummer. Messaging options can also be restricted to sound and photographs. There is no support for either his or her decals.

8. Google Voice


  • Total interface.
  • Free with no advertisements.
  • It is tied to a Google account.


  • More information for Google to perform.
  • The web interface doesn’t feature complete.
  • Google could opt to kill it.

Google Voice

Google Voice includes a problematic presence. It’s existed for quite a while, but also, it has not been updated in quite a bit. Given Google’s history of construction and then eliminating products, choose from that what you will. However, the best aspect of the app is it is free.

It’s user friendly, and it has an internet interface. You can not make calls out of the internet. However, you can send texts and listen to voice messages. Google Voice even includes a spam filter for messages and voicemails, which will allow you to sort through them.


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