[2020 Updated] Top Best Free Android Puzzle Games

[2020 Updated] Top Best Free Android Puzzle Games

Smartphone touchscreen controllers offer you a unique chance for puzzle game programmers. Our pocket apparatus is uniquely suited to smart puzzle games since they are simple to pick up and play every time you’ve got a few free moments. If you’re searching for a game to check your mind, check a few of them out.

Puzzle games were an easy genre with a straightforward thought. You resolve puzzles for time-consuming pleasure. On the other hand, the music genre ballooned in a significant way on cellular. In reality, it’s among the most well-known genres on the whole platform. It began with easy viral games such as 2048 and evolved to genuinely enjoyable adventures such as Monument Valley and Telltale Games’ names (before they went under). Today, it is possible to discover some exceptionally excellent mystery games on Android. Gone are the times of all super-simple mechanics and images using goofy thoughts, with extreme and intricate programs with innovative stories and select photos. This list varies quickly as fresh mystery winners emerge.

Here are the best free Android puzzle games.

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1. Brain Test: Tricky Puzzles

Brain Test Tricky Puzzles

Brain Evaluation is an addictive free catchy puzzle game using a collection of tricky brain teasers. Various riddles and catchy evaluations will challenge your brain. This new puzzle game can break common sense and deliver your recent brain-pushing encounter! It is possible to enjoy yourself with your friends with this addictive and amusing complimentary IQ game. Consider the box, then crack the puzzles and get prepared to take the quiz! You may enjoy this humorous catchy test.

The player should use creativity and lifestyle experience to solve all of the puzzles. The sport has introduced 287 degrees and weekly battle in mind evaluation and 88 degrees in mind evaluation 2 that’s a brand new model of brain evaluation sport. It’s a whole lot of fun to try to determine which manner the consumer is attempting for you to achieve the job. If the problem is too hard, you have the choice of employing a key to unlock an indication.

In this game, you ought to think beyond the box. Try another way to pass the amounts. By way of instance, in mind evaluation level 38, then you ought to locate the cat at a darkened screen, which means it’s possible to choose the light-bulb from tip place and drag it on display to light this up gradually.

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2. Monument Valley

Monument Valley

Many men and women state that Monument Valley is among the most magnificent puzzle games for Android. It’s legally distinct from other easy-going and standard puzzle games. On the contrary, it generates an optical illusion and cryptic architectural mystery in which you need to direct a princess in a mysterious world. Let us see what will be the particular features of this game.

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3. Unblock Me FREE

Unblock Me is just one of those games which reminds you that you might not be as smart as you might think. The thing is simple; proceed blocks from the way of the red block since you move it off the plank. Very straightforward and not much to this match. But when you get the hang of this game on the easy levels, prepare yourself for a frustrating but rewarding challenge.

Compete against your friends to see who will spare the red block in the shortest amount of time. But be warned, the puzzles make a great deal harder the higher up in mystery amounts you move. When you graduate from novice to intermediate, then the fun really starts!

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4. I Love Hue Too

The gist of the puzzle game is to rearrange the geometric tiles in their correct colorful purchase. You will find over 900 amounts to fix. And as you progress throughout the sport, so too will the battle of particular levels.

What will make this challenging is that as every level begins, the colors and tiles are out of sequence? You will want to spot every tiny difference between the colors of every tile.

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Then as soon as you discover the gap, you have to transfer it to the proper spot on the board. You finish levels once every tile is set in the ideal place to create a mosaic of ideal colorful harmony.

There are many gameplay styles to dive right into and a very cool ambient soundtrack to coincide with the subject of the game. I really like Hue Too is a very well-designed puzzle game that will provide you hours upon hours of drama, which is a significant reason why we picked among the greatest android puzzle games on this particular listing.

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5. Threes! Free

In Threes! , you move cards around a four-by-four plank, consolidating pairs, which double value. The snag? Every single time you slip your finger, all of the cards on the board to move in this way, assuming they are not blocked. Another snag: after each movement, a brand new card shows up at a random empty place on the board border you pulled from. Threes! Therefore becomes a delicate balancing act: you have to think a few moves ahead, as your match’s performed when no more moves can be found.

It was cloned like mad shortly after launch, Threes! Nonetheless, shone when compared with the many cheap rip-offs, through its breezy character and tighter rules. This free version is equal to the paid launch, pub needing to watch movie advertisements to acquire additional goes. And, yes, it is possible to queue up a load in case you are going to be offline for some time.

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6. Smart – Brain Games

Smart — Brain Games is a thrilling Android sport which includes many logic puzzles. In this game, your job is to fix hard logical puzzles with your mental skills, capture objects moving across the display, locate items, perform mathematical jobs, etc.

Teach your memory, observation, logic, and quick wits and undergo hard degrees one after another. Play this game in any free time and reach record results by coaching your mind. The game features over 600 degrees, 28 distinct mini-games, along with a leaderboard—a fantastic Android mystery for men and women that wish to constantly develop and improve their thinking.

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7. Turn It On! Free

Switch It On! Free is a great reaction to those men and women who gripe if they find it somewhat tricky to flip on a brand new bit of kit they purchase. At least those things are not as bonkers as the black boxes in the match, which take up things to a degree past the ludicrous.

Initially, you imagine the strange change or twiddle a dial. But Turn It keeps increasing the madness level. Even rather early on, you are confronted with a whole board of buttons and no idea what some of these are for.

Finally, you will find cranks and cogs, displays, and meters, and probably your silent sobbing voice in the background once you recognize you are 15 minutes into a degree and have no clue how to finish it. The sign of a good puzzler, afterward.

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8. Mini Metro

Mini Metro is an award-winning subway simulator that’s steeped with mystery elements. You are tasked with drawing subway lines that connect the several channels that pop up as the town grows. You want to be certain passengers arrive at which they will need to go in a timely manner, which frequently requires re-drawing your lines to be efficient.

Having a vibrant minimalist aesthetic, a reactive soundtrack that is fleshed out from the metro lines you construct, and also a lot of different game modes to enjoy, you may fall in love with Mini Metro. It is probably the best game to play if you are really on the subway.

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9. Blue Wizard Digital

Blue Wizard Digital is a programmer on Google Play. They have two exceptional mystery games. The first is Slayaway Camp. You play with a serial killer, and you also avoid the cops while you slaughter folks. The next is Friday the 13th. It’s a great deal of the very same thoughts, but over 100 degrees of gory goodness. These games aren’t appropriate for kids or adults with weak stomachs. They make for excellent horror-puzzle games. Slayaway Camp goes for $2.99. Friday the 13th is a free download with in-app buys, but it is not a premium game.

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10. Brain Outside – Can you pass it?

Brain Outside is an addictive free catchy puzzle game using a collection of tricky brain teasers and distinct riddles analyzing challenges in your brain. It assesses your logical belief ability, reflexes, precision, memory, and imagination. Don’t answer the quests in the normal way in case you don’t wish to get tricked. The answer to subverts normal thinking has become a fascinating thing easily in this amusing game. We bring you another game experience with innovative thinking and a ridiculous solution.

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The player should use creativity and lifestyle experience to solve all of the puzzles. The sport has introduced 221 levels along with other challenges for its users; it’s a whole lot of fun to try to determine which manner the consumer is attempting for you to achieve the job. You ought to think outside the box. Try another way to pass the amounts. By way of instance, in mind out 7, there are numerous fires on the display, and you need to discover the most significant fire, which means you ought to combine all fires with each other to create the most significant fire.

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11. Roll the Ball

If you’re seeking a classic and humorous puzzle game with a little contemporary twist, then Roll the Ball has to be the smartest choice for you. It’s fairly a catchy game, that may be a fantastic solution at the dull time. It’s all about slipping the tiles to create the method for the ball to its destination. It’s extremely simple to understand, but at precisely the exact same time, very hard to eventually become the master. But, here are the features of this game.

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12. Tetris

If you have owned smartphones previously, then Tetris requires no introduction. The Android variant brings all of the fun and challenge back, which you’d expect, and retains the playability strong despite being on a touchscreen apparatus.

The Android Tetris controls do take some time getting used to, but as soon as you’re comfortable, you’re going to be turning cubes into position and causing huge eruptions very quickly. When browsing through Google Play, then you will see several Tetris-like games. The official models are created by Electronics.

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13. Kenshō

The mystery aspect of Kenshō is that of slipping blocks around on the board to fit them up and finish the degree.

The gameplay as a whole though, is a whole lot greater than that. With the assistance of 11 first soundtracks and vibrant, vibrant nature-filled landscapes, Kenshō includes a story that unfolds to a distinctive and fascinating narrative.

It is these special elements that make it among the greatest puzzle games on Android. It is definitely nothing like most puzzle games in the marketplace. If you want to attempt a puzzle game that is different, check out Kenshō. You won’t regret it.

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14. Brain It On!

One of the numerous normal puzzles Brains It On! — Physics Puzzles deserve particular attention. This really is a graphical game that will force you to focus as far as you can.

Time after time, you’ll be offered distinct jobs that need drawing something. It appears that it is quite simple to manage these, but in actuality, you want to be very careful and never to eliminate sight of even the tiniest details. Well, those who reveal the best results will probably be given three stars, thus setting the most record.

At certain levels, the founders of Brain On! — Physics Puzzles will provide a figure to ruin the proposed layout. In other amounts, the participant will have to portray an obstruction, so the chunks on display to move into the box. Sometimes you need to hit things to transfer them.

In a word, there’ll be many different evaluations, so you will have the chance to prove yourself as a seasoned brainiac who’s not afraid of challenging tasks.

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15. Friday the 13th: Killer Puzzle

Friday the 13th: Killer Puzzle bucks the trend from Android horror games. Rather than traipsing about a rickety construction that could too hang’Input to be viciously murdered!’ Above the doorway and receiving the odd jump frighten, you rather face a sliding puzzler. Believe Sokoban — but with buckets of animation gore.

The aim in every level is to slip terror icon, Jason Voorhees, into unsuspecting cyclists, that are subsequently summarily dispatched. The necessary pathways become more and more convoluted; dangers and move limitations also act as obstacles to your urge to acquire all stabby.

The puzzles are nicely designed, along with the terror straddles the line between icky and absurd. After all, it is difficult to take things seriously if your mum’s decapitated head, levitating at the corner, is still supplying wisdom sagely.

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16. I’m a Puzzle

Are you a jigsaw puzzle fan, but find yourself misplacing puzzle pieces. Now, you can play jigsaw puzzles online, and avoid losing pieces. I’m a Puzzle has over 1000 jigsaw puzzles you can play, including a puzzle of the day. 

You can customize your puzzles by number of pieces and shape sizes, so create the perfect experience for you. Best of all, you can create your own puzzles. All you have to do is upload an image, and once created, you can share it with friends or even embed it on your personal site. 

Try I’m a Puzzle

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