[2020 Updated] Top Best Fire Emblem Game

[2020 Updated] Top Best Fire Emblem Game

Together with Byleth’s recent accession to the Smash Bros. roster, the Fire Emblem series has received another dash of focus. Despite consistently enormous performance on all Nintendo’s handheld systems (and, lately, their house consoles), the show does not get much love from the Western industry.

The Fire Emblem series stayed vague to North American viewers before 2001 when Roy and Marth’s figures awakened the contest at Super Smash Bros. Melee. Ever since, the strategic role-playing series was a global phenomenon, combining deep storytelling and tough-as-nails battles that test the constraints of each participant’s patience and tactical ability.

Here’s the best Fire Emblem game you must play in 2021:

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1. Awakening

Fire Emblem Awakening

Fire Emblem Awakening is a name that, retroactively, isn’t only considered as one of the best Fire Emblem games ever made, but as among the very best 3DS games ever published. It’s innovative yet accessible gameplay, stunning visuals, complex characters, and memorable soundtrack. All include an adventure that pushed the RPG genre’s bounds—so looking back eight years following its launch, how well did this critically acclaimed name era?

The story of Fire Emblem Awakening is as magnificent as its visuals and soundtrack. Thousands of years ahead of the setting of Awakening, two sacred dragons warred within the destiny of two continents, Ylisse and Valm. Grima, the wicked monster who aimed to eradicate the entire world, was felled by Naga, a warrior who picked a ruler — the very first Exalt — gave him two weapons that were sacred to make sure the defeat of Grima. The Exalt successfully conquered Grima, returning him into an eternal slumber.

Gameplay at Awakening is reminiscent of former names, with the iconic and recognizable strategic/turn-based battle, and the accession of many different new features (like distinct”combat styles,” New Game+, comparatively open map exploration, etc.). The personality styles are Classic, where gamers can choose to play with or without permanent passing — a characteristic where in-game party members expire permanently instead of returning after a struggle.

The central character is customizable, assisting in immersing players within their expertise further. Awakening can also be one of the sole Fire Emblem names to add multiplayer features, which diversify gameplay and allows players to acquire new items, skills, and additional characters from the single-player style.

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2. The Sacred Stones

Fire Emblem The Sacred Stones

Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones has been the 2nd main-series name released at the West. Since Nintendo temporarily shifted the series into consoles, the last original name was released on handheld apparatus before Awakening.

Players take on the role of twin lords Eirika and Ephraim since they work to conquer Grado, whose effort to ruin the game’s titular stones threatens to launch ancient allies on the nation. The match has been well-received, facing little criticism to be too similar in theory to The Blazing Blade.

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3. Three Houses

Three Houses established a lot of expectations and sent them almost flawlessly. Having a gray narrative, intriguing characters, and addicting gameplay, the 16th entry outsold its predecessors by a long distance. People to this day are still dissecting the characters’ motives, creating excellent cosplay and fanart, and the voice actors became intensely affected by demonstrating their gratitude to voice their feelings. Despite its obstacles from delayed dates, Three Homes is one name many players will remember.

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4. Path of Radiance

The initial North American Fire Emblem game released for consoles, Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance, is still the show’s pinnacle in both its battle and its storytelling. Starring a diminished mercenary instead of the princes and princesses so frequently seen in Western role-playing matches, the Path of Radiance touches on dark topics, such as racism and genocide, during its politically-charged battle. A war involving many countries has left the planet on the verge of turmoil, and protagonist Ike’s travel to bring those responsible to justice is heroic in every sense of this term.

The path of Radiance was also constructed on the show’s combat and strategic mechanisms in smart ways. The numerous weapon-wielding and magic-based courses were combined from the morphing Laguz, along with a bonus encounter system enabled for lesser-used personalities to keep pace with the remainder of the party. Regardless of this, it still retained the timeless Fire Emblem problem.

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5. Radiant Dawn

Published about the Nintendo Wii, Fire Emblem: Lively Dawn was a direct sequel to the GameCube’s Path of Radiance and the end to Ike’s narrative. Radiant Dawn picks up three years following the game’s events and concentrates on many different character stories and provides the sport with much more extent.

Regrettably, the conventional character support talks are scaled back in favor of foundation conversations to enlarge the narrative. They are still persuasive, though, and you will be hooked on this story of betrayal, bias, and revival right in the opening cinematics.

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6. Shadow Dragon

The next game to launch after Path of Radiance, Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon is a DS remake of the first Famicom Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light started the franchise in Japan rather than saw release on the NES. Featuring series favorite and Smash Bros. veteran Marth, it had been the first-time individuals outside Japan could go through the first game, and the DS provided the ideal platform for this.

Nintendo has a reputation for top-notch remakes, and this is no exception, using a localization courtesy of 8-4 Ltd. It will cost you a pretty penny to get a copy today, but it is still the only official method for us excellent in the West to go through the very first match in the series.

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7. Shadows Of Valentia

As previously discussed in this manual, for its first decade of Fire Emblem’s presence for a series, games have been released in Japan. However, with the newfound popularity of Fire Emblem from the western world, Intelligent Systems decided to completely remake among those series oldest names, Fire Emblem Gaiden. However, there are many new gameplay elements, details, and world-building components, which Shadows of Valentia ends up feeling like an original name.

The story is like that of Fire Emblem Gaiden; 2 gods called Duma and Mila warred for control of Valentia’s continent. After announcing a ceasefire, the two of the gods maintained the respective half of their property that their followers currently occupy. Since the protagonist, players will need to travel throughout the property to battle for Valentine’s peace and stability.

The gameplay is like previous Fire Emblem titles, with players controlling a set of components onto a guided battlefield. Enemies and players are alternative by performing activities within a given period/single turn, meaning gameplay is too tactical. Valentia’s Shadows also provide a flavor of this barbarous difficulty that’s frequently connected with Fire Emblem names. Overall, the gameplay is exciting, elegant, and enjoyable — but only if you are a lover of strategic/tactical RPGs.

Shadows of Valentia is among the more recently published titles in the show, and it’s currently among the most critically acclaimed. Whether you are a lover of Fire Emblem or not, this name is a radical release for the show, the 3DS, and strategic role-playing games for the near future.

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8. The Blazing Blade

They were founded from the Western celebrity of the Marth and Roy at Smash Bros. Melee, Nintendo reconsidered their position on global releases of Fire Emblem titles. The seventh installment of the most important show, Fire Emblem (later altered to Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade), fell in 2003 in Western economies to meet demand.

The Blazing Blade serves as a prequel for its Japan-only predecessor, The Binding Blade, also features the heroes Lyn, Eliwood, and Hector. The participant joins their team as a”tactician,” assisting them in foiling a conspiracy that threatens to result in warfare.

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9. Fates

Fire Emblem: Fates is a bit of a contentious name, to say the very least. Together with the characters very similar to Pokémon-Amie being eliminated from global releases, having the ability to wed your”brothers” or”sisters,” and using a story so absurd that memes came into existence gameplay is what makes Fates incredible.

Conquest is the best traditional encounter that offers excellent map layout, Birthright matches for the ones new to the franchise. Also, Revelation does a mixture of both while providing everybody a happy ending, but the less said about the path, the more remarkable.

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10. Heroes

The hugely influential free-to-play Fire Emblem Heroes took off the series Nintendo strategies for the first time and transferred it to cellular telephones. Still, the movement also stripped off the set of its character. The figures’ sprites are substituted with cutesy chibi variations, and the plan was simplified to the point of mindlessness.

The key to success in Fire Emblem Heroes lies from the match’s collectible figures, more of that can be gotten by spending actual money. With no satisfying and well-written narrative to tie it all together, there is not much point. It is a shame that a few of its players probably have not touched any of the series’ main entrances, since the difference is like day and night.

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