Best Fighting Games 2021

Best Fighting Games 2021

Fighting games appeal to a unique sector of gamers. Uninterested in storylines and role-playing, these gamers seek to build their skills, raise their ranking, and compete against others. If you’re looking to get started with fighting games in 2021, here are the best on the market today.


MMA is growing to be a worldwide phenomenon. As such, the UFC games have also become popular. UFC 4 allows these fans to indulge in their passion. Fans learn the entire UFC roster, and it helps them to understand the fighter’s individual ratings, strengths, win/loss ratios, and why they are given certain UFC/MMA betting odds depending on the matchup. Not only is the game detailed and entertaining, it also teaches you more about the sport and the different fighting styles while you enjoy a realistic fighting experience. This is a must for MMA fans.

Tekken 7

Tekken 7 helped launch fighting games into the stratosphere in terms of viewership and participation. A favorite of streamers and tournament players, Tekken 7 is loved for its complexity and depth of the mechanics involved. This 3D fighting series has an insane amount of characters to choose from, and more coming out all the time.

Street Fighter V

The Street Fighter series revolutionized the fighting game industry and the latest installment is beloved by fans. SFV has great stylized graphics, and fast paced gameplay that keeps you engaged through every round. The “V-Gauge” system helps keep every match intense, as these special moves can be used to turn the tide of a battle. There are usually plenty of global and local tournaments available, and this is a favorite among fighting game fanatics.

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Soulcalibur VI

The Soulcalibur series returned with Soulcalibur VI in 2018. This is an interesting series that fighting game fans either love or hate. The 3D weapons-based fighting game has 21 playable characters and a create-your-own character system that helps the game stand out from the crowd. Everything about the gameplay is fluid and it feels effortless to maneuver and engage the enemy. This is a great game to consider and it has been nominated for many awards since its release.

Mortal Kombat 11

The Mortal Kombat series took a gamble when it returned to its 2D roots in past years. The MK crowd is divisive on recent installments, but there are plenty of gamers who love the current system. Mortal Kombat 11 has a rapid fighting system that is broken up by slow motion scenes of carnage. While this can seem jarring at times, it does help to give players a chance to think about the fight. The graphics are quite good, and we have seen many fan favorites like Kitana return, as well as new playable characters like Rambo and The Terminator. This is a great installment to jump into for old MK fans or gamers new to the fighting game scene.


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