Best Family Calendar Apps In 2021 [TOP 17 CHOICES]

Best Family Calendar Apps In 2020 [ TOP 17 CHOICES]

Are you searching for the Best Family Calendar Apps? Then you NEED to take a look at this list of Colorfy.

Maintaining a household on precisely the same program can be challenging. Luckily, there are electronic tools that could help even the most incredible families remain organized. With the very best family calendar programs, it’s simple to see everybody’s schedule and arrange holidays, birthdays, or even get-togethers of any sort. Based on the plan you select, you may also talk about shopping lists, lists, photographs, and much more.

What makes a fantastic calendar app?

Calendar programs have two core purposes: They reveal your open plan and remind you of significant events. The full calendars, nevertheless, are not just practical. They give you clarity about the best way to invest your time, and a couple of rare finds are a joy to work with.

In Searching for the best calendar programs, we considered programs which have the following features:

  • Simple to Use. Calendar programs are simple to use if they need a minimal menu and clicking exploration. They ought to be spontaneous rather than want a great deal of tending.
  • Designed with the aim. Does the calendar program do exactly what it says it is going to perform? And can it do it well? All calendars will explain to you if your next appointment is, but does it fulfill its promises for longer?
  • Packed with features and customizable. If you are a robust scheduler, power features, like customizable perspectives and integrations, can allow you to get the most from your calendar. We looked for customization choices that produce the program adjust to your style for all those programs that are not heavy on parts.
  • Easy to share. Sharing features, like the capability to give others access to a program, maybe a massive help. Some calendar programs are more collaborative than many others, and some are far more appropriate to home usage than an office. From the descriptions of their very best calendar programs under, we call to focus on discussing choices when they’re front and center in a program.

Available for numerous devices. When considering apps with this listing, we gave tastes to programs available on more than one platform. Ideally, you should be able to understand your calendar wherever you are or what device you’ve got available.

Top Rated 17 Best Family Calendar Apps

Top Rated 17 Best Family Calendar Apps

Cozi Family Organizer

The Cozi Family Organizer program is a handy and gorgeous family calendar with excellent performance.

Input family events at the calendar, like the day you met or the time and date of a planned excursion to the films.

Insert your fantasies to a separate list; other household members observe them and possibly help you put in them. Or, get to know different relatives’ wishes and let them fulfill their fantasies.

Permit the program Cozi Family Organizer to get where you are. In this manner, you can view where your relatives are.

Share pressing and essential things, or talk with your loved ones. You don’t need to text each other or call each other many times to organize a meeting.

All you need to do is send a message into the chat space, and all of your relatives will get it done simultaneously.

It’s possible to create several households. By way of instance, one on your own and your spouse, and another — on your own and your parents.

Google Calendar

Google Calendar is probably among the most frequently used shared calendar programs because most individuals are somewhat familiar with Google. It’s free with your Google account and handily shows on the menu bar if you’re using Gmail.

Google Calendar syncs well with other calendars like Microsoft Outlook and Apple Calendar. It’s possible to notify the others of the events that you would like to schedule together. You may easily install recurring appointments that create adding from the season’s football practices easy-peasy.

For me, the major drawback of Google Calendar is that the restricted printing choices.

Family Wall

Just two Dads made FamilyWall from 2011, who watched the need for a household to have the ability to communicate using a shared area online that has been entirely private. They believed that although many people used social and messaging websites to get in touch with buddies, communicating with relatives stayed restricted to kitchen magnet, post-it notes left on a plank, texting, or one to one email.

Together with FamilyWall, all of your loved ones can get a personal Cloud, swap messages with the members, share important contacts like babysitter and physician, arrange Family Occasions, and with all the superior version, you can watch the real-time location of any household member, also, to be informed whenever a household member leaves or arrives in a specified area.

With a membership, you get monitoring features to see where everybody is and get notifications when someone leaves or arrives at a specified location.

Any. Do previously had a different calendar program named Cal, which is rolled to the namesake program to make a single centralized location for their tasks, aims, reminders, and plan. Presently a vast array of reminders to help you keep on top of your schedule, to-dos, and dreams.’s calendar must interest individuals who want tools to help them stay organized, including location-based reminders, a telling which reminds one to preview what is on your schedule at the start of every day, and the capacity to add travel time for any notification before an event. The calendar can be at its finest on mobile devices, in which it gets excellent use of the little screen. This makes it effortless to keep on top of your activities on-the-go.

You can connect into the Apple Calendar program to import current events. In the month view, all events seem like-colored dots, together with the color matching whatever colors you use to handle the calendar. By way of instance, you may maintain a birthday calendar in yellow and individual appointments in blue. The base of the display is a snapshot of the chosen day. Open any occasion to see more info about it.


TimeTree is a household calendar program available for both iOS and Android apparatus. However, you may use it with an internet browser, also. Besides being a free program, there are lots of things to enjoy about TimeTree.

It is simple for family members to look at everybody’s program on the calendar. Any member can add or handle events from the calendar, not merely one admin accounts. Anyone who’s within a calendar may also use the calendar itself as a conversation tool. They could communicate with the rest of the members of any occasion as though they were employing a messenger program. This makes it effortless to send photographs or set up reminders.

This program also has information on vacations in America and dozens of different nations. This makes TimeTree a perfect instrument for organizing overseas holidays around specific holidays.

Users have the choice to utilize some calendars on TimeTree. So this makes it an excellent way to organize your schoolwork, business meetings, and much more.

TimeTree supports syncing with different calendars, such as Google or even Outlook. It is possible to invite members utilizing email, Facebook Messenger, text message, or WhatsApp.


DigiCal is just another free program that makes it possible to maintain your family’s schedules arranged. One good thing about DigiCal is that you can sync it with other Android-supported calendars. If your household is presently utilizing Google Calendar, Outlook, or Exchange, you desire to use a brand new instrument, DigiCal is your thing to do.

Together with DigiCal, you might have a broad variety of helpful information incorporated with your family calendar. You’re able to get weather information, schedule appointments across time zones, handle events in up to 27 languages, and enjoy many customization choices. You could even incorporate TV and sports programs globally.

DigiCal includes a paid version named DigiCal+ with much more practical features. This program is only available for Android.

Fantastical two

Fantastical two is just another excellent household calendar program that allows you to schedule and manage all of your activities. It is among those calendars using an elegant layout. Compared to the predecessor, it supports several languages and contains a pure language that can help you configure the settings easily. It’s several calendar collections, and you can change to whichever style you need, either residence or workplace.

Key Features

  • Supports extensions to WebDAV and CalDAV to sync your Google, Microsoft Exchange, iCloud, and several different accounts.
  • Has Share and Action Extensions, which supports a widget to readily workaround together with different programs.
  • Automated answers, cancellation of messages, invite accepting, declining, or forwarding with no real responsibility for the consumer.
  • Supports push upgrades from Google Apps and Exchange.

Microsoft Outlook Calendar

The most stalwart of calendar programs, Microsoft Outlook Calendar, is much more of a private information manager than a location to view your next appointment. The desktop program unifies your calendar, email, notes, tasks, and contacts into a single perspective. Outlook’s mobile plans are not quite so challenging, but they do combine your calendar and email.

Outlook, which is part of Microsoft Office, enables you to share calendars with teammates, which is its real advantage. With Exchange Server accounts and the appropriate permissions, staff members may see and handle each other’s programs and join one another’s calendars. Outlook provides options for the way it is possible to view multiple calendars simultaneously: side-by-side or using calendars combined within an overlay view.

If you do not use Outlook inside a company, you may still enjoy the calendar’s most features. You may drag and drop an email on the calendar icon from the navigation menu to turn it in a consultation (available from the Windows app) or send a meeting request from email or the calendar. Outlook supports multiple time zone viewpoints, also. There is a lot to dig.

You may find a free internet edition of Outlook, known as, which can be more compact and has fewer features. has household sharing, which means that you may add other family members to your account to earn your calendar available to other people. The Mac version of Outlook is not as strong as the Windows version; however, if you enjoy having everything in 1 area, this can be an all-in-one productivity tool to consider.


OurHome – actions, rewards, calendar, and supermarket is an intriguing system based on household calendar cards.

Is your refrigerator from milk? Is toothpaste exercising? Need to purchase fresh seeds for your garden? Getting ready to proceed and fearful to overlook something important?

Add all these notes into the specific segments of OurHome – actions, rewards, calendar, and supermarket. The family will obtain this list of buys and activities on their phones.

The most crucial benefit of this program is the ability to view several projects and their present status.

Here you can use the card packs. Every tutu indicates the standing of every project. Cards have lots of chances. You’re able to hold the vote, upload information files, assign text and color tags.

To assign an artist to any undertaking, you have to pick them from your family’s listing on the card. It is also possible to drag and drop an individual’s avatar to the right of this endeavor.

It’s essential to be aware that most members of this group’s household modifications to the calendar in real-time. They’re also able to observe one another states in real-time.


Trello – Organize anything with anybody, anyplace is a wonderful family calendar, which is quite suitable for organizing a variety of tasks.

You can do jobs, indicate their priority, and set reminders. It’s synchronized between all of your devices.

Occasions planning. Making lists, including the crucial items, may be helpful when organizing events. With the capability to create checklists, you may see just what fits into your plans.

It is possible to arrange your company in line with the percentage of completion of checklists. In this manner, you can quickly comprehend what you must perform.

Produce a whiteboard with various tasks printed regularly. Following that, you may present your loved ones access to present targets and tasks.

Homework programs and actions. The program Trello – Organize anything with anybody, anywhere permits you to arrange your workflow. Creating customizable programs is a much more flexible method to plan instances.

You may assign tasks to relatives or arrange events by producing a whiteboard in their opinion. From purchasing lists into sporting events, you can arrange it on your own. Because of this, you do not have to keep folks informed about new jobs.

Thunderbird Lightning Calendar

Not merely is Thunderbird among the very best email programs you may find, it is also a fantastic calendar. In prior versions of the app, you needed to set up the Thunderbird Lightning Calendar add-on to possess an integrated calendar. However, it’s included with the program from the get-go.

Thunderbird gives you a tab to your email, calendar, and tasks. The installation enables you to quickly jump between scheduling, communicating, and managing everything you will need to get done. On the calendar, you can view a list of what on your program for now, even if you’ve paged ahead through the months to organize events later on.

The calendar provides four distinct viewpoints: Day, week, multi-week, and month. Additionally, it has a handy search function using time filters and built-in classes such as occasions, such as “birthday” and “calls” Even though there’s nothing particularly striking about Thunderbird’s calendar, obtaining the entire kit and kaboodle – private email client, calendar, and task-management program – in 1 program makes it effortless to organize your own time and keep your life organized.

Though many of the programs on this listing have both Windows and Mac versions, Thunderbird Lightning is your ideal option for Linux users who need a powerful calendar that runs natively. Nevertheless, there is no reason not to provide this one a shot, irrespective of which operating system you are using, if it satisfies your requirements.


Organizing your life with some programs on a mobile device can be both time consuming and annoying. Everything you will need is a single cellular helper, which is precisely what 24me provides. This program offers a unified interface for appointments and meetings, tasks, and notes.

Sync your own Google Calendar, Outlook, Exchange, Yahoo!, and iCloud calendars to view everything in 1 area. 24me also links to social networks such as Facebook, fiscal providers such as banks, and utility businesses. You will get alarms when invoices are expected and may pay for them in only a couple of taps (although this operation is not available in all lands and functions best from the U.S.).

Siri integration allows you to utilize 24me without even launching the program, and a companion Apple Watch program lets you see upcoming appointments onto your wrist. 24me is prepared to be employed with David Allen’s famous Getting Things Done (GTD) methodology, or you may use it as a straightforward interface for handling your hectic schedule.

Naver Calendar

The Naver Calendar program lets you create many job lists from the built-in household calendar.

A unique three-level system is employed for this function.

The very first amount – lists are considered as a group of projects. There may be an infinite number of those. Archives of lists and tasks are saved in the program library.

They may be reactivated if necessary and insignificant ones could be eliminated to the archive right now.

The next degree – jobs in a few listing. They’re sorted by dates, priority, title, and filtered from the tag.

The next degree – checklists inside the endeavor. These may be only purchasing lists, lists, and so forth.

The next approach – every listing is considered as a goal. Until the jobs in the record are finished, the goal remains up to date. Achieved goals are eliminated from the overall list to the archive file. Lists are color-coded.

It’s possible to keep track of your productivity. For instance, if you fill in the calendar frequently, you can monitor which days of the week you work the most.

CURAGO Family Calendar

The CURAGO Family Calendar program is a superb family calendar for organizing essential tasks.

Here you can create easy family calendars and frequent to-do lists. Individual jobs can be delegated to household members.

Everything that’s done maybe ticked. The information is saved in the cloud so that most users will have access to this household calendar.

From the program itself, tasks could be paired right and left, and the functions performed are based on the heap period.

A brief heap to the best will record the endeavor, a very long heap will exhibit the priority window. A quick swipe into the left shows the date and reminder settings window. A long swipe can proceed with the job between your lists. Swipe in the left border opens your lists.

Alerts are handily made from the notification center of your mobile device. There are the total number of jobs for now and the button for adding a new job. Additionally, you may use a slider for surfing through real tasks.

It’s possible to place one of those three priorities for your endeavor. Significant (red), moderate (yellow), non (blue). Following those priorities, the actions have been sorted from the lists.

Besides the typical functions, like the family calendar, the program CURAGO Family Calendar provides a family journal. This permits you to share photos with your loved ones. Anyway, the app comprises a”recipe box.” Here you can save your favorite recipes and organize dinner together.

My Study Life

My Study Life is a free calendar program designed to fulfill the distinctive needs of all students and teachers. From the educational world, programs are radically different from those from the private industry. Pupils normally follow a term or semester system as opposed to a quarterly one.

They meet for courses on a Monday-Wednesday-Friday program, or perhaps on Tuesday and Thursdays only, or even maybe their classes alternate within an A/B day installation. If a national holiday falls on a Monday, pupils sometimes find themselves moving to Monday’s classes on Tuesday. In a nutshell, informative calendars are filled with exceptions and unusual conditions, and also My Study Life was made to adapt them.

The program can be found on the net or as a mobile program for Android and iOS. It is not a terrible idea to use the internet app when first begin, at least till you have logged all of your classes and their timings. As soon as you get the hang of this program, it will double duty by permitting you to log missions and other activities you have to do, whether it’s homework or preparing a lesson program. You may keep an eye on your progress on missions, also, noting how near they are to end for a proportion. Still another part of this program allows you to keep track of scheduled assessments.

My Study Life is totally free to use, also it is a fantastic alternative for students that are tired of calendars that don’t provide what they require.

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Hub Family Calendar Organizer

Hub Family Calendar Organizer is a satisfactorily pumped-up instrument for performing household chores. The very first time you begin, define parents, children, and pets. You’ll have the ability to assign them to execute specific tasks.

This program gets access to your loved ones and sends notifications about significant events. You may even share photos, make a family tree, and send messages.

There are also a shopping list segment and project supervisor. All reports will be shown in the connected family accounts.

In order to not get confused in these lists rather than to overlook the major thing, there’s a homepage. It will concentrate on occasions, tasks, tasks, as well as buys.

The interface of the application is mild, easy, and intuitive. The key structural component of bookkeeping in this program is your project. A project may comprise several smaller projects or jobs.

The list of jobs is found in the ideal region of the interface also occupies the most aspect of this program window. The majority of the time that you utilize jobs. The listing of projects is found in the left region of the program window.

As a nice addition, you will find recipes for cooking. Even another section on the primary menu was chosen for them.

Poppinz Family Organizer

The Poppinz Family Organizer program will focus on you and your relatives on calendar events and job lists.

All events, documents, and lists are all exhibited in 1 location – “Task”. You could even compose messages and print pictures here.

Besides the household calendar, lists and tasks, collection events, and shopping lists, there’s also news. A helpful solution for households, when you discuss not just your worries but messages and content.

To add a task, click the plus sign on the red bar near the peak of the interface. From the drop-down menu, you need to enter the name.

Assign priority with the color and set the implementation time. Subsequently, a corresponding window will appear, where you are able to pick the date. Any job or project could be edited at any given time.

If a job is no longer being used, it may be archived so that it doesn’t occupy space in the port. To try it, click the job name and select “archive” from the context menu.

The program Poppinz Family Organizer is free of charge, has no buys, no subscription, and doesn’t include advertising.

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