Best Earthquake Android Apps In 2021 [ TOP 12 CHOICES]

Best Earthquake Android Apps In 2020 [ TOP 12 CHOICES]

Are you searching for the Best Earthquake Android Apps? Then you NEED to take a look at this list of Colorfy.

Earthquakes could be life-threatening. Consequently, if you reside in a place where earthquakes are an opportunity or a frequent event, it is excellent to remain informed in any way times. That is the reason you need to set up an Android program (or programs) that will keep you informed of upcoming and ongoing earthquake risks. We’ve got smartphones at all times. Therefore there is no better way than to put in a program on it to keep you informed about upcoming or continuing earthquakes.

We have compiled a listing of the best earthquake-detection software for Android, at least in our view. We have split those programs into different classes since there are some excellent applications. Every one of those apps excels in 1 place, and that’s what we’ve attempted to highlight here.

You will also have the ability to see that of those apps include advertisements, in-app purchases, etc. Do note that the list programs aren’t laid out in any particular order, even though there’s a specific purpose that we have emphasized for every one of them. Every one of the programs on the listing is free to use and download. Continue reading if you’re interested.

Top Rated 12 Best Earthquake Android Apps

Top Rated 12 Best Earthquake Android Apps

My Earthquake Alerts

My Earthquake Alarms is a well-designed and easy-to-use earthquake program that shows you dwell data from throughout the globe via drive notifications. Additionally, it has a powerful search feature, which lets you discover earthquakes dating back to the 1970s. It is possible to view recent earthquakes in a listing or on a map and assess their specific place, size, and how much they are from you.

Earthquake: American Red Cross

The official earthquake program of the American Red Cross was not designed only to alert you if seismic events took place in your town. This program also intends to teach you regarding earthquake safety.

The program provides step-by-step directions about the best way best to prepare for potential quakes and about what you need to do after it strikes, in addition to after. Additionally, it has educational and fun quizzes.

EQ Info – Global Earthquakes

One thing shared among the earthquakes program is the absence of design or any out-of-the-world user interface. These programs flourish on information and information independently. The majority of them would ask that you turn your GPS for a place, but you may also insert it manually.

Two clicks with this Earthquake tracker program, and you’ll be able to begin getting alarms for earthquakes directly on mobile. EQ Info is not distinct in this section and notices you via push notifications for any rotational action occurring in a region together with its size and service that reported it. Sharing can also be enabled in this program, allowing you to talk about the alerts and alert along with your nearest and dearest.

This program is powered by info. You may anticipate a great deal of content and details seeing a seismic event, regardless of where it’s. You will find maps, charts, and data about the most recent earthquakes upgraded by the moment inside this Earthquake tracker program.

Additionally, it encourages user-generated “felt” reports and pushes information on preventative measures. The EQ Info enables you to fiddle around with different settings, including information sources, size units, frequency of alarms, and a lot more. It’s the only giant material repository on earthquakes.


LastQuake is your official program of this Euro-Mediterranean Seismological Center or CSEM. It utilizes push alarms to alert users about seismic occasions and earthquake-related info like size, location, frequency, and so forth. Since the information is accumulated from the authority that has access to data first-hand, it makes for high quality and accurate program for Android alarm.

Additionally, it aggregates real-time alarm reports, photographs, videos out of witnesses, and cellular technologies. The users may also access security tips and automatic SMS social or support media sharing to inform their family members in an earthquake-prone location. It’s possible to tweak the settings to get just threatening earthquakes or seismic activity above a specific size. This easy program rolls in data from eighty-six institutes of all fifty-seven nations. The alarms may be customized and ship out to your nearest and dearest through SMS.

Volcanoes & Earthquakes

The Volcanoes & Earthquakes program not only alerts you regarding earthquakes; it also provides you useful information regarding volcanoes. You’ll find the most recent earthquake and volcano-related information, alarms on tremors and volcanic actions, and volcanic ash advisories in real-time.

You could also filter the information you get based on specific parameters, such as an earthquake of a certain size or within a particular place. The most recent earthquake information is introduced in a list structure or even a map. It is also possible to see a comprehensive list of all volcanoes across the globe and their activity level.

This program gets its information from over 25 agencies worldwide, such as the USGS and other foreign agencies. You could even submit expertise reports and see ones that were filed by other people.

Vibration Meter from EXA Tools

Vibration Meter is an easy-to-use meter or seismograph that finds any abnormal vibration and sends awake. It’s a simple yet viable solution to detect volcanic eruptions, avalanches, and earthquakes. The readings are relatively simple to follow. The free version works reasonably well if you do not need to go for a superior one, which is available for $2.99 only.

The one thing that could set you off this program is it’s so sensitive it might feel vibrations of a body or different mobiles also! It utilizes your cellphone’s accelerometer to monitor these vibrations. It’s possible to talk about the alarms with other users through the program. The seriousness of tremors and the effect of harm are categorized into several categories: instrumental, feeble, minor, moderate, quite powerful, influential, very powerful, harmful, violent, extreme, intense, and devastating, dependent on the harm an earthquake has generated in a region.

Earthquakes Tracker

Earthquakes Tracker program includes handy charts. These charts share detailed information about every specific earthquake. This program isn’t all about charts, however, not even near. It is equally as practical as several different programs on this listing. The program doesn’t have an eye-catching layout, like most programs on this listing, but it is really helpful. Not lots of men and women care that much about the plan of these programs either way.

This program can provide close real-time seismic events alarms. It may also show you seismic task evaluation, which is revealed in a chart we have mentioned. You may even specify your zones for earthquake tracking through the’My Zones’ alternative. Notifications can also be customizable in many ways. This program even offers the ‘Voice Announcer’ option, which will use voice to talk occasion parameters for you, so you don’t need to see if you are unable to at the moment.

You may take a look at the international seismic activity in real-time, using double bar graphs. There are just two such graphs readily available, frequency and size graphs. The antipodal map is also available from the program, and the same holds for moon details. The program is free to download and use equally; advertisements and in-app purchases are all contained.

Little Panda Earthquake Safety

Little Panda Earthquake Security is a fantastic little game for children. Additionally, it is a small wild card program on this listing. The program is a string of situations around earthquakes. Children play through the conditions to keep the little panda personality secure. The mechanisms utilize real earthquake safety tips because of their foundation. Thus, children learn what to do in an earthquake at a fun, safe atmosphere. Some content feels a bit weird, like fixing the bleeding and open harms of a cute cartoon creature, but it is an educational experience in any event. Additionally, it is free to perform with.

Vibration Meter from EXA Tools

Vibration Meter from EXA Tools is a great, easy vibration meter. It functions just like practically all the other ones. You put your telephone on a desk or any other horizontal surface. The program finds unusual vibrations and vibrations to it. The developers say that this is an adequate alternative for earthquakes, avalanches, volcanic action, and other things. It works well enough, and the meter is not hard to read. The free version works nicely, and the pro version is relatively affordable at $2.99.

Tremor Tracker

Tremor Tracker is a free program for iPhone and iPad users who have an interactive world to show one of the latest earthquake points. It is possible to spin the world around and tap one of those trapped quake’s places to learn more about this earthquake, like the time, magnitude, epicenter place, and when there weren’t any tsunami warnings.

The program’s interface is interactive and easy to navigate, making it an ideal learning tool for both you and your children. You could even choose the period for the earthquake alarms you wish to get, while it’s inside the previous hour, day per week, or month.

The seismic activity information is provided by the USGS, Geoscience Australia, and Earthquakes Canada.

3D Earthquake

This program is considerably different than every other program on the listing. Its title is’3D Earthquake’, and also for a great reason. This program visualizes earthquake along with their info in a 3D format, on a 3D globe. That world is relatively simple but also futuristic at precisely the same moment. It resembles something you would see in older sci-fi films. That is not a bad thing in any way, however, particularly if you enjoy that type of thing.

That world can show you earthquake size, thickness, and era. Tectonic plates can also be pictured here, while earthquake tickers reveal the most powerful earthquakes. You’re able to tap every one of these earthquake labels to see more information about a particular earthquake. As soon as you do so, you will also understand the sharing alternative, which permits you to share this information anywhere else, pretty much.

The information provided by this program comes in USGS. It’s possible to observe earthquakes in the previous hour, day, seven days, or 30 days. Ads are part of the encounter, but you can eliminate them. It is a small, one-time fee. If you’re searching for a very different earthquake consciousness program, this is it.


Make is just one of the best-designed Android programs on the listing, and one which is centered on providing extremely speedy earthquake alarms to your apparatus. Zizmos invented this program, and it utilizes a system of seismic sensors to detect earthquakes. When an earthquake happens, Zizmos’ servers send consumers an early-warning telling that alerts them of an impending earthquake.

This program may also use your telephone as a detector. This way, your telephone can lead to Zizmos’ earthquake warning system and improve the policy of coverage. The sensor mode will only operate when the phone is charging and can be attached to WiFi at precisely the same moment. The program also provides a map of earthquakes that have happened globally, and it employs precisely the USGS database for it.

The program is extremely straightforward, and it seems quite contemporary. It’s mostly white, but also, it throws in some color from time to time. Earthquake alarms are well highlighted with a reddish shade. This program includes in-app buys, but it’s free to use. The program works quite well and is among the better offerings in the Play Store.

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Bear in mind, in the aftermath of tremors; it’s better not to panic. Remain alert with such Earthquake tracker program alarms and dash to security! I know, easier said than done, but you can feel better using a calmer mind and operate more challenging to a corner. Every one of these Android earthquake programs come highly recommended on Google Play Store and is exceptionally precise. Here is hoping that these programs can help you stay adds and alert to your willingness on this occasion. If you’re residing in an earthquake-prone place, maintaining the first-aid box useful together with some local money can be convenient.

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