Best Dell Gaming Monitor 2021: Top Reviews & Guide

Best Dell Gaming Monitor 2020 Top Reviews & Guide

Gaming is not just about skills; and it is also about the artwork. And in addition to this, you can have all the abilities on the planet, but that will not compensate for a slow refresh rate or response period. All of these are important things to remember while looking for your next gaming computer.

However, there are a lot of options out there. Monitors are just getting better as technology improvements, and it is not impossible to find a really fantastic gaming monitor for a minimal price. Then again, serious players will need all the bells and whistles more expensive screens to provide. And think they become expensive. That is why we’ve researched a number of the top monitors available and chose a range of price points so you’ll have the ability to acquire a winner regardless of what your budget looks like.

To choose which of the Best Dell Gaming Monitor to grow your PC or notebook, Colorfy concentrated our options on the screens our readers must reasonably expect to cover an attachment. Dell technically sells $4000+”monitors” that are bigger compared to TV and under those a wide variety of giant curved versions along with other superior apparatus that just a couple of professionals may need for color precision.

What really matters is that Dell sells a number of reasonably priced screens that can appeal to any student, artist, or gamer needing much more desktop space.

Purchasing Guide:

Dell’s lineup ranges from quite basic, cheaper versions to more complex professional screens. Their design scheme is extremely simple to comprehend, which means you understand almost exactly what you’re getting only from the version number.

Dell model numbers Begin with a letter, which suggests that the series:

E: Vital. That is Dell’s budget class. We have not tested any of these.

P:​ Professional.

S: These monitors are generally made for home offices or small businesses.

U: UltraSharp monitors.

UP: UltraSharp, together with PremierColor.

AW: Stands for Alienware, which can be used to distinguish Dell’s gaming computer.

This is accompanied by a two-digit code that indicates that the dimensions, followed by two digits, which indicate the year. As an instance:

2520: 25″, 2021 version

2719: 27″, 2019 models

3218: 32″, 2018 models

Many Dell version numbers end with a couple of letters, which can be utilized to recognize specific features. This is not a full listing, but here are a few of the most Frequent suffixes:

H: 16:9 aspect ratio

W: Ultrawide aspect ratio

D: 1440p resolution

Q: 4k resolution

F: AMD FreeSync service

G: NVIDIA G-SYNC service

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Top Rated Best Dell Gaming Monitors:

Dell Alienware AW3418DW

Dell Alienware AW3418DW

The rate and ultra-wide display have maintained this screen on the very top of the listing. This is only one of the very best and quickest ultrawide monitors in the marketplace. Having a 21:9 aspect ratio (most monitors and widescreen TVs are 16:9), the screen provides unparalleled immersion at 3,440 x 1,440 resolution, paired with a 120Hz refresh speed.

The refresh speed and G-Sync make this screen quicker than its rivals, and it’s a thin-bezel, slick and contemporary layout that TechRadar dubs”adulthood” in a critique.

Gaming appears nothing but amazing with this screen, and it supplies a variety of customizable options to fit your match play, like elastic reaction rate, overlaying frames each second count, obviously display brightness, and much more. The screen is costly, and if you are on a budget, then this is going to be outside your price. However, with its high-quality features, it tops our list.

Dell P2720DC

Dell P2720DC

Using its QHD resolution, the P2720DC strikes the ideal balance between gaming-centric or funding 1080p monitors that simply do not look amazing and also the more expensive 4K screens, which cost up to a notebook themselves. In 2560×1440 resolution using a top PPI density and 350 nits of brightness, so you obtain a degree of aesthetic quality that will fit the huge majority of shoppers’ requirements without costing too much.

The Dell 27-inch Monitor supports the choice to make custom background personalizations that squeeze as many programs as you can into every window partition. However, you might also just plug in your notebook via USB-C and not bother with any configuration and then leave your notebook charging through the track’s 65W power source without having to rely upon your power brick.

The screen itself is fairly streamlined in-depth, which means you should have no difficulty fitting it in your desk. And in addition, it can swivel, pivot, and tilt in a variety of instructions for the ideal viewing angle, even although the IPS panel layout lets you find the screen clearly even in a 178-degree angle — possibly helpful in a workplace setting.

It has the exact same 5ms response time and 60Hz refresh rate as other non-gaming Dell monitors, which will not win any gambling prizes but is great enough to get non-competitive fun.

Dell UltraSharp U2720Q

Dell UltraSharp U2720Q

This 4k screen is stuffed with office-oriented features and provides great overall performance. Like many Dell monitors, it’s excellent ergonomics with a broad swivel range, and you may rotate it into portrait mode. It’s three USB inputs along with a USB-C interface that supports DisplayPort Alt Mode, letting you display a picture out of a compatible device and control it at precisely the exact same moment.

The high resolution provides crisp and clear text, and the display contains exceptional gray uniformity. Its IPS panel provides wide viewing angles, which is excellent if you have to talk about your screen with a coworker or customer.

Regrettably, it’s a very low contrast ratio, which is typical of IPS tracks, and blacks seem closer to grey. It is restricted on gambling features because it does not have some variable refresh rate support and does not possess a Dark Frame Insertion attribute. It’s a great response time and very low input lag, perfect for console players.

It supports HDR10 and exhibits a broad color gamut, but quite little highlights do not find bright in HDR. If you operate in well-lit surroundings, it becomes bright enough to fight the glare, but its own manifestation handling is simply fine. Last, it’s excellent gradient management and fantastic protection of the Adobe RGB color space used in picture editing. In general, this really is the finest Dell track for work that we have examined.

Dell Alienware 55 OLED

Dell Alienware 55 OLED

This could be overkill for people who don’t match frequently, but it could be a super fun splurge. Can it be a TV, or is it a gaming computer?

Only at 55 inches and sporting a gorgeous 4K OLED panel that provides astounding visuals and a distinctive immersive gaming experience, your primary problem is going to be, where do I set this item?

It is big. But that is what some folks are searching for in a gaming computer. And obviously, it packs amazing speakers in addition to good resolution (3,840 x 2,160)– in that dimension, it’s better. Even a 120Hz refresh rate and also a 1-millisecond reaction time result in great gambling, as does the AMD FreeSync. The catch is, it is almost $4,000. However, you noticed that coming.

Dell P2419H

Dell P2419H

Monitor shopping for the majority of shoppers is all about compromise. Anything beyond specific spec benchmarks — 1080p resolution, 60Hz refresh rate, a specific amount of brightness — will cost more than several clients are ready to pay. As a result of this, these clients should opt for a monitor such as the Dell P2419H, which will expand your display space for a minimal price even though it does not provide gaudy improvements like 4K.

In comparison to other 1080p tracks, the P2419H stands out due to its flexible stand. It is possible to slightly increase or lower the screen, tilt up the screen, swivel it left or right without moving the bottom, and also throw it a full 90 degrees to allow it to be 24″ tall, so if it proves useful for whatever motive. In its usual condition, you will come across the narrow bezel across the sides and top, maximizing screen space.

Otherwise, its specs are fairly standard but haven’t any weak points. We like it has an IPS panel, which usually means you get a crystal clear view of the display at any angle. Even a 1000:1 contrast ratio with 250 nits is a rather regular baseline for worthy monitors, which will seem ordinary but lack the vibrancy and brightness of a much more expensive unit. Its reaction time varies from 8 5ms, which, together with a 60Hz refresh rate, proves that this is not built for gambling but will work nicely in ordinary contexts.

Should you select this version, consider investing in a track light bar and assist its brightness rise into more visually pleasing amounts.

Dell U3818DW

Dell U3818DW

The finest Dell track with an ultrawide display that we have examined is your Dell U3818DW. The 38-inch display and 21:9 aspect ratio make it effortless to open numerous windows side-by-side, as well as the 3840×1600 resolution, providing clear pictures. It’s Picture-by-Picture and Picture-in-Picture manners, letting you display pictures from two sources at the same time. It’s a USB-C input that supports DisplayPort Alt Mode and four USB 3.0 inputs, including two on both sides for simple access.

It’s built-in speakers in the event you don’t wish to pay extra to acquire a dedicated installation. It’s wide viewing angles, along with the curved screen, can help you find the right and left borders somewhat better. Our unit has among the most effective out-of-the-box accuracies we have analyzed on any track, which means you do not have to acquire your monitor calibrated.

Regrettably, it is not a great selection for gaming. It will not have some VRR support; also, it’s a bad response time, leading to movement artifacts, which you can even detect while scrolling through files. It’s a very low contrast ratio and does not encourage HDR, which can be disappointing if you would like to watch some pictures on the huge screen. You might need to avoid using it in quite well-lit environments since it doesn’t get really bright, and reflections may become overly distracting with direct sun on it.

On the upside, it’s great grey uniformity and contains a flicker-free backlight, which will help reduce eye pressure for all those long office hours. All things considered, this is among the finest Dell monitors we have tested.

Dell Alienware AW2521HF

Dell Alienware AW2521HF

Want to feel like a gamer? The Alienware 25 has some of the finest specs for gambling, which we have ever seen: a 240Hz refresh speed for ultra-smooth visuals, authentic 1ms response time for nominal lag, and brand new IPS technology that support side viewing angles for fast-moving content. Insert in AMD FreeSync Premium and NVIDIA G-SYNC for synced images with the screen, and you’re going to have a superb general gaming experience.

Obviously, for the sake of hitting 240Hz, the screen is simply 1080p; it’s a narrower color gamut compared to many other Dell monitors (16.78 million vs. 1.06 billion). Outside fast-paced gambling, regular content such as 4K video streaming or video editing applications will not seem as great as it might on a different screen. However, in the event that you’re able to accept this, it is a fair sacrifice to make for great gaming functionality.

For the interest of improved performance, Alienware provided a screen menu that allows you to change the screen settings dependent on the genre of this game you are playing. Design-wise, it’s particular cooling vents.

Therefore hardcore images do not overheat the screen, and also, the VESA-compatible mount allows you to tilt, swivel and pivot your Alienware screen (although not as much as the Dell P2419H. The AW2521HF includes all of the ports you would ever desire to USB upstream, two USB-C interfaces, two USB 3.0 interfaces (one with electricity charging), two HDMI ports, one DisplayPort, plus one Audio Line-Out.

When compared with other brands:


+Fantastic ergonomics. Many Dell monitors have readily adjustable stands, letting you put the track in the perfect viewing position. A number of them are equipped with multi-monitor installations in your mind.

+Decent quality. With hardly any exceptions, many Dell monitors possess great build quality and therefore are well-designed.

+Great color precision. Dell monitors normally have a great pre-calibration outcome and exact colors.


-Mediocre comparison. Virtually all Dell monitors utilize IPS panels, which generally possess fair contrast. There are a couple of exceptions to this, however, for example, S3219D and also the S3220DGF.

-Fundamental gaming functionality. Many Dell monitors have quite fundamental gaming functionality. Dell’s Alienware lineup is much more gamer-oriented, however.


What is DELL?


Dell monitors vary from fundamental, small screens that are excellent for pupils to the most innovative professional screens for picture editing, media production, or general office use. In addition, they have a couple of great gaming screens, but this is not their primary focus. Dell monitors are well-built, and virtually all of them have good ergonomics. Dell is quite consistent in their own design terminology, with the majority of versions sharing a very similar design, as well as the UI is consistent throughout lineups. Usually, purchasing a Dell monitor is a fairly safe bet.

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